Isn’t It Interesting

Here we sit in electoral limbo.  Has President Trump been re-elected or has a not-Sanders, temporary substitute, and political operatives, effectively stolen the office?  There’s an eerie silence.  While the national media continue to boost their presumed winning candidate, you have to go to on-line emerging alternative media to find even scraps of information.  Outstanding attorney Sidney Powell expresses confidence that President Trump did, in fact, win, before the corruption kicked-in with the alleged ballot dumps and computer vote manipulation.  But it goes all the way from her assurances that substantial progress is being made identifying the apparent fraud and litigating it, to Democrats and the media (biological twins) assuring us that Biden won, nothing to see here, move on.

What doesn’t add up are the massive crowds that came out to support the President (certainly before and even after the election), while when Mr. Biden actually did appear in public, and had a tightly scripted rally, the turn-out of supporters was remarkably minimal by comparison.  Even in Minnesota, when restrictions were put on the number who could attend a rally there (for public health, of course, not because it’s a deep blue state), both candidates complied, but outside the restraining fence at the Trump venue were additional thousands of fans there to just get a glimpse of the President.  How in the world, make that, how in a legal election world, does that huge disparity in support numbers at live events turn into a supposed win for the infrequently appearing, very-limited-crowd-drawing Democrat candidate?  Well, it simply doesn’t.  Enthusiasm equates to votes.

Isn’t it interesting that so many new Republican U.S. Representatives, and Republicans in state governments were elected down ticket, but somehow voters chose to skip past the top Republican on the ticket.  That doesn’t pass the smell test.  If you’re going to vote Democrat at the top of the ticket, then you most likely go with the Democrats all the way down.  Can’t prove that, of course, but just a darn good assumption.

And isn’t it interesting how quickly Mr. Biden was anointed “president-elect” by Democrat leaders and their media womb mates, in the face of so much evidence that this election wasn’t conducted on the up and up.  Claiming complete victory before any state had even begun to certify its electors.  Crowned king by the media, well before the Electoral College has come close to making the result official. The motive, of course, was to quickly erase any impression amidst the public that he hadn’t been officially elected, encouraging people to see the President not only as the loser, but as a sore loser to boot.

And isn’t it interesting just how quickly China was to congratulate Mr. Biden and accept that he was America’s duly elected new president.  Chinese leaders were doubtless even more delighted about the apparent Trump upset than the Pelosi/Schumer team.  Biden has been, it appears, and will likely continue to be, their guy in America, their guy for cooperation and concessions. Biden they can manipulate. Trump they could not. That alone signals difficulties ahead for America’s corporate and national security.

And back to the election night basics, isn’t it interesting, if not disgusting, that President Trump appeared to be well ahead in several key, EC-critical states, when in the middle of the night, counting was halted (apparently coordinated?), and when it was resumed, magically, the President’s lead had, we are told, evaporated.  The culprits appear to be, at this writing, large numbers of additional ballots marketed for Biden-only (what are the chances in the real & honest world?), and the prospect that the computerized voting system/software used by several states had the capacity for switching votes.  Hopefully, the President’s legal team and a swarm of volunteer Republican lawyers are able to find, prove, and successfully litigate the apparent fraud.

The bigger and more effective legal issue to hit the courts may very well be the fact that several Democrat state executive branch members spent months prior to the election manipulating the voting rules to loosen acceptable dates of receipt, making postmarks and signature matching optional, all to make it more likely that late-appearing pro-Biden ballot loading could be carried out, supposedly, “legally.”  The issue is that it is the state legislatures that are empowered to set election and voting standards.  Those laws were violated in order to throw the election results, and therein lies the apparent best opportunity to have said state’s vote totals either greatly altered or thrown out altogether.  Why a Republican-dominated state legislature would permit those changes in the first place is yet another issue.

In light of apparent vote manipulation, within several key states, the issue is not only the legal re-election of President Trump, but longer term, the very honesty and integrity of the voting and election process in America.  It is the backbone of our democracy: the voice of, and direction from, the people.  And right now, at least, by all appearances, that trust has been eroded.

If our elections become ripe with fraud, our nation becomes reduced to the level, and lack of freedom, of those totalitarian, communist-style countries to our south and elsewhere. As then-Continental Army officer, Alexander Hamilton, wrote back in 1776, at a time when America’s dramatic flight for colonial freedom was at a low point: “The liberties of America are at stake.”  Those same liberties, and the very future of our nation as a free and independent one, are now at stake, once again, this very day, if the highest office in our land is to be determined and awarded, not by the proper vote of the people, but rather compromised and stolen by the oppressive forces of treachery and corruption.  The legal determinations made, these next days and weeks are, thus, vital to the continuation of our democratic republic.

(Hamilton quote via The Patriots, Winston Groom, 2020).