Islamic Trojan Horse ?

For those who were taught world history (vs. what seems not to be happening in classrooms today), you’ll remember the saga of the Trojan Horse, an 80-foot tall, hollow,” horse,” left outside the gates of Troy by the Greeks, during the Trojan War. Despite being warned against it, curiosity over-came caution, and the defenders of Troy pulled this huge wooden replica inside their city gates.  That night, with most of the city and its soldiers asleep, from the belly of the “horse” emerged Greek soldiers, who then opened Troy’s gates to admit the bulk of the Greek Army.  Thanks in large part to the Trojan Horse hoax, the Greeks went on to win the Trojan War.

So, then, what does that have to do with Islam?  The connection will be forth-coming.  Meanwhile, we now have two devout female Muslims (Minnesota and Michigan) and one newly-elected camera-magnet Hispanic female (New York City) all now, perhaps, unbelievably, in Congress.  Three, new, U.S. Representatives who make it abundantly clear what can happen when level-headed voters choose to sit out elections.  Based on their actions, and mainly their utterances to-date, it’s likely that none of the three are truly devoted to the real, responsible, well-being of our nation.

But let’s zero in on the one who hasn’t convincingly assimilated, and most needs-to-be-in-a-different-country:  Representative Ilhan Omar, now an American citizen, a refugee from Somalia.  Her Minneapolis-area district is chock full of Somali refugees (tens of thousands), removing the mystery of her election.  Ms. Omar has gained notoriety in recent months with comments deemed to be anti-Semitic, seemingly reflecting a Muslim allegiance she apparently has no intent of moderating.  For her comments, she was to be censured by House members, but lacking any backbone on the Democrat side, the result was a generalized we-should-be-nice-and-respect-everyone serving of cold, unseasoned mashed potatoes.

Then she spoke out about the President’s travel ban, characterizing it as “an invisible wall keeping out people around the world based solely on their religion.”  Not the case, my dear.  The ban was instituted to keep terrorists, and others who might do America harm out, from just seven nations, including Ms. Omar’s country of origin, Somalia.  It is the job of the President to protect America and Americans.  He’s doing his best to do that, while fighting some of the let-’em-all-in federal courts.

But then Ms. Omar stepped way over the line in her adopted nation by revealing her deeply-held Muslim, perhaps even soft on terrorism, beliefs.   Speaking at a March fundraiser for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization not known for its strong pro-America feelings, to put it ridiculously mildly, Ms. Omar is reported to have said within her speech: “CAIR was founded after 9/11 (actually in 1994), because they recognize that some people did something, and then all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”  Her words triggered (to borrow-back a millennial expression swiped from us) major blow-back.  She might as well have set off a cannon in the town square.

Referring to the carnage and huge loss of American lives, to include Twin Towers and Pentagon occupants, airplane passengers, and first responders (in NYC), more lives lost, as a reminder, than were lost at Pearl Harbor on December 7, to Ms. Omar that little incident was just “some people doing something.”  She avoided any direct reference to the demented, radical Islamic terrorists responsible for the greatest, single-event, peacetime loss of life in our nation’s history.  The New York Post newspaper took a well deserved shot at Ms. Omar by placing on its front-page a color photo of the Towers as they started to collapse (taking hundreds of Americans and others to their deaths), with her name at the top and “9/11 Some People Did Something,” then bold white letters below the tragic picture reading: “Here’s Your Something” followed by “2,977 people dead by terrorism.”  Great, graphic response to her decision to cover for Islamic butchery perpetrated here!

By her choice to omit the truth about the attack, speaking to an audience having zero interest in such truth, it can be inferred that she is, at the very least, soft on Islamic terrorism, if not secretly  supportive of it, perhaps even when done against America, again, and most certainly against the nation of Israel.

She is the very first of two Muslims to sit within the House of Representatives.  Clearly the most devout of the two, so far, since she wears prescribed Muslim attire, and was the first to seek, and gain approval for the wearing of a head cover within the House chambers.  Given her words, deemed hostile to many, her dislike for Israel and, frankly, her probable dislike (if not yet stated, per se) for the United States, the nation that welcomed and took her in, and our President, she has, at least in the above instance, become an apologist for those of her heritage who exist to rain down death and terror, whenever and wherever, toward the known end-goal of Sharia domination and control.

As if she thinks she will be spared Islamic radical wrath should she be caught up in a future savage event, she will likely find that assumption to be false.  Which makes one wonder whether there were any of the Muslim faith slaughtered by those Islamic savages within those buildings or on those airplanes on 9/11.  Yes, in fact, there were!  According to one source, there were “several dozen innocent Muslims, ranging in age from their late-60’s to a couple’s unborn child.”   Those killed included a Muslim New York Police Department cadet who perished trying to save others.  It’s well known that terrorists make no exception for fellow Muslims.  They are simply collateral damage.

Part of the Constitutional definition of “treason” deals with “giving aid and comfort” to our enemies.  Explaining a brutal, massive attack on our peace-preferring nation as, “some people did something,” is providing such “comfort” to Islamic terrorists, by purposefully masking the event, the horrible impact, and those responsible.  She’s probably not at the T-word yet, but if she continues down the path of seemingly covering for dark-age terrorists impacting our nation (and hopefully never gain), she may well be.

That aside, we began this discussion with reference to the Trojan Horse.  Ms. Omar, by her words and, to date, seeming stealth intent, she may very well yet turn out to be a masquerading Trojan Horse, a hoax, seemingly friendly and elected to one of the highest, most impactful offices in the land (with access to certain of our nation’s security data and plans), but clearly representing, by omission and inference, at least, the forces of Sharia Law determined to convert, make subservient, or kill all those living under other government systems and/or  other religious beliefs.  With the Sharia types, there is no option, no compromise.

Just be aware of the possible stealth arrival of that Trojan Horse, which if naively welcomed and ignored, may eventually open America’s “gates” to admit dominating evil.  Be vigilant, America.  There are those abroad, and within our own borders, who do not have our best interests as their goal.  Look beyond the home-grown, crazed socialist-progressives……. Keep your eye on the Horse.

(Omar quote via, Jared Harris, 4-10-19;  Muslim victims on 9/11 via, Huda, 9-9-18; Omar on travel ban via, Emily Goodin, 4-10-19;  NY Post front page response via, Matt Vespa, 4-11-19)