Invasion Frustration

Both sides of the political spectrum are frustrated by the on-going flow of illegal immigrants, all the more so with this current, seemingly ever-increasing migrant hoard, now with most of them encamped just below the Mexican-U.S. border. The Socialist, and thus clearly anti-America, Leftist Democrats, the national media (sadly, for most outlets, one in the same), and their surrogate, likely paid activists, are frustrated by the fact that illegal immigration remains an issue at all.  For the sanctuary city/open-borders apostles, their apparent hope is that America becomes simply a borderless land mass, with free-flowing populations, no longer having a separate nation designation, and thus no longer in need of military defense, but simply another nameless geographic entity connected to the formerly-named countries to the north and south of us, anchored from aimless oceanic-drifting by the North and South poles, part of the new, equally nameless Socialist-Marxist global community of passive former nation-states, best known, if anyone is left to care, for its iron-fisted tyrannical control.  Oh, and, beyond the elite, universal poverty.

Republican conservatives, and equally common-sensed Independents, too, are frustrated, and deeply troubled, by the illegal immigration situation, but for completely opposite reasons.  Frustration created by the apparent lack of real concern about the continuing flood of illegal immigrants, and, importantly, the lack of will to do anything meaningful about it, certainly so during the previous eight-year administration (and to varying degrees with others before it). Because of it, and with the lack of a significant, impenetrable barrier on our border, illegal immigration continues to be a major troubling issue for common-sense Americans, especially at present, in the face of the self-gratifying, to heck with America, open-border types and this around the country, multi-city “sanctuary” for illegals (criminals and all), with the goal of creating an illegal immigration ‘all-swim’, generating continuous waves of illegal voters to keep their Democrat patrons in perpetual control and power, while economically and socially destroying our nation. And so, without question, Illegal immigration is now a huge, prominent issue among those of our citizenry who truly care about our future, and in fact, this issue is now the most important one currently for Americans, according to respected recent polling.

Oh, but no person is an “illegal.”  Well, yes, Doris, bless your heart, some humans really are illegal ones.  So, regardless of what it says on your hand-written protest sign, humans who are native to another country, and who barge into America without federal documentation, are in fact illegals. Period.

Persons intending to illegally entry our country, and those already here, are in such numbers (and growing daily) that they are threatening our national security; our tax-based federal/state/local government resources; citizen employment; educational/medical services; our elections (as we’ve just witnessed); along with our laws, traditions, language, and culture, in sum, our very identity as a Constitutional-based republic. That is, our America, a treasured nation we fear we’ll cease to recognize, at some future point, if firm, rational control isn’t imposed on annual immigration numbers, and most certainly, the illegal kind.

The illegal immigration threat goes well beyond the hoard of migrants, currently clustered in Northern Mexico, seeking entry into the land, so they’ve been told, of milk, honey, and unending hand-outs. How serious is the continuing invasion?  For starters, along the Arizona border alone, migrant families and unaccompanied kids (!), illegally crossing our border there, increased this fiscal year to a total of almost 26,000, a 98% increase over fiscal year 2017!

As but one Arizona example, Tucson Sector Customs & Border Patrol (CPB) agents, in September, apprehended 270 migrants in less than a 24-hour period!  You can see how rapidly those numbers could rise, day after day, to generate that significant annual Arizona total.  In the Yuma, Arizona Sector, in early October of this year, the CBP rounded up 164 illegal-entry migrants in just a five-hour period!  Amazingly, then, in late September, Arizona CBP agents captured 193 illegal border crossers within just two-hours!!   Back to the Yuma, Arizona Sector, last month (November), agents there arrested over 650 illegal border crossers, mostly migrants from Guatemala, over just a two-day period.  And the numbers continue to grow.

Meanwhile, in Texas, for example, just back in September, McAllen Station Border Patrol Agents rounded up over 2,000 migrants over a span of just three-days!  Said the Sector Chief there: “The continued flow of migrants…is creating an unsustainable situation. And, too often, a dangerous one. Then in the Laredo (Texas) Sector, in a major change in country of origin, CBP agents there actually apprehended more than 100 Bangladesh citizens, over a three-week period, with the total from that country, to date, now over 600.  Not Mexico or Central America, but Bangladesh!! Given the geography and distance, that leads to a whole set of unanswered questions.

To make you considerably more concerned, even angered perhaps, House Democrats, now even numerically stronger, thanks to a whole lot of electoral issues, want a 5-times increase in the number of foreign “refugees” (separate from migrants) re-settled here each year.  Currently, President Trump has set the refugee limit at 22,000 per year, a dramatic reduction, you’ll be pleased to know, from the huge numbers admitted each year during the previous administration. Democrats want to crank that annual number back up to about 110,000 refugees admitted to the U.S. each year.  Again, the more legal refugees and illegal migrants that take up residence here, at our expense (more on that coming up), the more likely there will be more Democrat supporters/voters.  And again, that’s the Leftist end-game.  Their lust for opening the outsider flood gates has nothing whatsoever to do with humanitarian concerns, whether so-called refugees or migrants. The concerns are purely political, and once accomplished, their ardor for these imported, likely most still impoverished, residents, will vaporize.

Really a sad state of affairs, all the while having little concern for the damaging impact this continuing flood of imports is having on all things that make up our traditional America.  But regardless of the Democrats self-centered desire on refugee admission, repeating, the President has set the limit for 2018 at about 22,000 (scheduled to move up to 30,000 refugees in FY 2019).  And you may also be interested to learn that President Trump has reduced the annual resettlement entry for Muslims by 92%, while at the same time increasing the number of Christian refugees to 71% of the total officially allowed in (the Christian refugee number was less than 50% per year under the previous administration.

So, then, back to just the illegal immigrant issue.  How many are currently in the United States?  The figures vary from 11-million to 12.5-million illegals here at present, depending on source.  And it may be higher. Tough to get an accurate number, since many in that category refuse to be identified for fear of deportation.

Of interest, there are now a total of 44.5-million people in America who were foreign-born. That breaks down to about 22-million naturalized U.S. citizens, 11-million other legally-documented residents, with the remainder being here illegally.  Uncounted are the additional number of foreign “visitors” who have over-stayed their visa! That’s a problem in need of an effective solution, too.

No then, what is illegal immigration actually costing American citizens? Buckle-up.  According to a Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) study, as of 2017, the annual cost to federal, state, and local tax-payers is $135-billion (billion with a B)!  By comparison, the State of Georgia’s entire expense budget for FY 2019 is $26.2-billion. In support of those illegal immigrants already here, aggravated as the numbers grow, the largest federal government expense category: Medical. The largest State and Local expense category: Education.  Said FAIR’s executive director Dan Stein: “Clearly the cost of doing nothing to stop illegal immigration is far too high. Building the wall, enhancing interior enforcement, and mandating national E-Verify will go a long way in bringing these ridiculously high costs under control.”

It’s finally time to seriously discuss the Wall.  The estimated cost? Reportedly about $15-billion.  Now, it’s predicted that 1.7-million illegal immigrants will cross our border during the next 10-years, if we don’t get serious about stopping or at least greatly reducing the flow. With that total cost of supporting the illegals already here in mind, it has also been predicted by the same source, that were the border wall to prevent just 10% of those 1.7-million new illegals from coming in, the U.S. cost savings would easily pay for the southern border wall’s construction. That’s one estimate.  The numbers can change, depending on source, but what’s been reported and cited here will give you at least a reasonably accurate sense of the enormity of the on-going problem, and an expense-justified solution.

Regarding the most immediate illegal immigration threat, the hoard of migrants arriving and assembling in the vicinity of the Mexican-U.S. border, thanks and credit must be given to the Mexican Government, their security forces, police, and federal troops for their valued assistance in dealing with this actual mass invasion, remembering that the “caravans” of migrants first violated Mexico’s southern border.

The Mexican government made generous offers of housing, food, training, and jobs to the first large groups of migrants, if they who would agree to stay and assimilate in Mexico. While one of the latter “caravans,” hopefully the last for a while, was still in the south of Mexico, those offers were also extended to the migrants there, and reportedly, and thankfully, about 3,000 accepted! While that was helpful in splintering that lagging group, that leaves several thousands of migrants currently traveling or camping in the north of Mexico, who have not agreed to that generous package offer and attractive opportunity.  Those refusing have undoubtedly swallowed the fictitious, brain-washed promises made by “caravan” organizers and activists, that riches and all things wonderful await those who barge into the U.S. uninvited, making them instantly U.S. federal law violators, criminals if you will, which is likely the part of the “caravan”-to-heaven pitch they probably failed to hear or understand.

And by the way, we know for a fact, from intel on the ground, that the vast majority of the “caravan” members are young men.  Yes, there are some women and children, likely for show and sympathy, but most of those migrants are young men, including some already identified as prior-criminals.  Mexican authorities have arrested those among the throng who have misbehaved while there, with the announced intention of deporting them back to their home countries.

America does owe some real gratitude, at the very least, to our southern neighbor for all of their efforts to slow, discourage, disperse, and ultimately attempt to stop this migrant mob before reaching our border, with the potential for violence, certainly if mass invasion is attempted.  Could Mexico have done more?  Sure, remembering that the original “caravan” invasion was into their nation!  But the situation for us would have been far worse without Mexico’s assistance in dealing with this unprecedented hoard. Case in point today (11/25), with the active threat of a group of migrants charging a single point of U.S. entry, news video showed a large contingent of Mexican state police, with riot shields, forming an effective barrier, today at least, on the Mexican side of the border to keep the crowd from actually reaching ours. This border situation is likely to remain tense, at the very least, for an indefinite period.

And there remains a core issue here that no one seems to be talking about, although some may be thinking it.  Where is it written, or even rationally expected, that America’s citizens, make that America’s tax-payers, bear the financial and social cost of caring for unending numbers of people who are, frankly, those other nation’s responsibilities, currently, their economic migrants (i.e., job seekers), and perhaps others, from Central America, and untold countries well beyond (Bangladesh??).  While this may be nice in theory for those with a desire to help, it is totally impractical in the world of financial and societal reality.  We simply cannot afford to house, feed, educate, medicate, and too often incarcerate, tens of thousands of additional migrants, beyond the far too many illegals already encamped within our borders.  The damage being done to our nation, as is, from the standpoint of cost, security, language, culture, and traditions is already substantial, without piling on an even more unnecessary, unfair, and unreasonable burden on the American public.

American is the most generous nation and populous in the history of the world.  We stand ready to help those in need, within countries beyond our borders, who experience catastrophic weather or other serious events, sometimes caused by the evil actions of humans. But there’s only so much we can take on here at home, with now over 300-million citizens and others already here, legally, who need and deserve safety, security, and who may well need varying levels of overall support.  Well past time for the those known countries of migrant and refugee origin to clean up their own nations and governments, with help, if warranted, from the other nations of the world (UN, etc.), so that their citizens don’t ever have the need to come knocking on our door.  Idealistic?  With regret, probably.  But America simply cannot continue, literally cannot afford, to pick up the tab for people abandoned or impoverished by their native regimes or countries.

Bottom line to all of this narrative.  We must build that southern border wall.  Our Border Patrol agents are already stretched to the limit stopping and chasing down migrants continually crossing our border illegally.  And, although we might like to, we can’t keep America’s military forces stationed along our border beyond a few more weeks at best, both from a legal and a cost perspective (estimated cost of troops there for just these few weeks is approaching in excess of $70-million).  The wall was one of President Trump’s early promises as an effective, visible means of significantly slowing (or at least funneling to official points of entry), if not stopping altogether, the law-violating entry of illegal immigrants.  When asked if we can afford to build the wall, it becomes far more a question of can we afford not to. Look again at the annual cost of supportive services for the 11-12-million+ illegals already here, with more, sometimes in the hundreds, crossing our southern border every day.  Continuing to drain tax-payer resources at the federal, state, and local levels in this way makes absolutely no sense, no matter how you look at it.  It’s time for our federal government to stop fooling around, to stop kidding ourselves about the issue, and to get very serious about finding the money to get it done. For all manner of reasons, we need to back President Trump’s promise, and America’s citizen majority’s desire, and build that southern border wall.  For the sake of our nation, and our future as a sovereign, secure, and free America, we need to do it.  And do it now……

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