Intended Consequences

While self-inflated political and Hollywood-types proclaim that ICE should be eliminated and, taking their ill-conceived cue, thousands of the equally mis-guided demonstrate, some violently, for the dissolution of ICE.  Such an action, which is NOT going to happen, would trigger the intended consequence of unprotected borders, opening the flooded gates to the expected (hoped for?) tsunami of migrants from Mexico and nations to the south, plus others from who knows where.

The real goal of the eliminate ICE crowd is Open Borders, something a fifth-grader could figure out, and likely younger.  Open borders would rapidly transform our here-to-for sovereign nation into simply an undefined large land mass with over-population, poverty, disease, and the resultant rampant crime, beyond the ability of law enforcement to contain, as public support funds are exhausted, under the control of a centralized, all-powerful, socialist/communist government, a care-taker within the now-global, one-world collection of destitute, former relatively-free nation-states.

Obviously, this can’t be allowed to happen.  Our nation would simply become the same or worse than those from which the migrating hoard had left, the cruel and ultimate irony.  And should ICE be eliminated, the next rallying cry would be the elimination of law enforcement officers, the perceived by the deluded few, local enemies of the people.  That done, prisons and jails would be eliminated, leading, as indicated above to an over-run, crime-ridden land mass under someone’s iron-fisted control.

All of which would be the unintended consequences of the socialists who had intended for America to become the visionary (delusional) promised land of plenty for all.  But that’s simply not how the juvenile plan for a perfect socialist nirvana would play out.  America would become a land within which none of us would want to be alive.

ICE is mandatory, both for border control and for rounding-up violent illegal immigrant gang members, as is happening right now, thankfully, with MS-13 and others.  The men and women of ICE are critically important to the maintenance of our America.  They don’t need to be eliminated or substituted.  They need to be praised, supported, and left alone to do their dangerous, demanding, and ever-so-necessary work to help keep our great nation strong, secure, and sovereign.