Personal independence.  Most of us, fortunate enough to enjoy physical and mental independence, take it for granted every day, from morning til night.  Then, one day, perhaps due to injury, illness, or inevitability of old-age, when we then lose some or all of our mobility, or the ability to think and speak clearly, we can no longer take our personal independence for granted.  For at that point, and perhaps for the very first time since growing up and leaving home, we become no longer independent, but now partially or totally dependent on others for help with sometimes, taken to its extreme, even the most personal of needs.

National independence is much the same.  We take it totally for granted.  We think about it, in passing, each year on July 4th, but only because it’s a holiday, a beach, hot dog, beer, and fireworks day.  Nothing further.  Nothing deeper.  And why think about it at all? It’s been there since we were born, and centuries before.  We learned about its creation in school.  Or any more, perhaps we didn’t. Perhaps we haven’t the slightest idea where or when it came about, or why we should be at all concerned about it, or even the least bit conscious of it.  Of course America is an independent nation.  It’s “always been.” So why even bring it up?  And please stop with the silly questions.  Time now for brats and beer, and those really loud explosive noises that night that we always enjoy, but that upset our dogs. Hey, tomorrow’s still gonna be another day, and America will still be independent.  Nothing can possibly change that, this national independence thing you seem so worried about, so stop making such a big deal out of nothing.

But both our personal independence, that is our sacred freedoms, and the independence of our great nation, should never be taken so totally for granted, as if nothing could possibly happen to it, or change the status of either or both in any way.  But do realize that both are interconnected, and both can change.  In the case of personal independence, permanent change to our mobility and independent functioning, due to accident or illness, can happen in an instant, perhaps through no fault of our own.   Such is a significant personal set-back, perhaps remaining so for the remainder of our lives.

While a change to our national independence can happen in this more-modern era,  it’s unlikely to happen in an instant, unless we’re talking about a cataclysmic event, a debilitating nuclear attack, one that annihilates, very quickly, part or all of our nation, accompanied by the death of millions upon millions of Americans.  But in that worst of all scenarios, the attacker nation(s) would also suffer devastating loss of life and nation.  And it is that mutual destruction reality that, through the decades has, thankfully, and by design, prevented such profound nation-ending attacks.

No, a change in the status of our national independence, a move to a dependent state, is a far more gradual and insidious progression.  But, of course, it wasn’t always gradual or slow for many other nations of the world. In more modern history, many vulnerable, inadequately defended nations, by virtue of geographic location or heritage, fell victim to the harsh, rapidly-dominating military forces of both Germany and Japan. Regrettably, those countries fell under totalitarian control relatively quickly, and for a few years or for decades (note: totalitarian control replaced, post-war, by the Soviet Union throughout Eastern Europe), too often before they could adequately react.  At which point, for those countries and for their citizens, many of whom savagely perished as a result, their world fell into persistent darkness.

And, by the way, any current threat to our nation’s independence has nothing directly to do with dictator-run, rogue countries like Iran, North Korea, or even the quasi-Communist-controlling leadership in China.  The true creeping. and as stated, insidious, threat to American independence, and to our freedoms, that we persist in taking far too much for granted, knowingly for those Americans born from the 1940’s forward, is full Socialism.  And taken to its natural end, Communism.

Full-blown Socialism (Communism) means total control by the Central Government.  It means elites in full power and military-enforcement over lesser-class citizens (that’s all the rest of us !).  It means all of the nation’s wealth, and means of wealth-generation, eventually resides in the hands of the elite, with the citizenry receiving just enough material support to keep them passive, aided by  fear of the political police and military (necessary subsidiaries of the elite and, as such, taken better care of, materially).  The end game, with manipulation directed by a cabal of very wealthy international power-broker-controllers, is the elimination of separate countries, ultimately to be absorbed by a total world order, ruled by a super-global-elite.  The remainder of the populations then regress back to servitude, or more simply, slavery.  There has never yet been a successful, totally-Socialist nation.  Countries in that category exist, as indicated, under iron-clad tyrant (or theocratic) rule, where the militant central government dominates its populace, as well as owns all the means of production and fiscal generation/growth (if there actually is any).  The best real-world example, today, of a full Socialistic nation and the economic/humanitarian train-wreck they all, inevitably become, is a country that begins with a “V” and ends with an e-Zoo-ela.

You can witness the work toward, first, turning America Socialist, followed by forced world order, in the work of the new breed of militant progressives and their loyal adherence to the dream of a magical nation where all is happy, good, and free (of cost) called Socialism (or Communism, in world-order terms).  They press for it in everything they say or attempt to do (for instance, free health care and citizenship for all; elimination of our borders…all of them).  The Obama cabal represented eight-years of earnest effort toward fuller Socialism and Global-ness, followed then by the attempt to derail now-President Trump, as they saw his redemptive “America-First foolishness” as totally opposite from their Socialist, population-control dream, programmed to be continued in earnest by Mrs. Clinton. We’ll hopefully see more and more of that anti-America ‘coup’ travesty revealed by a now more professionally and legally-run DOJ and FBI.

But why worry about that now?  Because we finally do need to shake-off our complacency and face the reality that far too many Americans of minimal real-world awareness and past-history knowledge, according to recent polling, seem to feel that Socialism might well be preferable to Capitalism (the free-enterprise, earned-income system that, though work, has provided most material needs for their families and has proven to be the most effective and fairest economic system of all time).  As you might expect, Democrats polled are far more in favor of the Free-Stuff Express than are Republicans.  But the real, significant concern is that a growing segment of our population appears to naively favor the road to more complete Socialism at all!

It’s obvious that a principal reason why the millennial+  members of today’s  population in America have become so foolishly enamored with this all-problem-solving mirage named Socialism is because students aren’t being given the benefit of thorough, factual, unbiased history of our nation, and the reason for our independence, in high school, and, worse yet, because the liberal indoctrination centers that we used to call “colleges & universities” are presenting a questionable history (interpretation?) of our great nation and the birth of our independence and Constitutional freedoms.  Question that assertion?  Then look to see how many faculty members in our secondary-education Arts & Sciences Departments are Conservatives.  If there are, they’ve “come out” well after hiring, and likely not until after receiving tenure!  Freedom and diversity of thought is, in theory, encouraged on today’s campuses, as long as that thought confirms to the liberal, progressive, Socialist agenda.  It is Socialism (and One-World Globalism) in America that is the clear and increasingly present danger for the continuation of democracy and the preservation of our independence.

Do enjoy the day off on the 4th with family and friends.  Relaxation is rare enough in today’s pressured, driven-to-excel society of today.  So, then, cook-outs, recreational activities and fireworks.  All a part of traditional Americana.  But give some thought, within this special day and beyond, about why and how we’re able to enjoy the freedoms and the pleasantries of life that we do in our nation.

It was the Declaration of Independence and the incredible courage of America’s Continental Army, defeating at great cost, a superior British force. that brought us our original national freedom.  Then the brilliant, comprehensive U.S. Constitution, that became not only our guiding document, but has also become the envy of, and template for, the rest of the free world, that then formally, and legally, secured our rule of law and the individual rights and freedoms of our citizens, well over two-centuries ago.  And it is still our guiding light of personal freedoms today.  Freedoms won originally, and, of necessity, repeatedly secured for Americans, and for allied nations, by the bravery, and too often, the ultimate sacrifice, of our succeeding generations of incredible military warriors, willing to stand-tall for freedom and independence, throughout the decades, and right up to the present in freedom challenging trouble-spots around the world.

Ours remains an unstable world, with threats and dangers around us. We are an exceptionally strong and well-defended nation.  But it’s very difficult to defend against anti-America, anti-free-enterprise, anti-balanced media thoughts and undesirable actions in the increasingly polarized political arena. Please do not take those precious personal freedoms and our national independence for granted any longer.  There is way too much at potential risk.  And there is never a happy ending to complacency.