Independence (?) Day

Gritty, brave Americans, under the steadfast, bold leadership of the magnificent General George Washington, fought for our Colonies’ freedom and independence from England’s domination, from 1776 until 1783.  Since then, brave Americans have fought at least twice for global independence from dictatorial dominance, along with preserving our own continued freedom. Narrower freedom fights continued in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the continuing Middle East-harbored war on terror. All costly, heroic efforts, since our very birth as a free nation, that have made America’s legacy of liberty enduring and great.

Today, those who respect and love our exceptional nation, seem to be facing a second loss of independence.  This one philosophical and politically based, rather than against arms, at least as it stands now.  The independence of liberty-loving Americans is today being threatened by a socialist dictatorship driven by both national, and worse, global self-centered Progressive fools, elected and appointed, who prefer to find serious fault with the history, structure, culture, economic system, and everything else about our traditional America. The freedom to live our lives, under the law and Constitution, has been determined to be unacceptable to those who now see so many of our citizens as evil, especially the white supremacy/separationist ones, of course, who are deemed by the holier-than-thou to have had this problem since Plymouth Rock!  The only cure is to shame and control America’s whites (and any others who dare sympathize with and support them), by casting them as the eternal evil ones, while elevating all other persons to trod-upon, permanent ‘victim’ status.  All the while, separating the races among us (separate but un-equal), so as to eventually render virtually all separated population groups powerless.  With one exception: the political elites, who will be increasingly anointed to rule over the evolving American ‘kingdom,’ evolving gradually at first, then eventually by force, if needed.

As implausible as this “transformation” (heard that term recently?) of America may all sound, devolving from liberty, capitalism, etc., to a tightly controlled, elitist-powered, central-government-run dictatorship, the Progressive secret and on-going intent for our nation slipped out of the bag last week, when uttered by a careless or simply full-of-himself, headstrong, self-satisfied federal administration spokesperson, when he actually defended our current exorbitant, totally unnecessary, high gasoline prices, along with all inflationary damage as a whole, by boldly and openly explaining that all of this pain we’re having to absorb is actually necessary in order to defend the “liberal world order.”  Read that again: the ‘liberal world order.”  The what? Where on earth did that destructive, unwanted, unneeded concept come from?  Is it true, then, that America, our free and enduring nation, is no longer in charge of itself, but rather is under the sway and order of liberal globalism?  As Fox News host Greg Gutfield described it: “This is one of the biggest reveals in all of political history.”  Hate to put a complete damper on our Independence theme, but this sounds a whole lot like we may be heading to a future, redefined at some point, as Dependence Day!

The ‘dependance’ we currently do face, which increasingly is challenging our independence, is the foolish, vison-less anti-America central governance being forced upon us by the seemingly zealot Progressive-owned-and-operated Biden administration (and its in-bred national media).  We are being led, it seems, by a gaggle of primarily race/gender-appointed pro-socialist individuals who exist behind the curtain, and who are clearly not at all fond of America, our impressive history or our stellar family-first/freedom first traditions.  Mr. Biden appears to be the Progressive-directed spokesman and, the best he can, proclaims whatever is being dictated to him.

The meaning here is that loyal, patriotic Americans, on this July 4th holiday, are now facing yet another battle for our nation’s independence: independence from Progressive-Socialist, now Global, it appears, concentrated, central, ultimate power and control.   Our first shot at unclenching the ultra-liberals’  increasingly firm grip on our nation will come in November when, God and America’s loyal citizens willing, Conservatives can take back control of both Houses of Congresses, so that some of these take-over measures, at least, can be defeated or deflated.

The mood of the nation right now, as you either know first-hand, or can certainly sense, is poor.  Assaulted by endless illegal migration surges (being done on purpose), out of control crime in major cities (seemingly not being stopped on purpose), inflation impacting the price of everything (seemingly not being stopped on purpose), etc., so, rather than facing a ‘transformation’ of America, it feels more like a purposeful, destructive ruination of our great country.  How low we’ve sunk in just the year and a half since America was flying high, in all regards, under the leadership of President Trump.  The dynamic difference between a capable, independent leader who deeply loves America, and a shadowy figure whose cabal seems content to run America into the ground for the sake of the “liberal world order.”

Gaging public sentiment at this critical time, in a recent Gallup poll, only 38% of Americans surveyed indicated that they were “extremely proud” to be an American.  That’s the lowest figure since the firm began measuring that question back in 2001!  This reflects the overall malaise being felt by Americans who, in recent months, arise each morning to, it seems, even more negative news, whether domestically or internationally. No surprise, then, that so many Americans feel down and dejected, at least in terms of pride in nation.

Regardless of current negative political turmoil within our country, we patriots and other history/tradition-minded citizens, have every reason to be proud of American and all that this magnificent country has been able to achieve, both for our own citizens (individually and as a group), and for others around the world.  Said Fox News’ Sean Duffy: “Don’t let anyone tell you or your kids that we should be ashamed of this country, because there’s so much to be proud of.  We’re the most innovative, creative, and generous country in the world.  And (importantly), we’re the most free country on earth.”  And Lee Greenwood (“God Bless The USA”) is always a refreshing, respected, positive voice during our annual national celebrations. When it comes to the Fourth, said Greenwood: “It’s not so much about the holiday as it is about reaffirming our faith that we are so grateful to be a free country.  My message is to remember that freedom isn’t free. Every time we enjoy fireworks or other celebrations on the 4th, we should remember that it was paid for in blood by our service members – out military.”

Thus, despite the gloom initiated by, and spread nationwide, by government types in D.C. who seem to have no clue how to solve today’s many issues, if in fact they really want to, we are all blessed by God, America’s citizens of all races, religions, national origins, and abilities, bound together as one very fortunate people with endless opportunities to succeed.  That’s why individuals from around the world strive to come to American… legally.  Very few of our citizens ever actually head the other way.  We are just so very fortunate to be Americans, with our proud heritage, history, laws, institutions, and citizen-based governance.  We live in freedom.  And regardless of all efforts to the contrary by the “liberal world order,” may Almighty God continue to grand us all that bountiful and thankful life of liberty.


(Liberal world order quote via, Staff, 7-1-22; Gallup survey via, Max Keating, 6-30-22; Sean Duffy quote via, Staff, 7-1-22; Greenwood quote via, Maureen Mackey, 7-2-22).