In Tribute to Genuine American Heroes

In stark and stunning contrast to the self-adoring, obstructionist, antihero Dems on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and likely others of their herd, the announcement was made this past week that two additional authentic heroes, both outstanding American military veterans, one Army and one Marine, will very soon be receiving the nation’s top award for combat valor, the Medal of Honor.

Former 3rd Special Forces Group combat medic, Staff Sergeant Robert J. Shurer II, will have his previously awarded Silver Star upgraded to the Medal of Honor, our nation’s highest honor for valor in battle.  Back in 2008, during Afghanistan action, his team was attacked by a numerically superior horde of Islam militant troops.  They were quickly pinned down on the side of a mountain by heavy gun fire and RPG’s.  With several in his team now wounded, under constant enemy fire, Shurer worked his way up that mountain to treat and rescue the wounded Americans.

From his Silver Star citation: “With disregard for his own safety, Sergeant Shurer took off through a hail of bullets and began scaling the rock face to get to the casualties. He fought through several hundred meters under fire, for over an hour, killing multiple insurgents, as he made his way to the besieged location. As the lone medic, almost overrun, and fighting against nearly 200 insurgent fighters, Sergeant Shuer’s bravery and poise under fire saved the lives of all wounded casualties under his care.”  In addition, he singlehandedly brought three of the wounded down a 60-foot cliff.  In addition to treating those critically wounded members of his own American team, he also treated ten wounded Afghanistan commandos fighting alongside our Special Forces soldiers.  Staff Sergeant Robert Shurer II will receive the Medal of Honor at the White House on Monday, October 1, 2018.  Following his Army service, he joined the U.S. Secret Service.

The second announced top award for combat valor will go to retired Marine Corps Sergeant-Major John Canley.  Sergeant-Major Canley’s “conspicuous gallantry” occurred on February 6, 1968, during the Battle of Hue, a key U.S. military response to what is best remembered as the Tet Offensive, during the Vietnam War.  The Sergeant-Major rescued numerous wounded Marines under continuous enemy fire.  He did so many times during the battle, even though wounded himself.  Former Marine John Ligato was so impressed by Canley’s seemingly calm heroics, that he wrote a book about his efforts.  Said Ligato: “He (Canley) never ran and he never ducked.”

Able here to more fully describe Shurer’s heroism, with the availability of his previous Silver Star citation, which was incorporated with his award upgrade.   Further details of Canley’s heroics will hopefully come later, once his MoH citation is released.

Sergeant-Major Canley joined the Marines at age 15 and served with the Corps for 28-years.  His Medal will be awarded to him in a White House Ceremony scheduled for Wednesday, October 17, 2018.  Distinguished Marine Corps hero, John Canley, is now 80-years old.

(Source:  Staff Sergeant Shurer, Association of the U.S. Army, 9-24-2018;  Sergeant-Major Canley,, Katherine Rodriguez, 9-26-2018)