In Tribute To America’s Veterans

Our proud military veterans, and those men and women currently serving our exceptional nation, are the very backbone of this majestic Land of Liberty.  These are the American citizens among us, who, through the generations, have committed themselves, in both combat and peace-time, regardless of sacrifice, including extended periods far from family, to keep America and our allied nations free.

It is freedom from such totalitarian-control, still a reality in other parts of the world, that generations of courageous Americans, including our Founders, have secured, maintained, and delivered, to the rest of us, that precious blessing of liberty, for which we owe unending gratitude, on earth and above.

Here in this strongly supportive and welcoming military community, please continue to show your heartfelt appreciation for our military members, past and present, who have, themselves, given so much, which in turn, has resulted in giving us, so very much.

We celebrated Veteran Day this past Monday. Know that every day is the right day, to continue to fully praise and support, our great men and women, who either now, or in the past, have bravely worn the uniform of our nation.

There’s an old expression, likely many of you have heard.  I first saw it, of all places, on a vehicle bumper sticker, while stopped in traffic here, years ago.  These words are about the most truthful and poignant that can be said, when it comes to those who’ve served America.  That bumper sticker read:

If you’re reading this, thank a teacher.  If you’re reading it in English, thank a veteran.

Significant, and truthful, words to always remember…..


(Comments I delivered at the conclusion of the Savannah-Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual Salute To Our Veterans luncheon, held this year at the Marriott Riverfront Hotel in Savannah.  Keynote speaker: Lieutenant-General James Pasquarette, United States Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8.  The General has two sons serving in our Army.  One, Captain Jay Pasquarette, is currently stationed at near-by Fort Stewart (Hinesville, GA), and was able to attend the Chamber luncheon to hear his Dad’s presentation to the over-200 in attendance).