Imposing Vote Fraud on America?

Not surprising, California, America’s foreign country, is at the center of this latest socialist concern.  You’ll recall from the recent November elections, when polls were closed in California, and machine votes counted, that several Republican Congressional candidates went to sleep with comfortable leads, including Ms. Young Kim, set to become the nation’s first Korean-American elected to Congress.

Yet in the morning, and over several days thereafter, as “absentee” and “provisional” ballots were added in, by design, ever one of the projected Republican winners ended up losing to Democrat candidates.  Just bad luck?  Heck no, totally planned. The fix was in!  Sad that the Republican officials in California didn’t raise cain, sue, or whatever was needed, to challenge the stolen elections.  Perhaps they did, but apparently ineffectively.  Granted, however, it’s tough to wade through it all and achieve a reversal, with the California vote machine running at full blast.

So how could this election scam have happened?  It was all thanks to laws previously passed by the Democrat-controlled state legislature and approved by the Democrat governor.  So, here we go. All those with California driver’s licenses are automatically registered to vote, citizen or non-citizen alike.  And who sorts through all of that to weed out the non-citizens prior to voting?  If, in fact, in a self-proclaimed “sanctuary state,” it’s done at all. Perhaps just leaving it up to those ineligible to vote to self-admit.

And here’s the real culprit creating a direct and easy pathway to vote fraud.  By state law, again, absentee ballots were sent to ALL California voters, 13-million of them, regardless of whether such had been requested, to include, of course, those registered-to-vote non-citizens.  Then, with another Democrat state law, Democrat activist and partisan “volunteers” were allowed to go door-to-door and pick up those absentee ballots, in a crafty procedure known as “ballot harvesting.”  Those volunteers could “assist” voters in filing out the ballot, if needed, then once collected, turn in, most likely only those ballots in favor of Democrat candidates, while others just disappear.

That’s an assumption, of course, but a darned good one, given the numerous Democrat “harvesters,” who proved to be much more aggressive and effective, than their likely far nicer and more polite Republican counter-parts. Close to 250,000 “harvested” ballots suddenly appeared on election day, reported the WSJ.  And there you have it. Democrats swept those contested races, well after the fact, when those bags of pro-Dem ballots were dumped onto the counting tables.

You likely already know all of this.  An example of the leftist dysfunction, including probable future bankruptcy, of this prominent, heavily-populated, Democrat-controlled state.  Why go back over it all again?  Well, that’s because, as suggested in an excellent Wall Street Journal editorial (cited below), the ultra-liberals think it would be a great idea if these vote-fraud-enhancing procedures were adopted by ALL states across America.  Meaning, if successfully imposed, the Democrat-Socialist Party could turn, not only California, but other states across the land, into one-party rule, theirs, and do so probably forever!!  That’s the first necessary step, of course, to imposing a dictatorship over a once-great, once-free America.

Is this a real threat? Yes, it is. As a first step, the Democrat-controlled House has introduced a bill, destined to pass numerically, that would require ALL states to require automatic voter registration, not just for all motor vehicle licensees, but for ALL those listed on state AND federal databases, regardless whether they are citizens or not.  And as the recent WSJ editorial goes on to indicate, this proposed law also includes some of the onerous California rules, and some extras for bad measure. “Harvesting” isn’t in this one, but be assured, it’s on deck.

Do realize that this federal legislation is designed, purposefully, to eliminate a state’s control over its own voter laws and preferences.  It would pre-empt state control, with sweeping, all-states, voter-law mandates.  Aimed, solely again, at attempting to impose Democrat control over the entire election process and assuring winning outcomes for Democrat candidates. Left to each state, as it certainly should be, only those totally Democrat-controlled ones would adopt this imposed and inherently fraudulence-prone system.  If it does pass the House, as it stands right now, thankfully, the Senate and/or President can kill it.  Heaven help us if the Senate were to go majority-socialist in 2020.  Hopefully, with our citizens seeing the extremist mandates being proposed by the now-hard-left, we can take back control of the House next fall.  That’s a hope.  Good or bad, there’s a whole lot of time between now and then.  Stay vigilant on this House bill.  It fundamentally threatens the very future of our Republic, and our freedom.

And do try to get a copy of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial on this frightening-for-democracy scenario.  It’s in the January 19-20, 2019 edition, page A-12, at the top.  It lays out the entire threat that we face on this serious elections issue.