So says the current Democrat leadership in the House and Senate. Yep, building a wall, fence, or physical barrier along America’s southern border with Mexico would be “immoral.”  So let’s be sure we understand.  In their view, building a wall or barrier there would be “immoral,” but permitting the unrestricted, unvetted illegal entry of terrorists, gang members, other known criminals, human smugglers, drug smugglers, those with infectious illnesses, and ever-increasing numbers of uneducated, unskilled, non-English-speaking persons, most of whom will likely never pay taxes, while living off the taxes of hard-working American citizens.  That is somehow “moral?”

The Democrat position, unwilling to yield or even compromise on wall funding, is an immoral charade. Immoral because their goal has absolutely nothing to do with what’s best for our nation, now and for the future, and everything to do with self-centered, self-satisfying, ego-driven Democrat power and control.

Their anti-America goal is to flood our nation with illegals in order to, short-term, pack the 2020 census with non-citizens, all of whom are counted, especially in crazed California, to determine the allocation of Congressional seats for the following ten-years (!), and, longer-term, to eventually insure that illegals gain voting rights, all of which, combined, would lead to perpetual Democrat control, converting our once free nation into a one-party Socialist dictatorship.

There is absolutely no question. Behind the curtain, that is the goal that the leftist-Democrats of today embrace.  What’s best for our nation is meaningless to them.  What’s best for their elitist cabal is the only thing that matters, regardless of the damage to America they impose.  What’s best for themselves.  To heck with the American people and nation.  And, regrettably, both current leaders come from states that could give a rip about the rest of the country.  It’s sanctuary over democracy!

America desperately needs that physical barrier at the border, period.  For our continued safety, security, and sovereignty, for the future of our children, whom we want to see grow up in our America, rather than within a border-less, identity-less, freedom-less, meaning-less land that no one would ever again recognize. May the grace of God grant us that wall, that physical barrier, which will go a long way toward securing the blessed present, and future, of the America we treasure and cherish.  For that truly is, the moral outcome.