Ignoring America

This past week, the Leftist Democrats (redundant) in Congress let fly another rolling-fog of flatulence, in yet another in their childish (redundant) crusades, to discredit, stifle accomplishments, and (the real objective) outright destroy the legitimate Presidency of Donald Trump.

For three-and-a-half years now, Socialist-Marxists, that is, the Democrats, have been planting, throwing and igniting political IED’s at Conservatives and the President, all aimed at going back to 2016 to re-elect a “legitimate” U.S. President.   Leftists in all walks of life, including their devoted bunk-mates, the national print and electronic media (long forsaking any claim to legitimate, objective journalism to their eternal disgrace), have developed such biased hatred for the current President that they seem incapable of leading normal lives, or doing anything useful.

Preferring, instead, their own self-centered, national-domination desires, rather than what’s truly best for our nation.  Preferring collective central controls to decentralized individual freedoms.  Preferring a subservient citizenry and ever-escalating taxation to fewer federal regulations and a robust privately-driven national economy, one which now, thanks to the actions of this President, has produced record employment among our citizens, and one which has encompassed all domestic races and religions.

Bottom line of intent: Destroying America’s traditions, freedoms, prosperity, and ultimately eliminating the very America our brilliant Founders designed for us; the America millions of our courageous men and women, through the generations, have fought (and died) to protect; eliminating the America that the vast majority of our citizens cherish, love and assumed would remain for their families, and future offspring, forever.

Socialist-Marxist Democrats, now in control of their evolving anti-America party, (certainly in the U.S. House especially), have absolutely no interest in, or concern for, anything but the ultimate absolute central control over our nation, our treasury, and our lives.  With the immediate goal, again, of destroying the current leadership of our nation.  And to so, following the Alinsky Marxist playbook, by dividing the nation into hopefully disparate groups, whether ethnic, economic or religious, and then by carrying out their masterful campaign of citizen distraction.  Distraction in the form of Russian election interference, crusading for open borders (= ruination of America), the Presidential collusion with Russia hoax, the ramped-up bogus claim of human-caused climate change, a seeming re-awakened anti-Semitism, and whatever other false flags of dissention and protest they can invent.  And with these smokescreens, fanned by the biased and totally supportive big-city print and airwave pounding by the openly fawning propaganda suck-ups, previously known and respected as journalists, back when there was actually reason for pride in that honest, objective profession.

Distraction so that the voting public has difficulty ever reading, hearing about, or even realizing the many positive accomplishments achieved by this President, who from the start of his first term in office, has had to make necessary policy changes and needed advancements all on his own, because a disconnected, discordant  Congress, again in the House especially, simply refuses to engage or act on issues critical to the nation.

And now, to continue the distraction charade, as the Russian collusion theories have withered and died, to the chagrin of the Leftist political-media chorus, the Socialist discontents in the House have decided they need to impeach President Trump for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” as prescribed by our Constitution, that “flexible” dusty old document they suddenly, now, want to swear-by (rather than swear-at).  As others have said, the hypocrisy here would stun a fifth grader!

A phone call with the Ukrainian president, with reference to a politician who clearly does need investigating, although a mistake, is now a “high crime.”  Well, let’s look back a few years.  How about the Obama administration’s Benghazi cover-up (a supposed obscure video), where Americans died through lack of available military response.  The Mexican cartel/U.S. guns deadly fiasco that resulted in the death of a CBP officer?  Or how about Obama’s mysterious delivery of over one-billion-dollars to the Iranian dictator, for actual reasons unknown, and without approval from anyone except Obama himself?  Pretty sure we’ve got some high crimes and misdemeanors somewhere in that stack.  And who knows what other covert actions and phone calls were undertaken by that Teflon president, the one we were not allowed to utter a word against, and whose background was largely sealed!  And then there’s Mrs. Clinton, who skated on all that computer mis-use charges, along with peddling influence for cash in order to benefit her family “foundation.” She, and a host of others, should have been indicted for all manner of mis-deeds.  Hopefully, one day yet, they will be.

By jousting with windmills, amidst yet another nationally imposed fog, they continue to introduce issues or actions designed only to distract from the Constitutionally-legitimate desires and actions of the President, rather than actually governing; actually doing something, anything, to advance the needs of the country. These House members of a past, once proud, Democratic Party, now seemingly in tatters, as it transitions to the anti-America, Socialist-Marxist Party, have perpetrated a huge and disgraceful disservice to America’s taxpayers and voters.  For three-and-a-half years, these seemingly do-little-or-nothing individuals have wasted the time, patience, and the tax-money of loyal, hard-working Americans.  As such, their time in office appears to have been a sham and a travesty, from those who swore “to support and defend the Constitution, … and (here it comes) to faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.” It’s that last part of their oath, sworn to nation and to God, about actually discharging, duties, not pretending to, or outright neglecting them, that seems to be quite lacking for a considerable gaggle of the one-time-Dems currently “serving.”

These elected representatives have now spent far too many months ignoring America for their own selfish agenda and gain. And now, in their designated next phase of disruption, they will drag the nation through still more turmoil and discord, with an impeachment action destined to go nowhere, but which will leave months of upheaval in its wake. Anything to keep President Trump from having any accepted and appreciated domestic or foreign affairs victories.

Hopefully, come November 2020, these knowing-abusers of the public payroll and trust (and whoever their Socialist presidential candidate may be), will be sent home to sit and do the same thing there… nothing… as they then continue their personal enrichment plan, by drawing from the mandated post-service generosity of the public dole!