Hunter Army Airfield Change of Command June 13, 2019

Truscott Terminal on the Hunter installation, decked out with flags, was the setting for the ceremony during which LTC Ken Dwyer relinquished his Hunter AAF Garrison Command to LTC Dave Escobar.  Officiating at the command change was COL Jason Wolter, Fort Stewart/Hunter overall Garrison Commander.

LTC Ken Dwyer is a Green Beret and recipient of the Silver Star Medal, for his valorous actions under fire in Afghanistan.  The Savannah area, like Hinesville, is known for its broad community support for our military.  Ken acknowledged that in his end-of-command speech, when he said that the “Savannah area is the most military-friendly community in the nation.”  Severally wounded in Afghanistan, with the loss of an eye and a hand from an RPG air shrapnel blast, Ken hit home something he has lived, himself, in order to remain active in the Army (including requalifying for airborne status!), and, as such, a concept he believes in deeply and often shares with others in his frequent speeches throughout the Coastal Georgia area. “It’s not OK to quit something you love, just because it’s hard.”

Ken Dwyer leaves his two-year assignment at Hunter to return to Fort Bragg, where he’ll become the Operations Director for the Special Forces training school there.

LTC Dave Escobar, a graduate of West Point with a B.S. in Systems Engineering and a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Hofstra University (he subsequently spent one-year teaching English at West Point).  His branch is armor. Prior to taking command at Hunter, he served as Policy Branch Chief at Department of the Army headquarters staff (G-1) at the Pentagon.  LTC Escobar’s wife, LTC Jacqueline Escobar, is currently a Battalion Commander with the Third Infantry Division at Fort Stewart.

We wish LTC Dwyer well with his Special Forces soldiers at Fort Bragg, while welcoming LTC Escobar to Garrison Command at Hunter Army Airfield.