Some Good News About Good Americans #1

The Florida legislature has passed, and Governor DeSantis will sign, the “Stop W.O.K.E. Act.”  This legislation “will strengthen state civil rights laws and prohibit schools, corporations, and government agencies from promoting race essentialism, collective guilt, and racial scapegoating in the classroom or the workplace.”  Those in favor of the bill feel that it “simply states that teachers and businesses can’t force (today’s) students and employees to feel they are to blame for racial injustices in America’s past.”  Of course, there are those in Florida and beyond who are opposed to this form of legislation, but this it’s-about-time move in Florida would certainly seem to be a positive case of current right overcoming past regression. Hopefully other states will have the guts to pass laws similar.  Once again, Florida takes the lead, as it has so often over the past two years, at least.

Many Republican-led states have worked on, and passed, improved state election laws since the jumbled mess (being polite) of Election 2020.  One such is Texas.  And, with the first current primary election in the nation, the terrific news is that election turn-out increased, bettering the 2018 midterms by over 300,000 voters!!  And this after, as you would expect, Democrats raised all manner of heck convinced that voting would be harder and the turn-out significantly less. Once again, the voters win.  Congrats to Texas.

And the good, common-sense news continues. In a December Monmouth poll, only 2% of those surveyed considered ‘climate change’ to be a top problem in America, despite the non-stop and economically-disruptive pro-climate issue cheerleading from the current administration.  Three-months ago, those polled ranked COVID and household economics as top concerns.  Quite likely, personal economics would still be right up there, along with concern over the Ukraine situation, and the spread of war, quite likely still high up. Common sense continues to win.

Among those assisting Ukraine refugees, the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal order, has raised close to $5-million dollars for its relief efforts.  The organization has established “Mercy Huts” near the border in Poland to help provide shelter, food, medical supplies, etc. to those fleeing their homeland currently under Russian attack.  Thanks to the Knights, and to those financially supporting their badly needed humanitarian efforts.

A caring Mom in Glennville, Georgia has opened a very special store.  It’s called “Blossom,” and its sole purpose is to provide clothing for children “whose parent(s) is struggling to cloth them.”  Sessions are made by appointment, so that founder Linda Durrence can be certain she has the proper sizes ready and so that children can ‘shop’ more privately and not be embarrassed.  Best of all, each eligible child will be provided with up to seven sets of clothing and there is no requirement to pay for them.  A genuine service for the children of a parent, or parents, in financial need.  And sadly, after two-years of health and economic upheaval in America, there are likely to be no shortage of families in need, and especially when it comes to providing quality clothing for young children in school. Congratulations to Glennville’s Linda Durrence for this selfless, and frankly, heroic effort to help the self-esteem, and quite likely the classroom performance, of young children in need.

This next one takes us back to November of last year when a ten-year-old boy in Aurora, Colorado, saved all of his weekly allowance for an entire year, earned by doing household chores, done so in order to purchase ten holiday gifts for other children.  Commented the Aurora Police Department: “He did not want to buy anything for himself with all of the money he saved, which according to his Grandmother, was a couple of hundred dollars, but rather wanted to make sure that other kids received gifts for Christmas.”  The young man dreams of becoming a police officer one day. Law enforcement officers swear to “Serve and Protect.”  This fine young man already seems to have the ‘Serve” part down!!

And speaking of service well above self, a group of U.S. citizens and military veterans continue their efforts to help fellow American citizens and other legal U.S. residents make their escape from Afghanistan.  You’ll recall that our federal government left that country in a terrible, deeply embarrassing hurry, leaving a large number of Americans and friends of America behind to fend for themselves.  Among those private organizations assisting with recuses is ‘Project Dynamo,’ which was founded last August. Said the co-founder of the group, Bryan Stern, a combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient: “To rescue an American – you can’t put a value on it.  You just can’t.” Stern continued: “More and more trickle in every day.  I was a 9/11 first responder in the Army, and twenty-years later, I’m still dealing with this (Afghanistan) problem.” Project Dynamo is funded by private donations.  They helped evacuate over two-thousand Americans before the window closed in late August, and likely an additional 200+ since, as the difficulty and risk has now substantially increased.  Our thanks to this great team of citizens and military veterans for their truly heroic work in getting more and more of our U.S. citizens and legal residents home.


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