Housing For Illegals? ….. How About Our Vets?

Among the current candidates vying for the Democrat presential nomination, extremely wealthy (as in billionaire) San Francisco businessman, Tom Steyer, takes that overflowing fruit basket of outlandish, unaffordable, and thus undoable, progressive promises one step further. Mr. Steyer feels that all illegal immigrants should “have access to (i.e., publicly provided) affordable and safe housing.” He says that his administration “will ensure that all undocumented communities have (such)”  Could be wrong, but that last reference sounds like he might be thinking that such “access” would only apply to “sanctuary cities” (i.e.,“undocumented communities”), which would make sense, because he resides in the state that has numerous such cities, in violation, you’ll remember, of federal law.

If elected, Mr. Steyer would also promise free healthcare to illegals, workplace training, the rest of the progressive grab-bag chock full of free stuff, and “a safe platform for (illegal) immigrants to share their culture and celebrate their heritage.” Sounds like assimilation into the American culture and traditions might be optional, just as it’s apparently been accepted as ‘ain’t-gonna-happen’ for even some legal migrants from certain geographic regions and religious beliefs, often clustered in tight enclaves within certain sections of our country.  The end game for progressives with the open borders mentality is, of course, to eventually give them all the vote (with citizenship, by then, quite possibly optional), so that their votes can overwhelm those of nation-loving Americans, providing for the transition to a full socialist-or-worse society in place of property ownership, collective liberty and personal freedoms.  Constitution? What Constitution?

Mr. Steyer is spending millions upon millions of his own wealth to run for the presidential nomination, the highest office in the land, which as he, and virtually everyone else, knows isn’t going to happen. Just imagine, where he to be seriously interesting in truly helping actual Americans in need, if instead of throwing a ton of money at a losing proposition, he had instead opted to spend those millions on affordable (or free, if need be) housing for a great many of America’s homeless military veterans.  Choosing veteran needs first, well before the needs of illegal migrants (who are illegal for a reason!). That way, Mr. Steyer could have emerged as a hero, remembered for his outstanding, and so badly needed, great social deed. Lasting personal impact, rather than soon to be forgotten among that large throng of progressive candidate also-rans.

America’s veterans first, then other Americans with legitimate needs, and only then, legal immigrants with need for a get-on-their-feet, temporary, helping hand.  That’s the proper order, and the extent of it. Americans taking care of Americans.

Sanctuary city residents can foot the bill for the illegals they’ve encouraged to cross the line and sheltered. Unlawful city policy + unlawful migrants. That financially-draining equation sounds about right.  And with an eye toward how several Western European nations are now paying the price, in so many ways, for their liberal open door to that flood of migrants in the recent past, here in America, let there be ICE!

(Steyer quotes via breitbart.com, Neil Munro, 1-13-20)