Hollywood Actor Proclaims America to be a “Nation of Illegal Immigrants”

In an Instagram entry, speaking on behalf of actual illegals, the actor’s defense of those who have entered out nation illegally was that, unbeknownst to all legal citizens, America is actually a “nation of illegal immigrants.”  He went on to assert that the so-called DREAMers among us are “the fruit of America.” Have no idea what that means.  And for the record, the “fruit of Georgia” is the peach.  Legal, proudly home-grown, the peach.

Now, if you want to make that “illegal immigrant” case by going back several hundred years to those daring European pilgrims who first set foot on our shores, then yes, it is a fact that the Native Americans already here were the original presumed “legal” inhabitants of what would became the United States of America.  But once we move forward to anyone subsequently born here, both to those early European arrivals, and to all manner of nationalities forever thereafter, this notion that all native-born, or nationalized, U.S. citizens through the generations are somehow illegals is nonsense.  That’s pandering on a phony premise to those here with no legal standing, and, frankly, no right to be, or remain, here, unless some form of legal status is obtained.  Nice try, grandstanding Hollywood guy, but your argument falls a few centuries short.  (1-20-18)