Hindsight is 2020

Hindsight is, indeed, 20-20, and thinking back, what we most want to lose all sight and memory of, right now, is hindsight’s ugly reflection, the Year 2020.  No sane American can be at all sorry about seeing 2020 now fading, not nearly fast enough, in our personal rear-view mirrors.

The unquestioned low-light of that year, which dominates and lingers still, was the COVID epidemic that too often produced so much suffering and death.  Of definite historic significance, also impacting us all, that killer virus largely dampened, even crippled, a roaring across-the-board domestic economy and fuller employment (all races and genders), fueled by President Trump’s tax cuts and removal of excessive expansion-hampering federal regulations.  It also ended up taking down that robust economy’s principal architect, the President himself. Without the punishing impact of that persistent and pervasive virus, there is no question that President Trump would have easily gained re-election. Because of it, our nation lost precious lives, and we also lost a strong, energetic, stand-up, and savvy great national leader.  The leader who drove the development, approval, and availability of life-saving vaccines in record time.

And then there was the domestic turmoil that boiled over in several American cities last summer, the result, we’re told, of residual racial, or perhaps more correctly, radical tensions, principally in Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland, but elsewhere as well. Resulting in rampant center-city destruction, looting, arson, “occupation zones,” considerable injuries, and even lives lost, all of which was allowed to happen (perhaps even unofficially, encouraged) by Democrat mayors and governors who were apparently content to pander to the illegal whims of domestic anarchists, which then simply fanned the literal flames of their violent anti-authority “protests.”  By contrast, there were far more criminal acts and carnage throughout those metropolitan uprisings than was produced by the recent Capitol Building incursion in D.C.  Yet, frustratingly, with far less effort or intent to severely punish those responsible in those targeted cities, where peoples’ livelihoods were often ruined by the resulting damage.  Resulting in the obvious, and now reigning, double standard when it comes to fairly applying the rule of law. It seems to depend on whether those who act up hale from the land of Blue or Red.

Forgettable Year 2020 also gave rise to more frequent and frantic claims of “white supremacy” and “systemic racism,” joining the long-time, overused, now-generic term, “racism.”  The supremacy and systemic verbal claims seem like canons firing blanks, which result in a whole lot of noise, but little if any meaningful, truthful impact.  Regarding supremacy, ask yourself, if you are white, if you honestly feel supreme or superior to members of another race or gender?  Do you know anyone in your circle of friends or work colleagues who honestly feel that they are?  If so, those might well be folks to avoid, as we are all equal beings in the eyes of God. The only possible actual ground for supremacy has to do with sheer numbers, that is the percentage of whites vs. non-whites currently in the U.S. population.  Right now, whites are the largest percentage.  That is likely to change demographically within another couple of generations.  At which point, then, continuing the theme, are we not then likely, in actual population numbers, to have a combined non-white (black – brown – yellow) population emerge as numerically supreme?  Or rather than a supreme status, might it very well end up bringing the races even more closely together, since the racial/gender mixture would be far more common through our everyday interactions, and lives in general?

And by the way, on this topic, the way to achieve special status in our society today, and specifically within the workplace, has nothing to do with race or gender, or should not!  It has to do with performance and achievement.  And the key there is studying hard in school, attaining marketable skills, having a solid command of the English language, working your tail off for your employer (civilian or military), being measurably productive, and then success should follow, regardless of black/white, male/female, or place of national origin.  There are laws long in effect that mandate equal opportunity, and treatment, should issues arise.  Government can do many things, but it cannot grant you achievement and the deserved ultimate success. Today, and back through the decades, free-market capitalism is most generally the source of, and reward for, personal success.  But the responsibility to achieve such rests with individual effort, as countless people, among the races and genders, now prove, and make obvious, more and more every day.  You can see that happening all around you, at the local, state, and national levels.  Achievement is the great equalizer.

And then, the related claim of “systemic racism,” is also not based in fact. In order for racism to be “systemic,” every, repeat, every government department/agency, corporation, retail outlet, school, place of worship, law enforcement agency, hospital, fire department, transportation provider, bank, doctor, dentist, lawyer, teacher, work colleague, neighbor, our courts and the rule of law, etc. must ALL be “racist” in order to claim that such is “systemic” in America.  The claim is untrue and, frankly, abusive, especially to those, the vast, vast majority of our citizens, who live and work comfortably side by side, and have positive friendships, with people of other races and genders, and who would never think of uttering anything disparaging toward them. Genders are included here, as they fit prominently within today’s equality formula.

While this discussion will not change the minds of those committed to their own measure of validity, or visceral feelings, regarding those two concepts (supremacy and systemic), it is hoped that it will at least show that such assertions are simply not truthful, when rationally considering the vast majority of Americans, and when fairly applied to our great and historic “melting pot” nation as a whole.  It is hoped that we can work toward more and more positive mutual acceptance and understanding, rather than the more negative feelings of racial/gender dissent and distrust.

This past year has truly been, in some way, a frustrating, challenging, and punishing one for most of our citizens, certainly health-wise, but also mentally, physically, financially, legally, and with erupting social-political discord.  For so many reasons and issues, then, it is a genuine pleasure and relief to see the upheaval of Year 2020 move on, to remain only in the history books.  Hopefully nothing like it will pass our way ever again.  May much improved national health status, along with peace and prosperity, be reignited, now, throughout America.