Guilty As Charged. Skip The Proof

Once again, it’s time to question the fairness mindset of some of America’s future lawyers (not to mention some of their professors).  You’ll recall that several days ago, prior to the Justice Kavanaugh confirmation, some of the professors at Yale Law School cancelled classes so that those law students who wished to protest, on campus or in D.C., could do so.

Now comes word, post-confirmation, that, under the urging and organizing of the National Lawyers Guild (identified by a Chronicle of Higher Education article as a “progressive legal organization”), the Guild has called for “a national walkout and strike (by law students) for three days this week in response to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.”

Students attending at least 12 law schools from around the country (said to include Georgia’s Emory) are likely to join the protest.  But, why spend the time and missed classes now, when Justice Kavanaugh has already been confirmed and has taken his rightful place on the Supreme Court bench?  The reason. One word:  Impeach!

Apparently, many law students, law school professors, and practicing attorneys across the nation, after the fact, feel Justice Kavanaugh does not belong on the Court, and they intend to make their feelings known, especially for the visible, media-covered benefit of Democrat Congressional candidates in hopes that, if elected, they will readily hop aboard the impeachment band wagon.

And the grounds they feel will justify impeachment?  Perjury.  They apparently plan to allege that Justice Kavanaugh lied about something during his confirmation hearings, sessions which degenerated into a well-funded, one-sided carnival sideshow, reducing to embarrassment-level the previously dignified ‘advice and consent’ confirmation process.  Or, since it’s tough to lie when the opposition can present little in the way of provable facts, one must assume that the protesters are claiming perjury due to the fact that the Justice categorically denied (apparently, a ‘lie’) the accusation of sexual misconduct, said to have occurred over 30-years ago, made by the primary witness against him, who, as the nation witnessed, could offer no proof, no real details, nor any support from persons she identified as allegedly having knowledge.  So then, perjury, meaning those protesting, before and now after, fully believe the woman’s incomplete memory of what she said took place as teenagers three-decades earlier. Perjury, meaning automatic guilt bestowed by gender.  And, perjury, meaning the Justice is guilty until proven innocent (with no need to try to prove otherwise).  Do remember, please, that those who have now rushed to pre-determined judgment are law students and law practitioners.  That should give one great pause, and concern.

Now, here’s what this is really all about.  Alleged perjury is simply the means to the liberals’ desired end.  The end being the removal of Kavanaugh from the Court because, here it comes, he makes the Court’s ideological composition now 5-4 conservative (read: Constitutional), which is totally unacceptable to liberals, causing unrelenting anxiety, mental paralysis, even violence.  In effect, a stake through the heart of the left.

Why so upset?  Because the left has always depended on the Supreme Court to approve its socialist-oriented agenda, whenever the more traditional legislative path failed, which was a lot of the time.  And for many years, those Supreme Court decisions have sided with liberal views, by looking upon the Constitution as old, flexible, and simply a ‘living document,” ripe for modern day, happenin’-now interpretation.   How else could we possibly have ended up with American flag burning as protected freedom of speech!  Recall it was the Supreme Court that gave liberals the right to abortion, when Congress wouldn’t.  And therein lies their most deep-seated worry.  The overwhelming, burning, trigger issue. The fear that this Court will, now, somehow, one day, reverse a woman’s legal right to an abortion.

And now, then, from the possible future loss of abortion rights, the thread goes all the way back to the present, protesting Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation and, failing that, the imperative that he be removed from the Court by impeachment, based solely upon the fictional claim of ‘perjury.’

And here is but another reason why America-loving citizens MUST vote Republican in November, specifically, first of all, to keep the Court intact, and then more generally, to keep our great nation moving forward, and not backwards to publicly-punitive, liberal-favored, more comprehensive socialism.

You’ve heard it said, and it’s true.  This is the most important election of our lifetime.  So we must all vote Republican to retain the all-important control of both Houses of Congress.  Vote Republican to finally and completely control our borders and the integrity of our population. Vote Republican to keep our Constitution and conservative policies and values firmly in place.  And we must vote Republican to keep our citizens free and our exceptional nation secure.

(Quotes via The Chronicle of Higher Education, Steven Johnson, 10-9-18)