Radical Leftist/Budding Marxist Democrats in the House have recently dropped an A-Bomb of a proposal on our nation, an accurate descriptive given the immense destruction to our country, our systems, and traditions it cherishes.  This anti-America, federal government-uber-alles power-grab, is entitled the “Green New Deal.” Revealing the charade, in reality, it’s the Red New Deal.

Wrapped in the soothing, comfy blanket combo of environmental and social justice & goodness, this wall-to-wall wish list of seemingly positive stuff, turns negative once the surface is scratched and the true cost and disruptive implications are revealed, neither of which the radical Democrats want exposed and analyzed.

What the Green Bad Deal is really all about, is not saving the planet and making things really, really better for Americans, but rather it’s all about removing individual freedoms, imposing comprehensive central government controls, and sending our democratic republic into history’s dumpster.  It’s about destroying everything envisioned for our great country by those brilliant Founders, and all that our exceptional nation has become.

The public presenter of this eventual, coup-intended document, with critical specifics yet to be revealed, is rookie Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez.  The apparent authors of this manifesto are members of her staff and a gaggle of other delusional, ungrateful millennial radicals.  So what does this Green-To-Red document propose.  Before continuing, please be certain that your seat backs and tray tables are in their upright and locked position.

For starters, you’ll recall that the Congresswoman has publically predicted, as the scientist she is not, that, due to “climate change,” human life on our planet will cease to exist in “12 years” (Note: So do be advised to avoid 15-year mortgages, long-term annuities, and having more children, the latter which she honestly seems to be suggesting!).  Now, please disregard the fact that supposed experts have been predicting the demise of our 4.5-billion-year-old planet, within similar time frames, for several decades now.  Instead, accept the fact that the visionary Miss Ocasio-Cortez has now given us our survival number, and that she is to be believed with the same sense of credibility we attach to those quarters under the pillow definitely coming from the Tooth Fairy.

So her first order of business, to save the planet mind you, is to reduce (virtually eliminate) fossil fuels’ impact to a net-zero level of greenhouse gas emissions, within 10-years, giving us just two-years to spare, says Miss Ocasio-Cortez, before the earth becomes a huge barbecue grill and humans are turning into tatter tots.

The goal is net-zero, rather than absolute zero, because they are not sure they’ll “be able to get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast.” That quoted mention of cow farts is real.  Large source of carbon dioxide, you know.  Henceforth, renewable fuels will be the only ones allowed (but no additional nuclear!), so we’ll be finished with coal, oil, and natural gas.  And speaking of gas, which coincidentally this zaniness should be giving all of us, no more fossil fuel driven vehicles either.

And, yes, as mentioned above, airplanes, too, will have to go.  Air travel is to be replaced by “efficient” government-run, high-speed, rail transportation, in the environmentally-romantic view of some freshly-minted, brain-captured, college millennials.  That may present a bit of a problem for those intending to go to or from Hawaii, or the rest of the world, for that matter, although that minor nuisance can be easily solved by government-run, wind-powered schooners, as long as your time, and bad weather (regarding sea sickness: just suck it up, Connie), are not an issue. And with the termination of fossil fueled air travel (do take a solar-powered flight at night and let me know how that goes, Brad, or have the morgue notify me), that means also ending fossil fuel-produced electricity, for home, business, and factory, relying instead on wind, solar and hydro.  Shouldn’t be a problem since the wind always blows and the sun always shines, except when they don’t.

Then along with sending legions of FFA students out into the nation’s pastures to cork-up cow butts (a task that must be repeated indefinitely for obvious reasons), the Green-to-Red policy, if enacted (heaven help us), would require that every residential and commercial structure in America would have to be upgraded or demolished and rebuilt, so that all of the nation’s homes & buildings were being powered by non-polluting sources.  The cost of this element, alone, would be staggering, not to mention taking far more than 10-years to accomplish! So just keep your home the way it is.  It’ll be toast in “12-years,” anyway, says she.

Now, in addition to all of that really great news, we’ll also have a whole duffel bag full of free stuff, paid for, of course, by we, the tax-payers, and, if necessary, and it will be, the old stand-by when that good-old tax river runs dry: simply printing more money.  Can you hear that government-run bullet train’s national bankruptcy whistle blowing?

There will be government-dictated, crowded, thus rationed, universal health care (free); environmentally-suitable housing (free or ‘affordable’); “economic security for all Americans,” which means guaranteed jobs and income for all, even reportedly including those “unwilling to work,” both citizens and illegals (free); and, of course, as with health care, college tuition, for citizens and illegals alike (free).  Much, if not all of this, to include clean air, water, and healthy food, will be part of ever-expanding social programs to promote “justice and equality,” and “repair historic oppression” (“oppression” that ceased to exist many decades ago, by the way).  All of this is but a blue print for a preposterous, unaffordable, central government utopia.

If this had been dumped on our country on April 1st, it would be a far better fit, providing a hearty laugh for all.  But, as is, there’s nothing funny about any of it.  The total estimated cost of this comprehensive Green Bad Deal is estimated by rational (for a change) analysts to be about $93-trillion over the first ten-years, certain to go even higher.  For comparison, our current national debt is at about $22-trillion!

Additional rational minds view this Green multi-vehicle pile-up as destructive nonsense.  Said New York Time columnist David Brooks: “The Green New Deal concentrates power in the hands of the Washington elite in a way nothing has done since World War II.  It really is a centralization of power in a way we haven’t seen, and that doesn’t (even) exist in Scandinavia.”  The co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, commented: “If fossil fuels were banned, every tree in the world would be cut down for cooking and heating. You would bring about mass death.  (Plus), the “transport of people and goods would grind to a halt.”

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez seems to be a loose cannon on auto-fire.  Beyond the whole Green thing, this week, during a House hearing, she asked the CEO of Wells Fargo why his bank was “involved in the caging of children,” presumably referring to the border situation.  Absurd! The bank, of course, had nothing whatsoever to do with “caging’!  Then, over the week end, during an interview, she reportedly actually accused President Reagan of “screwing over working class Americans,” illustrating, again, her blatant ignorance about even more recent American history.  Reagan, a genuine American icon, who didn’t “screw over” anybody, made a bulls-eye statement back then that fits perfectly here, and, ironically, in his own defense: “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant, it’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

Miss Ocasio-Cortez seems to be either incredibly vapid and clueless, or frighteningly smart and crafty, when it comes to recognizing the current real world in America.  While the frightening part is correct, given her verbal track record since being elected, the clueless descriptive also seems to be accurate (examples above).  Either way, someone(s) behind the political curtain must be guiding her and pulling the strings.  Recall this is someone who has emerged from obscurity to liberal media (redundant) darling in a matter of weeks.  So, then, who are her controllers and who’s providing the financial support, both for her efforts and those of the campus brain-washed millennials who are writing, then playing, off the same sheet of Socialist/Marxist music?

While the package as a whole represents absolute lunacy for freedom-loving citizens, intending, as it does, to upend our capitalist system and the freedom of choice that we all treasure, consider it all as a trial balloon from the leftists.  They know they won’t be successful in imposing it all. So by throwing the whole package  at the wall, they want to see if anything does stick.  Then drive hard to make those elements law, while continuing to make the rest of it palatable to both House and Senate.  This destructive drive will continue indefinitely.

Whatever the case, she and her House fellow-travelers on the Ultra-Lib Express need to be watched closely and, hopefully, contained, before their movement gets totally out of hand.  It’s wise to remember that their objective is not to create a better America.  Their liberty-erasing goal is to take over America!!


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