Green Beret MOH

United States Army Master Sergeant Matthew O. Williams was awarded the Medal of Honor this week by President Trump.

A member of the 3rd Special Forces Group, Williams received the nation’s highest award for valor in combat for his heroic acts during an Afghan battle, on April 6, 2008.

His Green Beret Team and attached Afghan National Army commandos found themselves under attack from superior numbers of enemy forces, occuping the very high ground, and raining down continuous RPG and small arms fire on our combined team.

Master Sgt. Williams exposed himself to enemy fire repeatedly, climbing up that mountainside, and carrying wounded comrades down to relative safety. While also sending two insurgents to their promised land.  He also protected our wounded from rubble careening down that enemy-occupied mountain side, as American aircraft pounded those enemy positions.  As President Trump expressed it, Williams “valiantly protected the wounded.”

That firefight lasted an estimated seven-hours, until our forces could be evacuated by Army Chinooks. “Matt’s heroism ensured that not a single American died in that battle.  He is without question and without reservation one of the bravest soldiers and people I’ve ever met,” said the President during the award presentation.

Master Sgt. Williams responded to his award graciously and humbly as expected.  “The medal itself is more a story of teamwork, never quitting, trusting in one another and doing what is right, what needs to be done.”  And with that, he was anxious to get back to his team to get them ready for their next assignment.  Yet another selfless, herioc American soldier devoted to duty, honor, country.

(Specifics via, Kyle Rempfer, 10-30-19)