Good News Americans #9

While the current administration continues its efforts to try to end our dependence on oil and natural gas, with costly taxpayer dollars thrown by D.C. at sun and wind substitutes, earlier this month, word comes that America is currently producing more oil “than any country in history”!  In fact, the U.S. output, primarily from shale oil drilling in Texas and New Mexico, is now so successful that we are actually exporting a portion of it overseas!  A spokesman from the American Petroleum Institute stated that “the world will continue to demand more energy, not less, and we urge policymakers to recognize the role American energy production can play as a stabilizing force for consumers here at home and around the world.”  That said, given our current solid position in oil production and, with it, national security and lower gasoline prices at the pump, now would seem to be a good time to replace the almost half of America’s national petroleum reserve that Mr. Biden had drained about two years ago for the purely political and heavily publicized purpose of attempting to bring down the then-higher pump prices, a showy effort which didn’t prove to be all that successful.  Our key national reserve was always intended to be used solely for true national emergencies, and not for scoring political points at the pump.  Anyway, great news about America’s current oil production status!

On the subject of energy generation, the United States and 20 other world nations have committed to “triple nuclear power by 2050.”  Although it does take considerable time to bring new nuclear plants online, as evidenced by the target date, at least some sense of reality appears to have taken hold.  By reality, meaning that if, in fact, the world really does intend to do away with fossil fuel output, which is, in itself, incredibly foolish, given U.S., Canadian, and other world nation’s supply, known and unknown, nuclear is reality’s only current and reliable substitution.  This commitment realizes that solar and wind cannot be the answer, solely or otherwise. So then what are we to do in the intervening 26-years to provide adequate and reliable power generation for our nation?  Wind and sun? Not on your life…literally.   America must, thankfully, continue to depend on dominant oil and natural gas production until 2050, and very likely well beyond, regardless of questionable concerns about this unproven thing called ‘climate change.’ We are blessed with abundant fossil fuel resources here at home.  That’s the Great News for Americans!  And the continued dominance of gasoline-powered vehicles (and hybrids) provides us with even more great news!

And now, a couple of inspiring stories about age, at both ends of the spectrum. Ninety-year-old Minnie Payne has just received her Master’s Degree from the University of North Texas, the oldest person to do so from that school.  Her undergraduate studies were completed when she was 73!  Years earlier, as so often happens, after taking some classes at a junior college, Mrs. Payne got married, got a job, and then had children. Turns out, she missed studying.  Said she: “I always wanted to improve myself. When I retired at age 68, I wasn’t doing anything constructive.  It’s my philosophy to constantly be doing something constructive.”  At her age, especially, she realizes that she has accomplished something impressive that will hopefully “inspire others in the generations to come.”  By the way, she recently began a job in Houston in order to continue “doing something constructive”!

Now, at the other end of the age scale, 17-year-old Peter Park has just passed the California bar exam and has been “sworn in as an attorney,” thought to be the youngest person to ever pass the California exam. “Passing the California Bar exam is a major accomplishment at any age, and for someone as young as Mr. Park, it is quite an extraordinary feat and one worth celebrating.” Mr. Park began his high school studies at age 13, while at the same time beginning a juris doctor law studies program at the Northwestern California University School of Law.  He graduated high school in just two years, after passing the state’s high school proficiency exam! Then studied for his law degree full time.  This amazing young man has already begun working as a law clerk in a District Attorney’s office. This Great News American is a role model for others to emulate.

Fourteen-year-old Annandale, Virginia ninth grader, Heman(sp) Bekele, returned home from the 3M Young Scientist Challenge as America’s “Top Young Scientist” along with the $25,000 grand prize.  What in the name of science had he achieved?  Well, all this 14-year-old genius developed is “an affordable bar of soap that treats skin cancer.” After working to improve his invention even further, he one day hopes to establish a non-profit organization so that his amazing, low-cost soap can be distributed to communities in need around the world. What a truly outstanding young American.

Continuing its non-stop efforts to curtail drug flow to our country, a San Diego-based United States Coast Guard Cutter crew captured over 18,000 pounds of cocaine, with a street value of over $240-million, during six individual drug raids in November.  This impressive cumulative capture resulted from “suspected drug smuggling vessel interdictions” off the coasts of Mexico, as well as Central and South America. Referring to his crew members, the Cutter’s Captain indicated that they had to overcome “multiple challenges with collective hard work, ingenuity, and positive attitudes to keep us in pursuit of these cartels and their dangerous drugs.” With wishes that we could also prevent the killer drug, fentanyl, from reaching our country, our sincere thanks to our terrific Coast Guard personnel for their continuing work to stop as many other harmful drugs as possible from entering our nation.

On now to a couple of life-saving reports.  Connecticut State Police Officers arrived in time to stop a woman from killing herself by jumping off a bridge into the river water 100-feet below.  Once on the scene, “troopers posted that they had located a female who had climbed from the pedestrian sidewalk, over the metal safety fencing, and was sitting on a five-inch ledge.  While one Sergeant was establishing communication with the woman, speaking in a calm voice, the other, a female, had climbed over that safety fence, positioning herself, dangerously, on that same narrow ledge to help with the hoped-for rescue. The officers were successful, eventually safely helping the woman over the fence and into an ambulance for transport to an area hospital for evaluation and treatment.  Great Americans in law enforcement uniform saving a life.

In Florida, a drunk driver lost control of his vehicle, hit a phone pole, and then slammed into a retail shop.  The time was about 3:30 AM.  Great Samaritan, Travis DuPont, was on his way home from work, noticed the crash, and instinctively, immediately, pulled over to try to help. On video from another driver who stopped, Mr. DuPont, the sole rescuer, can be seen “running over to the SUV, reaching through the window, unbuckling the diver’s seatbelt, freeing his legs, and pulling him out” of the by-then-burning vehicle.” Within perhaps 20-30 seconds, “the whole car was engulfed in flames. It was a very scary moment. And yeah, he’s (driver) very, very lucky to be alive,” said the woman who recorded the rescue.  Recalled Mr. DuPont: ‘If I had been like even 30-seconds too late, he would have been in those flames.” DuPont continued: “Everybody has that in them, the instinct to help. I just hope that when the going get tough and that actually happens, everybody is capable of being a hero.”  Facing certain death by a matter of a few seconds, the rescued driver was taken to the hospital, fortunately suffering only minor injuries.  Thanks to Great American, Travis DuPont, for the instincts to, first, stop, and then rescue a fellow citizen in very definitely death-dealing circumstances.

And finally for this edition, for the first time in 47-years(!), an animal shelter in Pennsylvania had completely empty kennels, helped no doubt by the proximity to Christmas.  All of the shelter’s dogs and cats, needing permanent homes, had this year been adopted: “A true miracle!”  The County SPCA replied: “To say we are beyond excited is an understatement. The staff and volunteers have worked very hard to take care of the animals in our facility and to make sure they go to the right adoptive home.” Reportedly, this shelter has adopted-out almost 600 animals. Now, the workers there are preparing to bring in animals from other local shelters to relieve their stress.”  So, after time to celebrate their own empty kennels, for them then, the caring cycle there starts all over again with the commitment to help relieve neighboring shelters who’ve hit maximum capacity. A very nice Christmas-time story about genuine caring for animals, by very often, saving their lives through life-time adoption.  Thanks to these Great Americans for their 24/7 service to care for, and extend, the lives of rendered or found dogs and cats.


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