Good Riddance 2022: Keep The Faith

This has definitely been a year to see pass away, with little regret.  While the Progressive Democrats continue to wring their hands over unproven, human-caused, climate change, as if this nonsense ranks high in American minds among the plethora of issues to be really worried about.  Things like Title 42, our only remaining legal border stop-gap measure, which will be expiring after Christmas, thanks to an uncaring, even encouraging, White House, where a renewed stampede of non-English speaking, low-skilled, perpetually “economically-dependent” illegal migrants is apparently considered by the elites to be a good thing, not for America, of course, but for the Progressive Democrats who dream of an exclusive one-party future ruling over a most-likely bankrupt nation. Most certainly to be helped by the one-point-whatever-trillion-dollar give-away, passed in a hurry, under the pressure of an oncoming mega-storm, so that our mostly self-serving politicians could get their butts home safely. In their wake, a monster (size/dollars/questionable content) bill passed with some stuff very much needed (military funding!), but way too much of it very taxpayer-costly and wasteful Democrat patronage fluff.  A several thousand-page gaggle of politically-driven goodies that no one voting on it could possibly have effectively scanned, let alone actually read and comprehended its provisions.  A brain-numbing reminder of that saying by Mrs. Pelosi after a previous voluminous, unread, rushed vote to spend gobs of our money: “We have to pass it to see what’s in it!”

Among our major, crippling national issues: Inflation (which may well continue throughout most of next year and beyond); Street Crime (out-of-control, largely in Democrat-run cities); and Education (worrisome, inappropriate, exaggerated race and sex stuff being jammed into susceptible, often way-too-young minds, rather than the proper emphasis on, heaven help us, actual factual-not-fantasy real academic subjects.

And then, of course, what remains, by countless surveys, the preeminent concern among we, Americans today, the ruinous, crippling, inept, federal law-breaking scourge of Border In-Security (meaning, of course, the almost total lack of it)!  The rampant, on-going uncontrolled flood of illegals, causing great harm currently to border cities like El Paso, while also to other metropolitan areas around the nation, with, among other shipments, the on-going mysterious overnight immigrant flights, courtesy of taxpayer-funded Biden Airlines. The present and future costs to American taxpayers for on-going food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education is incalculable.  Recall the estimate of over 5-million illegals, apprehended and “got-aways,” who have walked into America, just during these past two Biden years!  And why?  Is this all about humanitarianism?  Oh, please, No!  It’s all purely a political pipe dream of future power and control in the hands of, perhaps by then, global Progressives, who see freedom, capitalism, sovereignty, prosperity, and our blessed Constitution as little more than merely nuisance items to be overcome, rather than the fundamental ideals that built the greatest, freest nation in the history of Planet Earth.  May we all hope that with greater Republican power in Congress, although not as much as we had hoped for, but at least some control, finally, but may it be enough so that genuine, loyal, traditional, nation-loving Americans, in and out of Congress, can begin to roll-back the present painful move and acceleration to a Socialist state, or even worse, if we can’t stop the political tide rolling in that direction.

To that end, we must be quick to remember the ultimate power most of us have to fall back on, and to move forward with.  And that’s our religious faith.  Reduced in number dramatically due to the pandemic, with those many months of mask-wearing and staying at home, although our nation’s overall House of Worship attendance has most certainly rebounded (in-person, plus now with the availability of at-home worship).  That said, and with the pandemic disruption, however, “belief in God” is now said to be down to 81% of Americans (Gallup survey), which, sadly, is an all-time low in our nation. The primary belief-defectors were identified as: (1) young people (hope to turn them back to God as they mature), and (2) Leftists (tend to ‘worship’ another G word: Government).  This regrettable “belief in God” erosion comes at a time when we truly need the Almighty to hear, and be with us, more than ever, as domestic issues, and international rogue nation threats, continue to occupy, if not dominate, our thoughts.  (Note: Among our concerns, NOT climate change!).

As we prepare to enter Year 2023, at a time of, being honest now, weak national leadership, and continuing major uncertainties, a nation in some domestic turmoil, one more-and-more being forced to drift, it seems, toward the Progressive Democrat grip, as well as one facing a literal invasion of culture-shifting, crime-increasing, economically-dependent, and frankly uninvited illegal migrants, the time has come again for collective prayer to Almighty God to restore and preserve our faith, and the innate historic goodness of our unique and incomparable nation.  At this time of very special and sacred religious observances, and yet at a time, as well, of continuing uncertainty, the very best we can do, as Americans, is to hold on stronger than ever to our spiritual faith. Continue to pray for the well-being and the welfare of our great nation.  This wondrous country, America, that so many have given their abilities, and too often their lives, to first create, then provide for, and forever protect.  With God’s blessings and grace, may 2023 prove to be a safe, secure, peaceful, and prosperous year for us all.