Good News Americans #11

The U.S. Coast Guard found and seized cocaine and marijuana shipments, valued at over $55-million, in a drug trafficking bust out in the ocean, ultimately unloaded in Florida.  Another terrific seizure taking these illegal, largely recreational drugs, off America’s streets.   Our Coast Guard continues its terrific role and efforts to keep large quantities of illegal drugs away from our citizens.  The killer drug, Fentanyl, however, which continues to plague mostly younger Americans, as it appears to be mostly trafficked through ‘carriers’ coming in via our open Southern border from Mexico.  That open border is the primary culprit as the U.S. source of this literal death-causing, ever-so-illegal, drug.  Just one of the ways that our nation could become much safer by closing off our wide-open Southern border entry ways.

Visiting Pastor Brandon Stewart, about to wrap-up his sermon at Mt. Zion Church, in Cottonwood, Alabama, on one very recent Sunday morning, suddenly heard one of the parishioners coughing and choking.  Instinctively realizing that the continued choking was far more serious than a possible cold, Pastor Stewart came down immediately from the pulpit and began performing the Heimlich maneuver on the ailing female parishioner.  Ably assisted at that point by Church Pastor Derrick Womack, who, like Paster Stewart, was fortunately also trained as a first responder. Doing that (Heimlich), until she appeared to be clear of danger and could talk, Pastor Stewart calmly returned to the pulpit and completed his sermon. Said he later, regarding his right place, right time actions: “It had nothing to do with me, but I’m honored and humbled that He used me in this position to be able to spread His gospel (in saving that woman’s life).” Both pastors encouraged everyone, within the Church and elsewhere, to learn the Heimlich maneuver.  A terrific lifesaving event, well within the sight of God, and right there within His House.

A police officer in Ashland, Ohio, responding to an emergency call, saved the life of a three-year-old little girl who had fallen, hit her hear, and had then stopped breathing. Officer Osicka arrived, met the girl and her mother outside on the sidewalk, and upon arrival, immediately began performing CPR, and continued until the young girl could, thankfully, begin breathing on her own. Although she did stop breathing again, the Officer resumed the CPR until the little girl again resumed breathing on her own, this time continually, and appeared to be out of danger.  Police records indicated that “Officers cared for the child until EMS arrived for transport to the hospital. The child has since recovered and returned home.”  Said the Ashland officer later: “Having experienced something like this, with less than six-months on the force, is definitely something I’m proud of, and I just thank God I was able to perform in the moment.”  One resident who viewed the incident video on TV later wrote to the Officer and his department: “Absolutely outstanding. You serve your department and community very well. Thank you for being a man among men and doing well by our blue line.”  Another great example of a young life saved by our well-trained law enforcement in action.

And the Hinesville (GA) Rotary Club, the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce, and the group “Sleep in Heavenly Peace Hinesville” have joined together to construct beds for children in need.  “Our one-day goal is to build five beds, and we have another build coming up soon, with the Coastal Electric Cooperative, who are sponsoring another five bed build (hoping to initially accumulate about 20 newly built beds), so that then we can hopefully begin getting beds out to children in need.”  Lumber and wood have been donated for this on-going project. Donations will be accepted throughout the year. As with so many of America’s counties and cities, volunteers in Hinesville are taking on a project to fulfill a real need for young children. Proper food and sufficient sleep are just two of the basic keys for our youngsters to help ensure stronger performance in elementary school and beyond.


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