Genuine American Patriot

Hollywood star, Gary Sinise, a name well known to those who serve, has long provided great personal support for America’s military men and women.  This year, he did something extra special for military families, our Gold Star families, that is.

The Gary Sinise Foundation flew over 1,000 children who had lost a parent serving in our military, plus the surviving Mom or Dad, about 1,750 persons in all, to Disney World in Florida for a five-day stay, providing these kids with an unforgettable Christmas present.  It took fifteen planes to get everyone to Orlando.  Sinise, himself, joined the group at Disney World later in the week, proving his sincere caring, active support for, and direct involvement with, those who serve, their families, and the losses they all sometimes must endure.

What a fantastic, meaningful, and memorable experience for these very special Gold Star families.  Gary Sinise is a genuine American patriot.  A great man who puts his money where his heart is. And, without question, his heart beats strongly for our nation’s military.

(Sinise info via, Justin Caruso, 12-13-18)