Fruit Of The Loons

The Common Loon is not only the Minnesota state bird.  All of America has an equally irritating two-legged variety that walks, squawks, and frequently deposits organic matter among us.

Take for example, Pete Buttigieg, progressive candidate for president, who in a recent speech proclaimed that “This country cannot afford four more years of Donald Trump.  We will not recognize it if he gets re-elected.”  Sorry, Pete, but the reality is just the opposite. We’ve seen the immense damage your side has done to our nation during the 8-years prior to the current tenure. We chose not to experience any further harmful erosion to the intent of our Founders. So, the fact is that we will not recognize America, if President Trump does not get re-elected!

Then there’s the return to the media spotlight of Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman Shultz who, in a Congressional hearing last week, asserted that President Trump doesn’t “want anyone who looks or talks different from Caucasian Americans to be allowed into this country.” That he was “pursuing this heinous, white supremist ideology at all costs…”  Oh, dear, dear Deb, there you go with the progressive myth about immigration. You Democrats always forget to add the word “illegal” to your rants.  Yes, the President is adamantly opposed to all illegal immigration, which brings with it, along with the breaking of American law: drugs, disease, sex trafficking, terrorist potential, and budget-busting welfare demands.

The President is all for legal immigration from non-terrorist-sponsoring countries, regardless of race, religion, or skin color.  And by the way, “white’ is a color!  As for the self-serving charge of white supremacy, which is especially humorous when uttered by guilt-addled whites, this is simply more blatant pandering to “voters” with non-white skin for assumed political advantage.  The supremacy thing becomes all the more laughable, given the Trump policies that have created generationally-low unemployment among Black and Hispanic Americans!  His policies have, in fact, resulted in the rebirth of the overall supremacy of America, and for all Americans capable of rational thought.

Next in the loon-line comes a Florida high school principal who responded to a parent’s email wanting to know how the school taught students about the Holocaust.  Said he (prepare to insert foot): “I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a district employee.”  Not a factual event? As you might guess, all heck broke lose when word of his response circulated.  Beyond just one city in Florida, his comment made national news.  Then to make maters worse for himself, he reportedly chose not to assist his superiors or the district office as they dealt with the backlash.  Given both his foolish statement, and the apparent lack of assistance dealing with his error, the school board ending up terminating his employment. And, yes, as the world well knows, the Holocaust most certainly did occur, during the Nazi Government’s reign of terror, and stands as one of the darkest acts in human history.

Of all things loony, The New York Times wrote a column indicating that The National Anthem, now once again airing nightly on many local TV stations, may be having a negative impact!  Oh the times (literally) we’re being forced to suffer through, courtesy of the leftist progressive socialists and their national media soul mates.  Said the Times writer: “The decision to revive the anthem tradition comes at a time when overt allegiance to ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ has become one of the lines that separate blue and red America.” Viewers “might hear political overtones.” Once again, the loons squawk at the moon.  If our National Anthem, reflecting an historic and heroic time in the fight to maintain our newly-won independence, now actually separates Americans in blue and red states, our country is in far worse danger than we might already think.  How utterly foolish to somehow “hear” political overtones in our sacred anthem. Composed more than 200-years ago (1814 based on the War of 1812/1931 named our official anthem). The self-absorbed hard left is just searching for a reason to dislike it, and with it, yet another reason to dislike America. And dislike our America, they do. Why would it take the certainty of losing their personal freedoms for these pro-socialist/communist leftists to finally wake-up and see the wisdom of a democracy, which by then, would be too late.

Now here’s a beauty guaranteed to upend the science of meteorology.  Said New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo last week, reacting to flooding in portions of his state: “Anyone who questions extreme weather and climate change (man-made, of course) is just delusional at this point.” And here comes his outer-space shot: “We didn’t have hurricanes, or super storms, or tornadoes (before climate change).”  The Governor appears to see both the past and the future, and as such, all of the bad weather stuff is the fault of mankind (especially American conservative mankind).  It is God and His team of Mother Nature, the oceans, and other atmospheric phenomena, who is responsible for actual, historic changes in the earth’s climate. Note the last Ice Age melted well before the invention of the evil internal combustion engine!  With a bit of research, one can readily identify severe storms that occurred well before “global warming” became a purely political issue, and weapon used to bludgeon the rest of us.  With all due respect to Dr. Cuomo, there are some scientists now predicting that we may actually be heading for a global cooling phase, not a warming one!  So, let’s see here:  Hot = Summer / Cold = Winter.  That about sums it up.

And, bless their hearts, those spoiled, rich Hollywood types still continue to rant against President Trump and his successful efforts to make America even better. Actress Patricia Arquette proclaimed, this time via Twitter, that “Trump is a National Security Risk.”  Apparently set off by word that our Government has quietly been trading intel with the Russians whenever our countries may be in danger of a terrorist attack.  Doesn’t mean we’re sleeping with the Commies, Patty, just that we’re trying to mutually help prevent terrorism. Sounds like a very reasonable and sound idea.

And then there’s long-time, anti-Trumper, Rob Reiner, who chose to once again share his repetitive anti-Administration wisdom with us.  Said Reiner in an interview: “He (President Trump) is a sociopath who is empty inside, and he’ll do anything to try to win. I’m telling you if he either doesn’t get removed through the impeachment process, or he wins re-election, that will be the end of 243-years of self-rule.”  Frankly, it’s a positive that the President will “do anything to win,” because each time he wins, American wins, since that is his sincere objective.  As for the end of “self-rule,” ironic in that the Hollywoodies and others of their leftist clan really don’t want self-rule.  They are pushing for more and more socialism, which means, dear lefties, more and more big government rule!!  It would be very nice if the nation’s left-wing entertainers would get down off their over-used soap boxes.  The reality is this.  We’ve all needed doctors, dentists, or EMT’s in our lives, sometimes in an emergency.  Never once, emergency or otherwise, has anyone ever truly needed an entertainer.

A very long time ago, Socrates wrote: “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.”  The woeful souls among the leftist-socialists are indeed a free society’s losers.  They routinely embrace not only slander, but also all-consuming, paralyzing hate. And just like Minnesota’s noble loon, the haters routinely cry, wail, and stick their heads underwater.

Now, for those who ever-yearn for knowledge, often useless, be it known that Minnesota actually has an official State Muffin!  It’s Blueberry.  Look it up.

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