Fruit Of The Loons (Part 2)

The common loon exhibits a very large physical presence, while possessing a very small brain.  For sustenance, it dives under water to seek and feed on available fish prey.  All much like the mutated two-legged loons, who take satisfaction, also with head under water, in devouring their conservative prey.

First up in this edition, Presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT).  Recently, the Senator appeared to call for the elimination of ICE and CBP (Customs & Border Protection), the two DHS agencies tasked with stopping illegal immigration at our borders, and tracking down illegals already here, who’ve managed to breach our border security.  He intends to put a stop to deportation (does that include criminal illegals?).  Said he: “Immigration is not a threat to national security.”  Notice again, as always with left-wingers, it’s again expressed as just “immigration,” minus the word “illegal.” But to his assertion, illegal immigration, like uncontrolled quality/quantity federally-approved immigration, can indeed be a national threat, when it comes to potential terrorism, the on-going issue of drug and human trafficking, and the negative impact on the nation’s tax-payers of too many language & skill-deficient entries. Given his feeling about “immigration,” it won’t surprise you to hear that the Senator also proposes decriminalizing illegal immigration!  And he supports stopping construction of the southern border fence. Obvious bottom line: He is pro-open borders.  As such, with those proposed policies, he appears to have little rational concern for the sovereignty, security, and the very future of our great free nation.

Earning second slot in the swarm is Senator Elizabeth Warren with her current banner proposal of “Medicare For All,” which would overwhelm our already frighteningly-beyond-reality federal deficit.  The costs are way too high to cover, even with taxing the be-jeepers out of the nation’s productive-wealthy, and inevitably seeping-down to end up punishing the middle-class as well.  Totally government-run health care leads to overwhelming the medical system, which is guaranteed to produce rationed care. Rationing means long waiting times to see specialists, if you get to see them at all.  From cost and human services perspectives, the plan simply is not feasible.  To the point where one writer has labeled” Medicare For All” as “a big bag of fairy dust.”

To cap off her far-fetched positions, she has also reportedly stated that: “Black trans and cis (?) women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy.”  Oh what a dumpster load of targeted pampering.  You have a faulty backbone there, Senator.  No, the real backbones of America are the nation’s generations of proud and courageous military veterans, as well as those currently serving America in uniform.  Those are the citizens who have sacrificed to maintain our democracy and freedom, thank you very much.

And now a Hill-HarrisX poll found that 75% of Democrats would vote for a Democrat Socialist (only 26% of Republicans would).  Let’s finally put this name-game to rest. Placing the word “Democrat” in front of “Socialist” is done purposely to make it sound less threatening.  It’s a charade.  A Socialist is a Socialist no matter what kind of modifier you slap in front of it.  Would Democrat Communist make you feel secure, warm and comfy?  If so, please resume your sedation.

Moving on. The New York Times (“All The News That’s Fit To” Bludgeon Conservatives) executive editor reportedly has claimed that President Trump’s verbal attacks on journalists, especially personal ones, “puts their lives at risk.” Labeling them as “enemies of the people” is an “appalling attack on the press.” No one wants journalists literally attacked (or anyone else for that matter). But by becoming the Democrat media arm, as so many of the big print and electronic media unquestionably have, the complaints of “fake news” and one-sidedness from non-Democrat Americans are quite warranted. To that point, this thought (anonymous author) says it all: “Society has become so fake, that the truth actually bothers people.”  If the media, and their reporters, would cease being political promoters, and return to being honest, unbiased, truth-telling journalists, the complaints would stop from conservatives (but likely continue from liberals now left to swim up-stream on their own for the first time in years).

And now for a current sampling of some assorted foolishness amidst our collegiate student government bodies, where the taller loons also thrive.  The Grand Valley State University (Michigan) Student Senate has voted to stop reciting our noble Pledge of Allegiance at their meetings. The reason?  Well, of course, the Pledge to our nation is not “inclusive” for international or non-religious students.  In two words: So what!  Here we go again with the tip of the tail wagging the elephant.  How about considering the desires and patriotic well-being of the vast majority of students who wish to, and should, recite the Pledge, despite the ultra-liberal, America-is-evil, brain-washing going on in too many of our universities.  Reality check: Do you think for a moment that any other nation would forego its pledge and/or anthem, so as not to offend any American students at its universities?  You know the answer.  Sadly, a few other of our university student bodies have also ceased saying the Pledge. That convenient “inclusive” bit is but a smokescreen for instructed unhappiness with America, with the real reason being rapid hatred for President Trump, in the land that has given them so much. Self-centeredness now rules in some sectors of our society.  Worse yet, in one case noted, a university’s Faculty Senate has also dropped the Pledge at its meetings.  Nice role-modeling there, influential, but misguided, adults!

And then we have the Associated Students group, at the University of Washington, which has passed a resolution declaring that requiring a student, who claims illness as the excuse for missing a class, is “racist,” by discriminating against “minority students.” For those scoring at home, the vote was 49-0 in favor.  Concern about medical expense for some minority students. Pretty sure a school of that size has an on-campus clinic for those with routine illnesses. And by the way, white students sometimes face financial pressures, too! That student group has just opened the door for a flood of student absences due to “illness” that professors now cannot validate. Worth noting that the University of Washington recently ceased recognizing the College Republicans chapter there.  Seems to be a bit of a social warrior mentality at UW.

A University of California Berkeley graduate student-instructor in philosophy tweeted last week (since deleted): “I unironically embrace the bashing of rural Americans. They, as a group, are bad people who have made bad life decisions.”  I guess, to him, “rural” must be anyone living outside Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City or other similar urban lib-nests. Real nice “philosophy” he has about people. One-hundred-eighty-degrees from the hallowed “inclusiveness” banner repeatedly waved up above.  Sure does bring great honor to the school.

Believe it or not, a public high school teacher (male) in Texas invited a drag queen to offer make-up tips to the school’s cosmetology class!  You just can’t “make up” this stuff.  He did so without advising parents ahead of time.  As you might expect, criticism followed. To which his snarky he responded snarkily in writing on FB: “I believe that raising a child is the responsibility of the community, ands that parents should not have the final say.  Let’s be honest, some of you don’t know what is best for your kids.”  He essentially blew off the complainers, referring to them as “bigoted” and, as such, suggested they should just put their kids in private school! No word yet on outcome.

And to conclude this tribute to taller loons, here’s a real beauty.  The new recently elected San Francisco District Attorney made the following startling announcement at his victory celebration, apparently in line with preferences expressed by at least one major constituent group during the campaign: “We will not prosecute cases involving quality of life crimes. Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted.”  So, then, let the prostitution and public peeing begin!  It appears that both will be OK, or at least will not be prosecuted going forward by that D.A.  Likely, the near-by companion to peeing will become accepted as well.  So, the slippery sidewalks in SF will henceforth be used for camping and dumping, and whatever else the city’s outdoor residents chose to do.  A clear win for biology, but a major loss for public decency and sanitation.  It’s quite likely that the SF chamber of commerce won’t be touting this development in their on-line and printed tourism promotions.  If they did, possible campaigns: “San Francisco: Have A Pee On Us!” Or, “San Francisco: The City By The Toilet”.  The creative possibilities are endless.  Note to tourists: Wear boots!  We’ll see how this all plays out, once the D.A. is in office.  Reality can be a you-know-what.

And that’s it for this Salute To Uptight and Upright Loons.  Needless to say, with an unending supply, more editions to follow.

ADDENDUM:  The Grand Valley State University Student Senate has now voted to reverse its Pledge of Allegiance recitation ban, just one week after imposing it.  Under the revised policy, students will have the option of standing or remain seated while the Pledge is recited.  That appears to be the students’ solution to the “inclusion” issue.

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