Fruit Loops & Election Cheatos

The Democrats continue to be the party of unrelenting, but ever so obvious, election cheating.  Building on the previous Administration’s deadly Benghazi charade, the billions in disguised Iran payoffs, rampant DOJ/FBI political manipulation, FISA fraud, Clinton pay-to-play/foundation/private email server, and other self-centered actions/operations known and unknown, the leftist, laws-are-for-others crusade has now shifted to cheating with election results.

Beyond the very real efforts to steal the Senate and Governor races in Florida, there are clear indications around the country where Republican House candidates were leading on election night, and then found themselves losing when the light of day brought the discovery of mysteriously appearing additional ballots, amazingly all, or most, for the Democrat candidate who had been behind! What an amazing, manufactured, coincidence.  Seats in the House have flipped because of this manipulation, this brazen corruption. Why the Republican Party and its team of lawyers, and law enforcement, haven’t swooped in to dig into the obvious rot is beyond explanation.  House losses would not have been as many had the winners been declared on election night, rather than watching the margin of victory suddenly slip away in succeeding days.  When are we going to stop this fraudulent business of permitting ballots to show up well after election night?  That’s where the cheating begins and Republican victories are predictably turned into losses. The integrity of the voting process in America is in jeopardy, and it continues to deteriorate.

Shifting to the fruit loop branch of the party, two recent loopers stand out.  One is a pro-gun control House member who has proclaimed, that if we reach a point (their objective, Second Amendment be damned) where citizens are ordered to turn in their guns, and they refuse, the Government has “nukes” which will take care of the refusal problem.  What?  Nukes?  We can presume this outlandish, self-gratifying, spotlight craving Democrat is exaggerating, but the way things have become with those loons, perhaps not.  Yep, federal jack-boots will solve it.

And the second current candidate for fruit loopdom is the Senator from California, Mrs. Harris.  During Committee questioning of a Homeland Security nominee, one who would be responsible for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Mrs. Harris reportedly actually asked the nominee if he believed there was a public-perceived similarity between ICE and the KKK!!  And with that, a mighty fruit loop launched skyward, bursting free of the milk-logged bowl.

Along with that being an absurd comparison, she has apparently forgotten that the KKK was a creation of the Democrat Party. For the slow to grasp, that’s her party!  Trying to draw a comparison between a secretive, hood-wearing organization whose mission was to terrorize (and worse) Black American citizens, and a federal government agency given the responsibility to track down and detain ILLEGAL immigrants accused of criminal activity within our borders, such a comparison lives in the land of the loons.  And, again, as is standard practice with leftist-Democrats. Mrs. Harris referred to ICE as “causing fear and intimidation among” immigrants.

Not illegal immigrants, mind you, but always just plain “immigrants.”  (They never, ever, use the term illegal, because, aw shucks, folks, no human is illegal. Which is, and will forever remain, classic bravo sierra.)   An absolutely ludicrous assertion, and implied slander against courageous ICE agents who often risk their lives to get illegal immigrant gangs and other criminal illegals off America’s streets.  Legal,  honorable, and very necessary actions on behalf of the law abiding citizens of our nation.

Among the many who voiced disbelief about her ridiculous comparison, Geraldo Rivera is said to have responded as follows: “Shame on Senator Harris, someone with great experience and obvious intellect, for being do intellectually lazy as to stoop to a comparison (of) our hard-working law enforcement…..Comparing them to a violent, racist, terrorist organization… she knows better, and she really owes every one of those ICE agents an apology.”  And Herman Cain reportedly also disagreed vehemently with Mrs. Harris’ comparison:  “…the parallel that she tried to (make) is absolutely despicable.  The is no comparison between people trying to enter this country illegally and the KKK.”

This is but another stark and worrisome example of the destructive, loony-leftist belief in open borders, sanctuary cities, and allowing illegal immigrant gangs and criminals to roam freely around our country, regardless of the serious criminal harm many represent, all in the leftist political self-interest of recruiting and grooming future (current??) voters, so that these ‘America-last-and-least’ leftist advocates remain in control, and our great free nation, America, ceases to be both free and a nation, but simply another weak, compliant, tyranny within the Socialist-Marxist world order. And don’t fool yourself.  This is exactly what these anti-America elitists desire. May we and our children, and all future generations of Americans, never live to see that frightening, depressing, dooms-day scenario become reality.  But realize that it could very well happen, if nation-loving citizens don’t pull together to stop the leftist illegal immigration madness.

(, Christopher Smith, 11-15-18; Geraldo quote/Herman Cain quote via, Mike Brest, 11-16-18; The Five, 11-16-18)