From the Darkness of Chaos to the Sunlight of Good Deeds

You wouldn’t know it from reading or watching the absurd, radical-harping “America-Was-Never-Great” assertion, reflected daily thru the myopic eyes of the Democrat National Media, but amidst the metropolitan insanity ablaze (literally) within several of our communities, there are actually good people out there among us doing some really good things.  You remember, from months ago, prior to the current chaos, stellar citizens who revere America rather than wanting to tear or burn it down.  So, let’s take a look at a sampling of the good stuff going on out there within the world’s greatest freedom-loving nation.

A young black man in Maryland got up out of bed each morning to get to his job as a garbage collector. He needed to help his Dad support their single-parent family. He was a darn good worker, an impressive young man, which led his boss and his ex-con colleagues to keep encouraging him to work just as hard with his studies, as well.  Said he: “I had to go to the bottom of the social hierarchy – that’s to say formerly incarcerated sanitation workers – in order to be uplifted. “Uplifted” indeed.  That young man has now been accepted, and will soon begin classes, at Harvard Law School!  He’ll do well. A great story of personal responsibility winning over the all-to-common, across all races, assumption of victimhood.

You’ll likely remember the recent progressive’s call for a boycott of Goya Food products, because of the heinous crime committed by the company’s owner: he openly and defiantly supports President Trump!  Said he: “We are truly blessed to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder.” As but one indication of the one-finger response to the boycott among Americans tired of being ordered around by hard-leftists, one man in Virginia created a GoFundMe site for the cause, and as of the middle of July, had raised over $115,000, and counting.  The funds are being used to buy Goya products for distribution to food banks and to support President Trump. American initiative to help “can” the wishes of the hard-left’s angry haters.

A South Carolina delivery driver for Amazon went out of his way to help brighten the day(s) of a cancer patient undergoing chemo.  Having lost both his grandmother and his mother to cancer, when the delivery man found out that this gentleman resting at home on his route, too, was dealing with cancer, after he dropped off his package one day, he took the time to go purchase a card and some flowers and then delivered those back to the house. Additionally, he stopped by in the days ahead to see how that patient was getting long, greeting him through the home window only, due to the virus. Great story of caring, made even better when learning that the Amazon driver is black and the cancer patient hispanic!

In Kansas City, a struggling black single-mom, who had lost her job due to virus lock-downs, spotted a one-dollar-bill lying on the pavement in a parking lot. She picked it up and bought a lottery ticket. What are the chances, she won $100!  Her 12-year-old daughter then suggested that she should give it to an area police officer who had recently been shot and was in intensive care. Why would she suggest that, given their household circumstances?  Because her sister had been murdered eight-years before.  Mom remembered how attentive the detectives on the case had been. Said she: “They were there for us more than anyone I can imagine. They came to see my kids. They were fathers, therapists. They were everything.  I’ve never seen the empathy that they had for strangers. They gave us hope.” The mother contacted the KCPD about her proposed donation, and, with sincere appreciation, it was suggested that the money be converted to restaurant and gas gift cards for that officer’s family to use during hospital visits. Gratitude for the past, admirable charity for the present, and the selfless suggestion of a young, caring daughter.

A former SEAL was enjoying dinner in a restaurant with his family, when he sensed some distress in the next room. So, he went to check. He found a 77-year-old woman, at her birthday dinner, sitting unconscious at the table. As he recalled: “I was able to pick her up and lay her on the floor and clear her airway. After about ten rescue breaths, her eyes came back into her head, and you could see the life return.” In more Navy-type speak, he also described it as using those rescue breaths “to get her kick-started again’!  This great Special Operations military veteran moved without hesitation to the rescue, despite the possible virus vulnerability, and no doubt saved the life of that dear elderly woman. And on her birthday, no less.

The Dem-Media have now continually filled our heads with always negatively- exaggerated accounts of law enforcement encounter or arrest wrong-doings, falsely broad-brushing all law enforcers for the misdeeds of the perhaps 1%, when 99% of our men and women in Blue courageously devote their professional lives to serving and protecting the rest of us, those citizens who do not violate laws and who deserve their strength and caring. So here are but a few recent examples of Good Cop feats, ignored, of course, by the Big Dem Media.

As flash flood waters raged south of Cleveland, a Walton Hills (Ohio) PD Officer was dispatched to deal with the report of an 8-year-old girl clinging to a ledge as the waters rushed by her. Patrolman Tom Cercek arrived at the scene and carefully worked his way down a muddy embankment to get as close as he could to the stranded young girl.  As could be seen later, via his body cam footage, he then dropped a rope down to her, which she was able to tie around her waist, so that the officer could pull her up to safety.  That timely rescue very likely saved her life, as the pounding flood waters rose ever more closely to that young girl’s position on that precarious ledge. Good cop.  No, Great cop!

A Sterling Heights, Michigan Police Officer, Cameron Maciejewski, recently arrived at a residence one night to find an infant not breathing. The little girl had apparently been rendered unconscious after drinking some milk. Understandably under these dire circumstances, the infant’s mother was uncontrollably panicked. The officer calmly cradled the child in his arms and quickly unblocked her airway.  The little girl was then taken to an area hospital for observation, but she survived just fine. The officer’s department credited him with saving her life.  Good cop.  No, Great cop!

During Tropical Storm Fay, a woman in Queens, New York became upset and likely even more depressed than she, no doubt, already was.  She sat outside locked in her vehicle, with a loaded gun.  Deeply concerned relatives called the police.  NYPD Officer, Christopher Blom, responded, knowing from dispatch, that he would be facing a tense and dangerous situation.  He carefully approached the woman’s vehicle, knocked gently on the window, and with a compassionate voice, asked the woman if he could talk with her, that he really wanted to help her. Thankfully, soon, she accepted.  She unlocked the door and the officer sat down next to her inside, working by calm, reassuring voice, to take her concentration away from that weapon.  After some consoling talk, the woman began crying and actually leaned against the officer’s shoulder.  Shorty, she gave him her gun and agreed to be taken to a hospital for an evaluation.  The officer stayed with her until she was safely aboard the ambulance, promising to check up on her to be certain that she was doing well after her ordeal.  Said Officer Blom the following day: “Yesterday was very stressful, but after it was done, I saw the looks on the faces of family members around her, and when she hugged and thanked me, I felt amazing.  Tomorrow can be a brand new day for her.”  No doubt, in a very dangerous situation, and with needed compassion, the officer saved her life.  Good cop.  No, Great cop!

Cocoa Beach (FL) Police Officer Adrian Kosicki was off-duty and out walking along the beach with his wife one day recently.  He happened to glance at the water, and noticed that a shark, there in the near-shore water, appeared to be heading directly toward a young boy innocently playing on a boogie-board.  Without hesitation, the officer entered the water, grabbed the child and pulled him safely back to shore. A bystander shot video of the incident, with the shark’s fin clearly visible, as it closed in on the two,  Clearly an injury or life-saving effort to protect that young boy, while the off-duty officer had put himself at risk of attack, as well.  Good cop.  No, Great cop!

Now, here’s a refreshing law enforcement switch.  King County (Wash) Deputy Sheriff Elliott (no first name given) was driving home after her shift, when she was flagged down, at about 1:00 AM, by motorists at the scene of a multi-vehicle wreck. With no other deputies yet responding, she quickly determined that the driver who caused the accident was apparently drunk and was attempting to leave the scene. When the deputy approached the subject, he became belligerent, then grabbed her and allegedly “put her in a headlock and began squeezing,” according to a TV report.  At that point, as she tried to break free, a group of teenage boys witnessing the struggle, yelled at him and jumped in, pullng the subject away from the deputy, and helped hold him on the ground so that she could get him handcuffed. How wonderfully refreshing.  Switching normal roles, especially these days around our country, young citizens, risking their own potential injury, came to the aid of that female deputy who was, at that point, being overpowered by a subject under the influence. Happy ending for that off-duty deputy.  Good bystanders.  No, Great bystanders!

And, on a final positive law enforcement note for this edition, as hard as it may be to believe among the current lunatic rants to partially defund or outright abolish metropolitan police departments, not one Minneapolis Police Academy recruit dropped out of the training program, with their graduation taking place on June 29th!  Here, in the very municipality that started the upheaval, now spread nationwide (with the mayhem and violence no longer seeming to have little or anything to do with the original incident), and in the face of, to some degree,  defunding certainty, an academy class of future police officers remained committed to serving their community. Same is true, at this writing, for the LAPD.  Applications there continue, and no academy dropouts, despite budget cuts and, going forward, the plan there to use “community responders” for “non-violent” incidents.

And if you remember an earlier posting on this site about an active-duty soldier, stationed at Fort Leavenworth, who, in late May, used his truck to take down an active shooter on a main bridge between Missouri and Kansas.  Now, there’s more well-deserved news about this hero Army NCO.  On July 16th, now-retired Master Sergeant David Royer was awarded the Soldier’s Medal.  And to add to the prestige, the medal was presented to him by the Chief of Staff of the Army, Four-Star General James McConville.  Said Royer about his life-saving act: “I assessed the situation very quickly (then) accelerated my truck as quickly as possible and struck the active shooter, pining him underneath my truck.”  The Soldier’s Medal, awarded to a member of the armed forces, “is the Army’s highest and most prestigious peacetime award for valor.”  A great courageous act by an American soldier, now recently retired.  And a fitting way to conclude this report on good, positive deeds, offered by proud Americans, to help, at least momentarily, part the gloom amidst our nation’s present episode of chaos-created darkness.


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