From Karl Marx to America, With Love

Under the presumed leadership of Mrs. Pelosi, the Queen Bee in the Hive of Potential National Destruction, and her arms-length far-left-leaning Democrat-Socialist-Progressive-Hate America-As-Founded-Everyone-But-Us-Is-Racist Party, along with DNC central planning committee cohorts, and in memory of their guiding author of modern oppression, Karl “Everything You Think You Have Is Mine” Marx, here, in cut-down form (meaning nowhere near all of the poison) are the highlights of the 92-page “Democrat” Party Political Platform for 2020.  In other words, if enough Americans don’t extract their noggins from their colons in short order, this is the marching (and eventual incarceration) order the citizens of the former great, unexcelled United States of America will henceforth be attempting to live under, if the Gulag Gang says to hell with our Founders and wins in November (or some future month of some future year,  if cheat-by-mail ballots are still being created).  Behold, then, the potential, make that, probable end of your life as you know it, if these folks every become the law of the land.  Their stated intentions as known, to date:

Universal healthcare and Medicaid for all, including, of course, illegals. A full government take-over of health care. (Your doctors will be Gov’t employees).

Immediate citizenship for illegals (11-22-million, plus adding “chain migration”).

Free college & forgiveness of student loans (so tax-payers can pick up their tab)

Eliminate border walls and all immigration enforcement.

Make Washington, D.C. the 51st state.

$70-trillion Green New Deal, with the USA “net-zero” greenhouse gas by 2050.

Close all coal and natural gas power plants by 2035. (Increases electricity prices).

Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. (Regardless of China & India pollution).

Create a new federal agency with 100,000 employees “to trace every American.”

Immediately restore voting rights for convicted felons.

Provide funding to facilitate vote-from-home & mail-in voting. (Democracy dead).

Make gun manufacturers responsible and liable for how their guns are used (Back-door gun removal).

Declare and treat drug use as a mental illness instead of an illegal activity.

Declare support for the rights of BLM and multi-gender.

Declare support for preferential treatment for gays wanting to emigrate to America.

Unsaid, thus lied about, but clearly intended: Add two more justice to the U.S. Supreme Court, effectively eliminating the highest court in the land as a third federal government branch.  Other than a Biden White House, rubber stamps don’t qualify as branches.

Oh, and how to pay for all of this, you ask?  Why higher taxes, of course.  On everything AND everybody, including even their beloved “middle class,” despite repeatedly lying about that.  And it’s a given that they will even invent new taxes, thus far seldom seen in previously-free nations.  Running up our debt to unsustainable levels already, the government printing presses are already smoking and melting,  so the only solution to this economic free-for-all (literally) is to dig deeper and deeper into worker and corporate pockets, leaving only the lining.  Cruel irony and an irreversible trade-off that, in order to provide all that free stuff to the masses, all of the individual freedoms (financial and otherwise) that those same masses long enjoyed (and took for granted) must be eliminated.

As bad as all of this sounds to normal, rational, non-indoctrinated, nation-and-individual-freedoms-loving, loyal, and thankful-to-be Americans, this just scratches the surface of the ideological and actual, outright destruction heading our way if the combo Progressive-Media Cartel wins the White House, not to mention if they add on the Senate and House, making it an America-Be-Gone trifecta.

Wrote economics professor, Dr. Casey Mulligan: “An active regulatory state is a playground for the privileged class to indulge its own preferences at the expense of ordinary Americans.”  If you would prefer not to live by the indulgences of the Progressive privileged/elite, but would rather continue to live in freedom as the Founders (with God’s guidance) envisioned and fully intended, it is imperative that you vote for the Republican Party, now or by November 3rd, from President Trump, all the way on down the ballot. We need Mr. Trump’s continued strong leadership, domestically and around the world, and we need a supportive Senate, if we can’t yet get the House back.

If you dislike President Trump, OK, but don’t let that emotion keep you from voting to maintain the greatest nation every created.  Vote for America.  The alternative, don’t be fooled, is radical, regressive, oppressive Marxism.  Vote with your mind, not your emotion.  Vote for a future we can live with. Vote Republican.

P.S.   Should the unthinkable happen, and the Eradicate America Party wins, because too many Americans have given up on themselves and their nation, and the ballot cheating worked as scheduled, Karl’s Klan will be serving a new, celebratory, non-alcoholic, fruity drink they smugly call “Sucker Punch.”  Due to the virus, which Karl’s people appear to have spawned in a satellite nation, BYO ladle………

(“Playground for the privileged” quote via The Wall Street Journal, Casey B. Mulligan, 9-17-20).