“Freedom to Vote Act:” The Progressives’ Fraud Enabler

Once termed by Congressional Libs the “For the People Act,” which it definitely was not, this ultra-liberal legislation has now morphed into its original real target under the still-misleading name of the “Freedom to Vote Act,” which it still definitely is not, no matter how much lipstick, eye liner, and perfume they slap on this illegitimate, destructive legislative barnyard porker.

The “Freedom to Vote Act,” now heading to the Senate (with a full-court press effort to blow up the blocking filibuster provision) is strictly intended to further enable Democrat power, control, and by means of fraudulent voting practices, guarantee federal Democrat rule for much or, potentially, all of our future.  And how, you may ask, will it do this? By nationalizing every state’s voting laws, rules, and procedures.  All of that work put in by Republican-led state legislatures, over the past year, to tighten and clean-up suspect voting rolls and regulations since the 2020 states/national election, would be overruled by this smothering, oppressive, winner-take-all, and by the way, unconstitutional, federal action. Unconstitutional?  Yep.  Amendment #10: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The biggest, bad-est provision of the proposed federal Act (and the whole thing is but an act) is the one that does not require a government-sanctioned photo ID in order to vote.  Yep, that would no longer be necessary because, you see and they claim falsely, that requirement unfairly suppresses the vote.  Which of course it doesn’t because virtually every transaction of any significance today requires a photo ID.  And, failing a driver’s license, etc., legally-accepted photo ID’s may be obtained, at no charge, from any city government in the nation.  End of objection.

With a totally different definition of “freedom” than most American patriots believe and accept, the “Freedom to Vote Act” fantasy would require that no state “may deny a voter a ballot or the opportunity to cast it on the grounds that the voter does not possess a current and valid driver’s license or a social security number.”  Rather, “states may require the signature of the individual or similar affirmation as a condition of obtaining or casting an absentee ballot.”  Illegal migrants, residents of other communities or states, visitors from other countries, etc. also have ‘signatures.’ How would they be stopped from obtaining one or more absentee ballots?

In an essay published by Hillsdale College, written by John Lott, the author recalled that: “In 2005, the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform issued a report that proposed a uniform system of requiring a photo ID in order to vote in U.S. elections. Citizens who vote absentee are more susceptible to pressure and intimidation.  And vote-buying schemes are far easier when citizens vote by mail.” You’ll recall that absentee/mail-in voting was greatly expanded nationwide in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic that was still raging by November of that year.  Quite likely, procedures for voting absentee will be tightened as we head into Election 2022, with, we hope, the virus threat considerably lessened.

Regarding, again, the photo ID requirement, over 80% of Americans surveyed strongly support the government-issued photo ID as the primary requirement to vote.  And, by the way, so do virtually all of the European countries, along with Canada and Mexico.  The fundamental reason why the opposing federal Act heading to the Senate must be defeated, if we wish, and we do, is to return to more uniformly verifiable voting procedures, so that results can be hopefully accepted, once again, as fair and honest.

Conservative writer Ken Blackwell added a note of certain truth to this proposed bill by labeling it, instead, “The Freedom to Cheat Act.”  Beyond negating the requirement for a government-sanctioned photo ID, the “Cheat” Act would extend the deadline for mailed ballots (to be accepted with or without a postmark!!) to several days after Election Day, rather than state reformers intent of requiring all ballot submissions on or by election day.  And believe it or not, reportedly the “Freedom” Act would also prohibit states from “cleaning their voter rolls before an election.” There are said to be upwards of 2-million deceased people still on those rolls nationwide!  Wrote Blackwell: “Voter ID, cleaning voter rolls, and returning ballots to election officials on Election Day are commonsense reforms that the American people support.”  And we might add, reforms that all Americans deserve.

By the way, despite all of the damage to voting integrity that the unconstitutional federal take-over of states’ voting rules and procedures would impose (likely, permanently), Representative James Clyburn (D-S.C.), as you might expect, strongly supports the Constitution-ignoring federal move.  Said Clyburn: “Most people who are now serving at the federal level have at one time served in some capacity at the state and local levels as well, so they (like me) have an understanding (of how federal elections are run).  (As such) federal elections cannot, and should not, be left up to the states.” A powerful voice in Congress, but his voting take-over support is purely political and lacks any sense of supportive specific reasoning for his position.

Mr. Biden very recently spoke to a Georgia audience in support of this proposed Act.  His speech transcript, a speech thought now to have likely done more harm than good for Progressives, was titled “Remarks by President Biden on Protecting the Right to Vote.” In actuality, his effort seemed to be not really aimed at the “Right to Vote,” but rather by potentially handing that precious “right” to far too many unqualified or inappropriate voters, by purposely eliminating needed protective balloting standards.  Writer Nate Jackson commented that the president was not backing legitimate voting rights but was, instead, “undermining election integrity and diluting the legitimate votes of citizens with fraudulent ones, all in a bid to seize power permanently.”

Summing up the president’s, as it turned out, boomerang speech in Georgia, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine wrote the following, in part: “Joe Biden’s angry speech in the Peach State on Tuesday (January 11th) about so-called ‘voting rights’ was stupid, divisive and full of lies. Inflation has hit a 40-year high, store shelves are empty, COVID numbers are at record levels with tests in scarce supply, violent crime is surging in blue cities, and millions of illegal immigrants are still pouring over the southern border.  But all this failing president can do in the face of cascading, mainly self-inflicted crises is to gin up a fake political controversy.  All he has left to demonize as ‘domestic enemies’ are millions of Americans who oppose the Democrats cynical plan to federalize elections, ban voter ID, legalize ballot harvesting, and ensure they never lose another election.”

And House Minority Whip, Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) weighed in, as well, on the president’s seeming governing-priority detour. “In the midst of all these crises, inflation, high gas prices, a border crisis, go down the list that families are facing, Joe Biden’s top priority is getting rid of picture ID and mandating same-day voter registration in every state in America, which opens the door, by everybody’s account, to massive voter fraud.” As you likely already know, same day voter registration, another provision of the proposed “Freedom to Vote Act,” effectively eliminates the ability to properly vet or validate a person’s identity, place of residence, and their legal right to vote.

An overriding theme of the Progressives attempt to forcefully push through the “Vote Act” was that, failure to do so, would lead to, as touched on earlier, “vote suppression” throughout the nation.  A patently false claim, particularly when leveled at Georgia. Census Bureau figures show that, in the 2020 election, Georgia turnout among black voters was 64% (stout, if not an all-time high), while the black voter turnout in Massachusetts was 36%.”  Speaking on the subject of vote suppression, particularly among minority voters, the Heritage Foundation & Meese Center’s Hans von Spakovsky expressed his studied opinion: “It’s just a big lie. And why are they perpetuating that lie? Well, to push through legislation in Congress that would take over the election process across the country and basically get rid of every safety and security protocol that states have put in place, like voter ID.  They want to make it easy to cheat in elections.”

Examining the Progressive’s “Freedom” Act in full, Adam Mill wrote this about it, in part: “The legislation pending in Congress has little or nothing to do with ‘voting rights.’ It’s all about facilitating a preferred election outcome. This ‘voting rights’ legislation doesn’t protect democracy.  It protects Democrats. The Democrats selling the plan expressly equate permanently defeating Republicans with ‘saving’ democracy.”

By now, it should be painfully obvious that this alleged voting rights bill is fraudulent in both contents and intent.  It is aimed at throwing the election of 2022, and well beyond, into a predetermined result favoring, of course, Democrats and their ever-increasing, it seems, Progressive passions and distortions.  It is imperative that this anti-true-voting-rights, anti-democracy, anti-America bill be defeated in the U.S. Senate.  Right now, we have two bold Democrat senators who have voiced opposition to eliminating the filibuster provision, the only remaining key to passage of this bill.  Without limited or permanent overriding of the filibuster protection, the ill-intended Democrat bill is dead.  May those America and freedom-minded two Senators (or even just one) do the right thing, by holding strong to their opposition, despite enormous, full-court pressure for passage that they are receiving from their colleagues. This elimination of genuine American citizen voting ‘rights’ (substituting, instead, voting ‘wrongs’) mandates that this proposed bill must be defeated.  Our future liberty, and with it, our historic two-party system of governance, depend on it.


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