At Fort Gordon (GA): Soldiers Struck By Lightning, One Fatally.

Yesterday (7/20/22), late morning, ten Army soldiers were struck by lightning during a field training exercise at Fort Gordon, near Augusta, GA.  One of the soldiers perished from his injuries.  The condition of the remaining nine soldiers was not released in the initial report.  They were taken to Eisenhower Medical Center on the installation.  When more is known, it will be appended to this posting.   (Source:

Update:  The soldier killed by that lightning strike has been identified as SFC Michael Clark  of Springfield, Massachusetts, a 22-year veteran of the Army and Army Reserve.  Most of those injured were also Army Reservists, and are reportedly in good condition, although remain hospitalized at the Post medical center (one has reportedly now been treated and released).   The Reservists were all  part of an combat zone emergency surgery medical unit undergoing a training exercise at Fort Gordon.  (Source:, 7-22-22).