Fools Rush In When Stupidity Needs Help

This has become an era of demented nonsense, powering some very serious destruction within our great land.  Projecting apparent lack of concern, good old fashioned stupidity, irresponsibility, or just plain action-paralysis (or a blend of all four), has prevailed among major city liberal Democrat “leaders” (elected by gullible, robotic, one-party voters), and their national media cheerleaders (with big Blue fluffy pom-poms ever waving), resulting in domestic, often damaging, chaos that in too many cases shows no sign of stopping, even though the original impetus for the theoretically “peaceful” protests has long since been either forgotten or has morphed into a totally different set of not-best-for-America causes.

Foolishness, more likely lunacy, abounds these days.  Not so many weeks ago, a select gaggle of so-called “public health specialists” called on President Trump to open up our southern border to admit unlimited numbers of migrants seeking asylum. Regardless of any possible “incoming diseases,” it’s the right thing to do, they proclaim. And the group assured hm that if CBP agents would just allow those migrants coming in to go live with relatives (or, more likely, just disappear), rather than being kept in detention, they were just darn certain that all would return for their asylum hearings!  Yes, and crafty Easter bunnies really do lay those multi-colored hard-boiled eggs. An absolutely ridiculous request made by a hard-left group composed totally of….wait for it….university academics (today’s primary breeding ground for leftist-in-training, uneducated-at-great-parental-expense, young people.

Memorial Day was, according to a New York Times editorial, the day that the U.S. military celebrated “white supremacy.” That’s actually perpetual race-card #2.  Number one being, of course, “racism” itself.  For those without purposeful, thick, sound-proof, eye-and-ear blinders on, Memorial Day is, of course, the time each year we pay tribute to all of those courageous Americans who have given their lives for our freedom and that of our allies. Just more proof that the NYT has climbed into the knickers of hard-left Democrats, and though dark and yucky, have decided to stay.

And speaking of those who defend us, Representative Ocasio-Cortez, along with several other hard-lefties, favors reducing our military spending, so that more money will be available for still more “domestic” aid.  And while we’re on the subject of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, when she learned that NYC was planning to “only” cut the police budget by about $1-billion, her response was: “Defund means Defund!” In other words, living where no harm can ever come to her, she apparently favors doing away entirely with the NYPD, regardless of the even-more-deadly impact on those living in far less prosperous neighborhoods.  Essentially, for to many, an injury, robbery, rape, or even death sentence.

And speaking of the NYC crime problem, with only the NYPD’s 600-member plain-clothes anti-crime unit dumped, so far, for the month of June, there were 157 shootings there, representing a 238% rise over the same month in 2019, making it “the bloodiest June in 24-years.”  Just imagine the carnage that would result if NYC really did the unthinkable by actually doing away with its police department, to be replaced by unarmed social workers and the like. Ridiculous and a callous disregard for the safety of its residents. Well, despite the seemingly unconcerned minds of city leadership, in a very recent Siena College poll of NYC voters, 47% opposed defunding the NYPD, while 41% did support shrinking the department.

And do take notice of this little known or remembered fact from the ascendant Nazi Party in pre-war Germany.  In 1933, Hitler appointed Herman Goering Minister of the Interior.  Among his first orders was this: Eliminate police departments, so that they would not interfere with his Brown Shirts, whose mission it was to riot, burn, beat up & kill citizens in an effort to sway the elections.  Taken to its extreme, a frighteningly similar scenario to current activities by hard-leftist radicals and their tag-along anti-everything “protesters.”  Fortunately, what happened in Germany will never be allowed to happen here. We care far too much about our freedom, our economic system, and the rule of law.

Then, under the heading of “who needs the police,” like NYC, gun violence in Chicago went up over the July 4th weekend.  Sixty-seven people were shot, with 13 killed (including a 7 and a 14-year-old!). Said Chicago’s Mayor: “We are making progress, but we have to do better.”  Not really sure how 67 people shot is “making progress,” and she needs to do not only better,” but one helluva lot better to validate any part of that statement. Oh, and you might be interested to learn what the Chicago Mayor thinks is the primary cause of their homicides being up “more than 30%.”  Well, of course, its due to the “ecosystem of public safety,” impacting both the police and the residents, said she. Translation: Coronavirus !!

California Congresswoman M.Waters weighs in on the street upheaval, indicating that, while folks may be afraid of protests, although that right is “guaranteed to us by our Constitution,” she goes on to develop her thought further: “And sometimes all of the attention is on the violence that sometimes is caused, or some of the wreckage that’s caused by some of the protesters, but that is minor in relationship to the numbers who are on the positive side of this and talking about change.” All of this “violence” and “wreckage” is just “minor”?  Madam Congresswoman, tell that to those who were injured, or to the next of kin of those killed, and please also explain how the “wreckage” was comparatively “minor” to those who lost their businesses, and with it, perhaps their life savings.  Pretty sure they wouldn’t agree with your assessment, however “positive.”

And speaking of totally out of control foolishness-to-mayhem, one word: Portland (Oregon).  Once again, effective action seems paralyzed at the hands of an overly-sympathetic, far too patient, Democrat mayor. Forty straight days of upheaval, and counting. The CPB has now been forced to send in reinforcements to protect any federal buildings and property that may be targets of out-of-control protesters.  Said the Acting Customs & Border Protection Commissioner, upon having to send CPB agents to Portland: “These are not protesters, these are criminals, who got together, organized, and planned, and actually brought weapons, shields, frozen water bottles, rocks, and lasers, with the intent to destroy a federal building and harm law enforcement officers.” Right now, Portland appears to be a metropolitan war-zone.  Hopefully, all those there on the right side of the law can, somehow, remain safe. Probably a bad time to invest in downtown Portland real estate. A condo, No. A reinforced bunker, Yes, but with little hope of re-sale!

Time, now, for some rapid-fire examples of foolishness. Statues of Christopher Columbus have been destroyed or taken down in several cities…including Columbus, Ohio (will they have to re-name the city next?).  In Rochester, NY, uneducated (make that, incredibly stupid) supposedly anti-slavery protesters tore down the statue of Frederick Douglass, a now-celebrated, black, articulate, mid-19th century abolitionist (hey, dumb kids, that means opposed to slavery!).  Then, a county in Oregon (again) has ordered that facial masks must be worn in public, but non-white persons are exempt from this order, so as to avoid any hint of “racial profiling” (ironically, then, might this actually be semi-protecting only white people?).  Eskimo Pies to get a new name, due to “racial sensitivity,” and L’Oreal intends to drop the word “whitening” from its skin care products for the same reason.  So, let’s see:  Eskimo = bad. And whitening = bad. That makes every other non-white race, creed, color, national origin, or every sex orientation you can think of = Good.  Anything white (live or inanimate) = Bad. There, that was simple.  But please don’t tell Snow White. It would kill her!  Oh, and there’s more foolishness amidst the unending stack.  The #1 hardcover non-fiction book on the Wall Street Journal June 30th listing was this gem: “How to Be an Anarchist”!  True. And mighty unfortunate timing.  Certainly puts the First Amendment to the test.

And saving the most absurd for last.  The Houston (TX) Association of Realtors has announced that it will cease using the word “master” when referring to certain bedrooms and bathrooms due, apparently, to the gigantic-stretch perception, by a miniscule number of Americans, that it might somehow be linked to the practice of slavery from over 150-years ago.  And it might likely be adopted by the exceptionally-sensitive realty firms nation-wide. We can speculate that those areas of the home might now be labeled as the “Stand Or Sit Flush Room,” and the “Where Grown Ups Sleep Room.” This deletion of the long-used designation, “master,” is a sky-high reach, totally unnecessary today, and the epitome of genuflecting foolishness.  However, if it does catch on, looks like MASTER Card may have some answering to do!


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