Actual “Fools” Rush In, Again

We’ve just been told that President Trump is responsible for “racism” in America. No time frame indicated, so let’s assume he’s responsible for it since America’s founding.  Lets’ give him full credit, since the original ascertain is ludicrous.

The source of this particular false “racism” assumption and pronouncement, this time, appears to be Representative Gregory Meeks (D-NY) who, while speaking on CNN (enemy territory), reportedly maintained that “racism is still alive and well in the United States of America, and we have a president that seems to help unleash it and get people feeling they can come out of the closet with (it).” And to make absolutely certain, beyond that statement, that he had adequately insulted the President and his supporters, he made reference to “that part of the (President’s) support that comes from the racist mentality.” Nothing new here.  It’s a continuing slander against both the President and his voters, routinely mouthed by the opposition and transmitted far and wide by the Democrat’s super-cozy national media bunk-mates.  But, as always, never any proof of “racism” by the President, because there is none, or certainly none credible.  So this, like all of the echoed bogus assertions, can be flushed without guilt, which is the same swirl where most of today’s biased, negative “reporting” ends up.

Now, what’s really going on here?  Well, it actually isn’t about racism.  No matter how many shrill hand-puppets the Democrats send out to yell at us about our short-comings, it’s all just a continuing and well-planned smokescreen.  Beyond satisfying party loyalists, shouting from the rafters, to a national audience about alleged (and false) “racism,” is aimed at diverting the attention of the American public, if only temporarily.  Diverting attention from what?

From the badly needed WALL, of course!  Multiple attempts in succession, aimed at taking the spotlight off the Democrat leadership, who selfishly insist on obstructing the safety, security, and sovereignty of America, by opposing the necessary funding for that physical barrier, that will efficiently and effectively stop (or slow considerably) the continuing migrant stampede of illegal entrants at our southern border.  Another current mental diversion attempt was, of course, Mrs. Pelosi’s announced desire to postpone the State of the Union Address until after the federal shut-down has ended.

Again, it really isn’t about any of that  The Democrats are, rightly so, under mounting pressure to provide border barrier funding.  Thus, they must continually invent “issues” in an attempt to throw off public focus, if only long enough to think up another falsity to media-blast, repeatedly, across the land.  Fortunately, conservatives aren’t easily diverted when it comes to the future security of our nation, both for right now, and for our children’s future.  Our laser-focus remains where it should be.  On the WALL.

(Meeks quotes via, Pam Key, 1-16-19)