Excusing The Inexcusable

Back in August, an Antifa contingent (far left, as you well know) came to downtown Portland, Oregon with, as usual, the apparent purpose, and hope, of creating a disturbance, especially if there are people perceived to be right-wing around.  As always, they were successful.  This was the instance, you may recall, where Journalist Andy Ngo was beaten and hospitalized.  They look for opportunities to assault and, frankly, hurt people, sometimes seriously, as was the case with Mr. Ngo.  Antifa types look for trouble, and if it isn’t there, they make it.  They are pro-violence and pro-harassment.  In the Portland confrontation, along with reportedly harassing/threatening motorists by blocking a downtown street, they actually heckled a Black police officer, calling him a “race traitor.” Goes without saying that these people are not patient with anyone who would oppose them, or whose appearance they simply don’t like or find offensive, and with men, especially.

That by way of background, telling you things you already know, have seen, or have heard about this group and their penchant for physical altercations.  Their actions are, simply put, inexcusable.  So, then, on a CNN opinion program, following that Portland incident back in August, they brought a person on-air whose express purpose was, apparently, to provide excuses for Antifa actions there.  And not just anyone off the street, but a U.S. Congresswoman from New Mexico. Strange they couldn’t find an excuse-maker from a closer state, if not their own!

In response to questioning about the Antifa incent, this U.S. Representative actually characterized these particular Antifa folks as “peaceful protesters working to safeguard their city.”  CNN scored a bullseye, or bull something, with this spokesperson.  Peaceful is not a term that describes a group that is knowingly looking for physical confrontations and are determined to create some if none seem to exist.  That’s what they do.  That’s what gets media coverage and earns them notoriety. Working to “safeguard” Portland by instigating physical, harmful conflict?  Police officers, and if needed in extreme situations, National Guard soldiers, are the ones charged with the responsibility for safeguarding Portland, or any other American community facing such distress.  Those characterizations, spoken by an elected federal official, seemingly from the far-left-embracing, Democrat clan, would make excellent satire material for a Saturday Night Live sketch. If actually uttered with sincerity, which we must assume it was, best for her not to answer that knocking at her door.  It’s Pinocchio, and he’s angry.  She caused his nose to grow beyond belief.

(“Safeguard their city,” townhall.com, Guy Benson, 8-19-19).