Migrant Terrorists/Criminals Endanger America: It’s Long Past Time To Slam Our Southern Border Shut!

Unbeknownst to most of our citizens, America’s current dangers are both internally and externally generated.  Internally, as all are aware, we are faced with seemingly out-of-control violent crime, occurring primarily within Democrat-dominated cities, and is clearly the fault of Democrat “leaders” who flat-out refuse to take the realistic, forceful steps required to stop the problem.  The result: A seemingly almost daily loss of lives, along with armed robberies and assaults suffered by businesses and their employees. And then, of course, there is the continually escalating danger of rampant inflation, impacting virtually all of the nation’s products and services, thus negatively impacting the vast majority of America’s working families and senior citizens alike.  You are fully aware of those two issues and ‘dangers’ to American life.

But you may well be unaware of the hidden, and not-so-hidden, dangers coming at us externally (excluding Russia and North Korea, for now), meaning via our irresponsibly wide-open southern border, dangers that are known, but are purposely eluding meaningful, effective solutions from the nation’s federal leftist- Democrat administration. Within this not-so-hidden category is the surge in domestic availability of the lethal drug fentanyl. Fentanyl, we’re told, is produced primarily in China, transported to Mexico, where drug cartels than take those shipments across our southern border, ending up in illegal hands out on America’s streets.  Fentanyl is now reported to be the leading killer of Americans in the 20-year-to-30-year age range.

Now, in fairness to our under-staffed, overworked, and far too underappreciated Customs & Border Patrol agents, these courageous and committed quiet heroes are doing all they can to intercept smuggled drugs (as well as trafficked children), before the former can do lethal damage to Americans.  Regrettably, far too much fentanyl is still making it through and on into our populated areas. And yet another fentanyl concern has now arisen as we approach the Halloween season. Fentanyl-laced candies are appearing, certain to be appealing, by sight, to our children.  Parents are advised to watch carefully for rainbow-colored candies, either lose or in phony packets, before they can be ingested by their youngsters.  Try to limit any candies collected to only those sealed within legitimate, familiar-brand-name packages, which are more likely to be safe for kids (and parents!).

Now, the other external danger for America (beyond threats like those from the likes of Russia, Iran, and North Korea) is also completely the fault of our open southern border. And that very serious danger results from potential terrorists, illegally entering, and not identified as a threat, nor then apprehended by our CPB agents. Even more worrisome, by entry intent, are those “Got-Aways,” those illegal migrants who manage to sneak into our country at the border, but are not apprehended nor identified.

That foolish, ridiculous, dangerous, anti-American-safety decision by the Biden administration to open that border to all peoples, with and without proper, legal identification (ignoring the “all enemies, foreign and domestic” provision), and coming here from all countries of the world, has now become an all-too-convenient terrorist pathway for a future unprovoked attack on America (think 9/11), on behalf of an enemy nation and/or rogue regime who desire to inflict major deaths, upheaval, and destruction upon and within our America.

In terms of scope of the issue and danger, recall that CPB agents will have apprehended over 2-million illegals at the southern border by the end (September) of fiscal year 2022. And the surge just continues to build, with August (2022) becoming “the fifth straight month where apprehensions exceeded 180,000 (illegal) migrants,” just in that one month. And, again, it’s the greatest concern, the “Got-Aways” who elude CPB or other law enforcement capture, and whose number will be over 600,000 in fiscal 2022, by CPB estimation. And regardless of Homeland Security’s Alejandro Mayorkas, as well as other lockstep administration mouthpieces claiming that our border is “secure,” hundreds of thousands of “people entering this country with no record of their presence whatsoever (Got-Aways) is clearly a border out of control, an insecure border, and a very dangerous state of affairs.”

And when you stop to think that those illegals who brazenly snuck in, and by so doing, voluntarily chose to give up the ‘cafeteria’-style array of free stuff that the U.S. government has decided to provide to all illegals who’ve been properly processed by CPB.  Free assistance (including, apparently, cell phones for ‘tracking’!) that may even exceed what’s available to needy U.S. citizens. Thus, by giving all of that free loot up, there’s even more legitimate cause for concern about the backgrounds and motives of those who chose to sneak into America. So, then, why would they voluntarily give all of that up? “Obviously, its people who might be deported because of criminal histories, or people who are actively engaged in committing criminal acts, such as the transport of illegal (and potentially lethal) drugs. Some people do find it even more lucrative to prey on others (while) completely off the (American) government’s radar.  With an open border, all kinds will come.” And we know all too well that all kinds have.

But criminal illegals, past or future, are not the only concern, although still a major one lately with the accelerating and deadly fentanyl issue.  The other concern, as previously indicated, are those who might be entering America with terrorist activities in mind. In just the first eleven months of fiscal year 2022, CPB agents at the southern border have apprehended 78 immigrants on the Terrorist Screening Data Set (Watch List).  A very concerning number that is “triple the last four-years combined and is considerably higher than the fiscal 2021 apprehension totals!  Worse yet, there are even “encounters of known or suspected terrorists by CBP agents at port of entry along both our north and southern borders.” Agents apprehended those mentioned above at our southern border, and, of new, far less-reported concern, 279 illegals on the Watch List at our northern border, this total coming before the end of September 2022. And one other contributing factor to our legitimate concern over potential terrorist entries: Illegal single males.  “Single adult males are the easiest group for terrorists to hide among, as large numbers are released into the U.S.; single adult males make up the largest number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S.”

And what has recently been at the top of this political-self-interest-comes-first (vs. America’s) administration’s to-do list, rather than what certainly should be, is not even considering shutting our southern border? Unbelievably, and yes, stupidly, it’s the non-stop heavy-duty messaging (assisted my national media) encouraging citizens to purchase electric vehicles!  While restricting/punishing increased natural gas and oil development & production, ignoring the reality that we have no suitable, realistic substitute, and will be dependent, to some degree or a major one, on fossil fuels for decades to come, which is truth for anyone not living in leftist-Democrat dream land. The near-term power infrastructure in America right now, generated far and away by fossil fuels, may be sufficient for right now, but it will not come close with the intention of adding many thousands of privately run (and user billed), and homeowner charging stations nationwide.

And, oh by the way, what energy source will be powering those intended charging stations? That’s correct, with great irony, fossil fuels, because there is simply no adequate substitute in existence, as this administration has put it’s yet to be discovered horse well ahead of the cart, making the administration’s non-stop EV propaganda in future land, and thus, patently ridiculous, for other than the wealthy elite whose needs are likely, for the foreseeable future, only for in-town driving.  Said a party-line DHS Under-Secretary recently: “DHS is looking to create climate-resistant facilities and infrastructure, and to continue transitioning the DHGS fleet towards electrification in the years to come.” If in fact, ever, sir, it will be, at the least, considerably more ‘years to come.’ In the meantime, my the loss of our right to drive gasoline engine vehicles, not become another internal ‘danger’ facing everyday Americans.

Meanwhile, back to our principal topic, one being purposely covered up by all manner of federal politically-driven initiatives, including the gloss and implied sizzle of EV’s.  For the key reason of criminals and potential terrorists entering America, perhaps untraceable (mostly Got-Aways, but too often others who just wander into our interior out of sight), it is absolutely imperative that we regain control of both Houses of Congress in November.  It is the only way that sensible, rational, and loyal Americans can re-seal our southern border, through effective, veto-proof legislation.  Imperative for the security and safety of our nation and our citizens. Voting together, let’s stop the flow of illegal immigrants entering, and in too many cases, endangering our great nation, our federal budgets & debt, and endangering our legal residents, something that appears to be of little or no concern to the anti-America administration now in power, which persists in riding roughshod over our citizens and our freedoms.  Let’s work to restore our Constitution and the impartial Rule of Law to their rightful places, as originally envisioned by our brilliant Founders.  Vote in November.  Vote Republican, and especially do so for Representatives, Senators, and Governors, as well, who are up for election this period.

ADDENDUM:  About $172,500 of fentanyl tablets was seized by law enforcement last Thursday at a U.S. mailing facility in GAINSVILLE, GEORGIA.  Canine search sensed the drugs hidden within a package.  (Source: breitbart.com, Ethan Letkeman, 10-9-22).


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