Elect Me, By George!

After a number of decades here on earth, meaning now well beyond factory warranty, some occasional memory fatigue or confusion is to be expected, and is generally acceptable.  But it’s not, if you are campaigning to lead the most powerful nation on earth.

Bless his heart, as we say down South, enter Candidate Biden.  Last Sunday, during an on-line virtual fundraiser, Mr. Biden was speaking about the contest between he and the President, and this one, in particular, being “the most consequential election in a long, long, long time.”  Exhibiting some very definite over-emphasis there, since we all know that three “longs,” don’t make a right.

He went on: “The character of the country, in my view, is literally on the ballot. What kind of country we’re gonna be.”  And then it happened: “Four more years of George, ah, George, ah, he, ah, we’re gonna find ourselves in a position where if Trump gets elected, we’re gonna be in a different world.”  In the same way that, lately, Candidate Biden so often seems to be. Yes, he and we clearly do seem to be in different worlds.  And the world that we can only assume he lives in, or envisions to be, is definitely not the one that loyal, patriotic Americans choose to ever see imagined, let alone actually being forced to live within.

Having listened to it several times for accuracy, the extended quote above is phonetically exact.  And notice that he never did correct himself or land on the correct name he intended to slam, until his thoughts came back again from around the momentary bend, and Mr. Trump magically appeared.  Not bad, since he’d only been thinking about President Trump, non-stop, for four+ years.  His “handlers” (that reference always sounds like zoo keepers, and perhaps that’s not too far off given what we’ve seen from this candidate) assured the “media advocators” (formerly journalists) present that he wasn’t referring to one of the previous Bush presidents, by the “George” reference.  But rather his confusion resulted from speaking with comedian George Lopez, one of the event moderators (along with left-side advocate, Ana Navarro).  The added confusion, here, is that, taken semi-literally, Mr. Biden apparently feels that Americans will be better off without four more years of George Lopez!  Shame. He’s actually quite funny.  Both are.  But referring here primarily to Mr. Lopez.

As all well know by now, Candidate Gaffe-Master has been at it (i.e., hints of confusion) for many weeks now.  And it is amazing, or from a purely conservative perspective, unfortunate, that he was able to get through two debates without really losing it, like he has repeatedly, when engaged in more normal public appearance situations.  There was at one point several weeks ago, a rumor, never confirmed, that Mr. Biden may have been prescribed a medication of some kind that can insure that one is sharp for a limited time, which might somehow relate to Mr. Biden checking his watch for time remaining, after the one-hour mark of that second and final debate. Why else would you check, when no one else appears to have, or at least has been caught on video doing so, unless one could feel oneself running out of gas (his ‘blue sky’ renewable energy plan will solve that).  NOTE: For any Russian agents reading this, since we’re told you spy-masters are lurking  everywhere, including accordable women’s linguae at Wal-Mart, that previous sentence was strictly based on commentator supposition, and has no basis in fact, much like that outrageous fantasy, we’re told, of international influence-peddling for profit by a certain former U.S. #2’s off-spring. Nothing to see here.  Really.

Then, earlier in the week during a televised interview in Dallas, Mr. Biden referred to his VP-mate Kamala Harris’ husband (Doug Emhoff) as “Kamala’s wife.” Actually, he was only off on that one by 100%.  But, grudgingly, to be fair, there is a great deal of confusion within our society these days, as gender “identifying” is sizzlin’ hot, keeping the nation’s plastic surgeons and psychiatrists hopping as real-life  practitioners of “cut & paste.”

Questioned about his seemingly “light public schedule,” after closing his pre-second-debate public appearance “lid” for at least four-days, with seemingly very limited public exposure thereafter, during the super-critical pre-election days. Mr. Biden assured reporters on Monday (10/26) that: “We’re constantly – there has not been a day that hasn’t been a 12-hour day yet.”  Twelve- hour days = believable.  Twelve-hour actual working days = Not. The evidence just simply isn’t there. While that 12-hour work model might be true for President Trump, by adding at least 4 more hours to each day, it seems a bit of a stretch to accept that as genuine from a candidate whom everyone knows, by direct video observation, has nowhere near the energy, stamina, fatigue-be-gone, command presence, as that exhibited by the President every day.  There are few, if any, “lids” called by Mr. Trump, to his credit, and on behalf of the nation!

And the President may have jolted Mr. Biden out of his self-enforced seclusion when, during a Pennsylvania  rally, one of three that day he had scheduled for the state, the President referred to Mr. Biden as having “waved a white flag” due to his limited public appearances, while the President had shifted his appearance schedule into over-drive.  Shortly after that reference reached the Biden team, the candidate emerged from home to do an impromptu event, but right there in Wilmington, Delaware!  By comparison, last Sunday, President Trump “traveled from Florida to North Carolina, to New Hampshire, to Maine and back to Washington, D.C. that day.”

Another recent Biden instance of mis-speak well worth noting, occurred during a recent  Democrat podcast, hosted by a former Obama aide, who asked Mr. Biden what voters could do over the final pre-election days “to make certain that you’re the next President of the United States?”  This is how his response began: “Well, first of all, you know, uh, what really rankles, uh, my opponent is I say that, uh, the thing that bothers him the most is he’s not a patch on Barack’s jeans.”  Following that key fashion assessment, referring to, not Wrangler, but Mr. Obama, he continued: “He had more integrity in his little finger than most people have in their whole body and he had a backbone like a ramrod. Has one (sic).”  OK, then.  “Integrity,” you say.  Not a notable character quality for Mr. O. (or, per Mr. Biden’s indirect reference, Mr. Butt-Patch).  Not even close. “Ramrod” backbone?  Certainly not in foreign affairs (Iran, et.al.), although domestically he did seem to ram a non-stop shovel-full of regulation and distain up our collective butt-patch.

But his next statement, on or off message, is the capper for this particular interview exchange.  Said Mr. Biden, as reported: “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”  Believable and truly frightening, since the sole desire of the Progressive radical-insurrectionists is to obtain, by any means, electoral or violent, total power and control over America’s federal government, and by extension, every American life.  The reality, here, with this statement, was most certainly just another mental slip.  We all must hope to heck he really meant to say “the most extensive and inclusive anti-voter-fraud organization.”  If not, he was being remarkably candid about the true nature and intent of “his” apparently anti-America campaign.

At one point in the past, Mr. Biden recalled that, while he was Vice President, he had met with some of the students who survived the Parkland, FL school shooting.  The only problem with that recollection was that the shooting took place in February of 2018, when he had been out of office for over a year.  And, earlier this summer, while campaigning and blaming the President for mishandling the virus and everything else, he claimed, first, that 200-million Americans had died from it, before, later,  correcting that figure to 120-million.  Even at the lower figure, that would mean that over 1/3rd of the U.S. population had been killed by the coronavirus!  Fortunately, Candidate Doctor Biden’s math was flawed.

What are now referred to, politely, as “brain freezes,” continue, and are considered to be a huge reason why Mr. Biden’s campaign schedule has been “light” (understatement!) in the week prior to the election.  Early “lids” were imposed frequently by his staff, meaning there would be no further access to the candidate by media, or the public, that day.  And a total four-day+ “lid” was in place in the days just prior to that second and last debate with President Trump, while the latter was out making appearances right up to, and on, the day of the debate!

Just yesterday (10/30), at a “rally” in Pennsylvania, Mr. Biden was reading from his teleprompter, proclaiming loudly to the audience that he would “do what he’s (Trump) unable to do. I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize”… with the next part of the statement meant to be read as “true international pressure.” Unfortunately, what came out, instead, was “to mobilize truaninonashufodopressure” (phonetic analysis by on-site reporters after repeated tape playback review).  The sentence was intended to end, then, with: “isolate and punish China.” Knowing what we now know to be true, Mr. Biden would be in no position to “punish” China for anything, but far more likely, would be pressured (i.e., blackmailed) to do exactly whatever China dictated, to him, and those corporations and politicians currently, financially, beholden to them.  And do recall that when, very early on, President Trump acted to stop travel to the U.S. from China, Mr. Biden, among others, labeled the President a “racist.” Interesting example of a then pro-China stance, prior to the validated revelation of his son’s alleged influence-peddling involvement, but, now, compromised and with rhetorical fangs put quietly away, he would be politically unable to “punish China” in any open and meaningful way.  Given China’s growing “enemy” status, that would be a crippling position for the nation’s potential “son-of-ramrod-backbone” chief executive to be in, effectively eliminating our powerful, defensive stand against that Communist giant.

Last Friday, at one of his “drive-in” rallies, Mr. Biden, discussing his proposed tax policy, referred to the “wealthiest people in America, as “the billionaires and trillionaires – um, the multi-billionaires.” Currently, there is no “trillionaire” category for individuals.  Prior to that, he proclaimed, again: “I guarantee you, I give you my word as a Biden, no one making less than $400,000 a year will see a penny in their taxes raised (sic). No one.”  After what we reportedly know now, what actual value or validity is there to the “word as a Biden” promise?  The credibility-air has been let out of his trillionaire balloon. Oh, and the not a penny more in taxes claim, for the under $400K earners?  False, if he ends the Trump tax cuts on individuals and companies, as he fully plans to do.  And with all that’s been reported involving his son and the purported international “deals,” now exposed because his son left a computer at a repair shop and somehow forgot to pick it up (Nobody does that. Nobody), while he was discussing his family during a recent “virtual voter mobilization event,” Mr. Biden actually referred to his son, Hunter, as: ”the smartest guy I know.”  Hello?  Perhaps he needs to isolate less and get out more with real people.  Clearly not the kind of seemingly foolhardy judgment we want or need leading our nation.

And to conclude with this related and extremely worrisome quote from the former Vice President.  At another of his “drive-in rallies” (Biden campaign’s exclusive bragging-program for not being a virus-spreader…plus it camouflages the sparce number of semi-enthusiastic followers who show up), this one held in Tampa this past Thursday, he claimed the following to his limited flock: “Five days left. Five days. I believe when you use your power, the power of the vote, we literally are going to change the course of this country for generations to come.”  And that, folks, is exactly what patriotic Americans are so concerned about.  Diapers need changing.  The greatest nation in the history of the world does not!

It’s just more of the old Obama “transforming America” bit.  We didn’t know what exactly he meant back then, but after his far-less-than-glorious eight-years, we sure as heck do now, and want no part of it. It means leaving democracy, capitalism, and individual freedoms behind, to be replaced by central government control, loss of rights, loss of all incentive, and even further-expanded poverty (financial and mental).  We don’t need to “transform” (whether his fuel supply or our nation).  We need to continue as is, and to build even further on the visionary structural blessings (i.e., Constitution) provided, with guidance from above, by our brilliant Founders.  America The Beautiful is far more than a treasured song.  It’s our reality.  And this election is all about keeping it that way. Voting matters.  Vote to keep our America growing, great, and strong.


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ADDENDUM:  Cranial freeze hit Candidate Biden, yet again, this time while out on the campaign trail yesterday (10/31) with Mr. Obama in Flint, Michigan.  The topic was health care.  Here is what he attempted to say about it: “Donald Trump thinks health care is a privilege.  Barack and I think it’s a right to have badakathcare.”  Apart from whatever that was supposed to be, President Trump is absolutely correct.  Access to quality health care is a privilege.  It is not a constitutional ‘right,’ any more than is free housing.

(Biden quote via breitbart.com, Joshua Caplan, 10-31-20).