Executive Order Avalanche

The onslaught of Executive Orders from Mr. Biden continues.  Now said to be approaching (or exceeding) 40 of these edicts, without any cross-aisle consensus (which he previously publicly indicated was necessary in a democracy!), and all are clearly, and by definite intent, anti-traditional, what’s best-for, America.  The sudden deluge is, however, part of the plan.  Let’s be gentle, for no good reason, and simply call it the Super Socialist (silently: marxist-communist) Plan. It’s the old flood-the-zone tactic.  Keep shoving so many of these dictates in the face of the public that they flat-out can’t keep up with it all, let alone object and offer any factual counter.  It’s mighty tough to object forcefully and effectively when you’re overwhelmed and drowning in edicts.  Again, this is all purposeful, and it’s a basic tactic of (whisper: marxism), advocated by leader-proponents here, as well as back “home” in original (communist) nations.

And you still think that can’t possibly be the ultimate goal of the Progressive-Socialists?  Stop nearly drowning in the designed to overwhelm Biden-flurry, come up for air, and begin to sense and deal with reality.  It’s charging full speed at us more clearly than it ever has before, and has a chance of finally grabbing a firm hold of our Constitutional republic, especially if Americans don’t wake up, wise up, and combat it… in Congress, in our states, in our corporations, in our national organizations, our schools, and in our homes.  Eyes open, America…….