Dumb And Dumber

So many examples, so little time.  Here are a couple for this first installment.

Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer has imposed one of the strictest and longest citizen lock-downs in the nation (the Pennsylvania governor and others are also making a run at the top slot).  As a result, as with most of the state & city virus-motivated restraints on citizen-movement, there have been protests to “let our people go.” At one such protest rally, Ms. Whitmer labeled those involved as exhibiting “the worst racism.”  Racism?  Grabbing out of thin air the one word that, today, is supposed to subdue any opposition.  Very often, as well, use of the ”R” word can conveniently transform the antagonist (e.g., Governor Whitmer) into the victim (e.g., Governor Whitmer).  And there are currently several such heads of states and cities playing the same politicized ultra-restraint game.

Regardless, by now, common sense citizens know exactly what’s going on here.  Likely under direction of a higher authority (in D.C. or beyond), those state and city leaders, notably all Democrats, are purposely keeping citizens and businesses confined, always with threats of retribution for violations, so as to purposely continue/increase unemployment numbers in hopes that such will cast a shadow on the President’s re-election prospects.  And doing so, without concern for their own citizens well-being, and the economic well-being of their respective states or cities.

Oh, and it’s crystal clear that these “leaders” are very much enjoying the dictatorial power they clam to possess, state constitutions be damned.  You can tell by their news footage smirks!  And they wonder why their respective budgets are in the tank.  But that’s no problem for liberals. Just raise taxes. With the implementation of those firm and increasing extended control measures, backed by fines or jail for violations, be advised ladies and gentlemen, ye of exaggerated power, all of you serve at the pleasure of the electorate, and for cases this severe, citizen voters have long memories.

And, yet, the Governor Whitmer saga continues.  Michigan state legislators, Republicans, have now filed suit against her, claiming that she has overstepped her authority, by extending her ‘emergency declaration’ beyond the specified 28-days, and having done so without legislative approval.  The Michigan House Speaker (Republican) said: “In Michigan, our governor has declared she no longer needs the legislature.” Governor Whitmer’s responded by calling the legislative suit nothing but a “power grab.” Wow! There’s some irony. That’s a mighty huge set of barnacles she’s got claiming others are grabbing power, the very thing she’s done with an iron fist in Michigan. And in those other states, where elected leaders have decided to rule with omnipotence.  We, your subjects, know that your extended lock-downs in reality have little to do with public health and far more to do with your political health and loyalty to levels above you.  Next election cycle, you will hopefully find that strategy has backfiring.  So King and Queen wannabes, kindly put your crowns and purple robes back in storage, and let your people, that is again, your voters, with known and understood precautions, get back to work.

Never failing to live up to and fulfill our D and D theme, House “Intelligence” Committee Chairman, Representative Adam Schiff (that is so easy to mis-type) (D-CA), has expressed regret on a recent MSNBC program that the Senate didn’t vote to impeach President Trump, his life’s dream, because he figures we wouldn’t have had so many coronavirus deaths if someone else, like one of their own, would have been steering the ship.  To quote him directly: “Little did we know just how great the casualties would be. Some days we lose the equivalent of the number of people we lost on 9/11. You know, I think that there is no way we could have foreseen just how tragic his (Trump’s) malfeasance would be in his remaining months in the administration.”  Two responses. First, Mr. Schiff is no one to be casting stones when it comes to malfeasance, which pretty much describes his zealous ‘leadership’ of the entire impeachment hoax and scam, still very much underway, while a deadly virus was making its way across our nation. No question, it’s that senseless, self-serving political distraction that would cost American lives. Secondly, you likely noticed his reference to President Trump not being re-elected.  If common sense prevails among the country’s electorate, many more nights of bad dreams are likely ahead for the Schiffster. Although, on the bright side for him, he will have four more years to conjure up further phony impeachments (incredibly, already underway), assuming the Progressive-Socialists retain control of the House, and the voters in his district don’t finally come to their senses.

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