Don’t It Make Your Scared Eyes Blue

Sadly typical of ultra-liberal indoctrination in our nation these days (and one day may this insanity stop), a small group of coffee-drinking police officers were asked by a barista to leave (or hide in) a Tempe, Arizona Starbucks coffee shop, because, unbelievably, one of the customers (unidentified) complained that he/she “did not feel safe” due to the presence of the armed officers.

As is long-standing tradition, many coffee shops/restaurants in our country go out of their way to offer police officers free coffee, and even food at a discount.  Now is that just because the owners are good, caring citizens?  Well, yes, there is that. But there’s also a practical, protective side to the generosity.  It’s also done knowing that if there was a disturbance in the officer(s) presence, or an issue with customers or intruders anytime later on, the police are much more likely to respond promptly to assist their proprietor-friend.  It’s just good, smart business. And do recall, that without our local police officers, there would be anarchy in our communities, leading to the potential for the destruction of our free society and nation.

So now we have an idiot customer, certain-to-be a crazed liberal, who doesn’t “feel safe” around armed police officers.  Wonder if he/she crumbles at the sound of thunder or other loud noises?  Would he/she feel somehow safer if the armed group drinking coffee near-by were masked antifa thugs?

Today’s indoctrination centers (i.e., universities, not all, but way too many), radical liberals (perhaps also parents), and their cheer-leading love-mates, the deplorably-biased national media, have all combined to create a generation of insecure, resentful, tender snowflakes, who seem to fear and rebel against the real-world, because it is, they discover, not always comforting, nice, and polite to them.  Kind of reminds one of our early childhood years when we imagined there was a scary monster hiding under our beds. Thankfully, the vast majority of us grew out of that.  Too many of today’s fluff-bunnies haven’t, and probably won’t, because of the “monsters” out in society who, thankfully, fail to think and “feel” as they do.  The indoctrinees too often lack the necessary coping skills. Recall that snowflakes melt whenever there’s heat!

Police officers take an oath to serve and protect.  Each day, they put their lives on the line for the rest of us.  They are our protectors.  They do their utmost to keep us “safe.” Being honorable officers, rather than hide from the sight-line of the offended customer, as was offered as an option by the Starbucks employee, they chose to simply, quietly, leave. Professional as they are, and all too often so, in the midst of the chaos they inevitably face. As they should have, and to their credit, Starbucks Corporate has apologized to the officers and to their department.

The irony here is that this ridiculous incident happened on Independence Day!  It’s estimated that, on average, at least 30%+ of all law enforcement officers in this country, from park rangers, to school safety officers, to port police, to the cop on the beat, have prior military service.  Prior time training and sacrificing to stand and defend our great nation.   In all likelihood, some, if not all, of the Tempe, AZ police officers, who were strongly encouraged to leave that Independence Day, had previously committed to serve and preserve our nation.

Given that, and their current commitment of municipal service and protection, it’s regrettable, and frankly indefensible, that they were the ones deemed to create an “unsafe” environment, when the exact opposite is true.  Better that the offended patron had been encouraged to leave, and thus offered at least the opportunity to go out and grow up.  Come to think of it, from this scenario, he or she, the “unsafe” patron, might have, actually, not been emotionally old enough to drink such strong coffee.  Frighteningly, there all alone in their darkened nighttime room, ever-so-fragile and still awake from the caffeine, that’s when the monsters take up residence again under the bed to imaginatively unnerve the tender above.

(Former military service via,, Will Bentley, 11-16-2018)