Disastrous Southern Invasion: Purposely Orchestrated Border Disorder

Disorder because absolutely nothing is being done to contain, control, or stop it!  Mr. Biden alluded to a possible green light for illegal migrants during the campaign.  And never effectively countered it. That triggered mobs of migrant trips to the border that haven’t slowed or been officially discouraged.  The administration could put a stop to this invasion of illegals immediately, but it won’t.  Why?  Because these mostly non-English speaking, mostly unskilled men, women, and children represent future Democrat voters, with the obvious goal of imposing radical Democrat (i.e., Socialist-Marxist) rule on America well into the future, if not, their fervent hope, forever.  Bringing great harm to America, by standing back and allowing this destructive invasion to continue indefinitely, purely to enhance political power, regardless of great lasting damage, is a despicable act, an insult to nation-respecting-and-loving Americans, and totally the fault, now, of the Biden administration, whose devotion, dedication, and loyalty to America are now open to question.

Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has visited the southern border.  He notes that handling and processing the thousands of illegals crossing into our nation each day is “completely unsustainable.”  Said he: “On day one, Biden reversed the (Trump) Remain-in Mexico policy, which was the major deterrent to people coming across (had to wait in Mexico for asylum claim to be decided).”  That was a foundation of our border protection/migrant handling policy. Back to the Congressman: “Only about 10% of people asking for asylum have a valid asylum claim.”  Now, that fact is staggering when you consider that of the tens of thousands of illegals who’re illegally entering the country, 90% of them have no valid claim for legal asylum!

Congressman Crenshaw went on to detail the message illegals are getting from the administration: “Look, we’re not going to deport you, might even give you asylum, and we’re definitely gonna release you, and give you a bus ticket for anywhere you want to go.”  Concluding the interview, he said: “I think the Democrats used to be with us on basic border security and basic rule of law.  But now Biden basically refuses to do his duty under the Constitution (e.g., illegal to cross the border, protect the security of the nation, etc.).”  After her visit to the border with a group of Republican legislators, New York Representative Nicole Malliotakis (‘the only female Republican elected official in New York City”!) stated: “What I saw on this trip was chaos and disorder.  What the Biden administration does not want you to know is simply that they have handed over the borders of our country to the cartels and smugglers.”

More Americans polled now blame Mr. Biden for the border disorder than President Trump (Rasmussen Reports survey), and the only possible reason for blaming the former president, at all, is because the administration has told the media to tell the public that it’s Trump’s fault.  It was President Trump’s policies that kept the southern border comparatively secure.  It was Mr. Biden who eliminated those policies.  Wrote Fox News contributor, Liz Peek: “Congratulations to President Joe Biden, who is finally bringing the country together, (because) fully 73% of the nation is concerned about the government’s ability to manage the flood of people illegally crossing our southern border.”  She continued with her commentary: “Such is the mayhem at the border that the White House is reportedly considering releasing asylum seekers into the country without giving them a Notice to Appear – effectively a court date for a hearing.  That means people will enter the U.S. with no oversight whatsoever…and there are reports that some asylum seekers being released into our communities have tested positive for the COVID virus.  This is an outrage.”

Another very serious concern is the number of illegal border crossers who aren’t apprehended, who simply get away.  The estimated numbers are very worrisome: February (30,000), March (37,000), and April (42,600).  Folks, that’s an estimate of over 1,000 per day who are not apprehended, while illegally entering our country.  Said National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd: “We don’t know who they are, where they come from, or what their intentions are.  We have to be able to identify who’s coming into the United States. And if we can’t do that, it’s impossible to protect the American public.”  Good time to remind again that Mr. Biden put a temporary (100 day) hold on deportations (including, it appears, criminals), ended the effective Remain in Mexico policy, and critically important for this non-apprehension discussion, stopped construction of the border wall!  Some word now that he may re-start at least a portion of the construction.

Reportedly, as of mid-April, the administration has released into the U.S. over 6,000 illegal migrants from the reversed “Remain in Mexico” policy, “offering them work permits to take American jobs.”  It’s now estimated that as many as 1.2-million illegal persons (if not more with current flow) will make it to our southern border by the end of 2021.  “Tens of thousands will likely be released by the administration into the U.S. interior.” And, again, among those apprehended, and the ones not arrested, can be those without the best interests of America in mind, such as MS-13 gang members, who attempt to sneak in amidst the regular migrants. The potential for terrorists to get through is also a constant, under reported threat.

And here’s a crushing prediction that mandates effective action must be taken to seal off our southern border once and for all. According to the Gallup polling company which recently surveyed residents throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, of the approximately 450-million adult inhabitants of those regions, when asked if they’d like to make a permanent move to another country, 27% responded, Yes (that’s about 120-million).  And when asked where they would want to move permanently, here it comes, 35% responded the United States.  That’s 42-million adults who would like to move to our country to stay!  Wrote Neil Munro regarding these statistics, along with those already determined to get here: “Seekers of citizenship or asylum are watching to determine exactly when and how is the best time to make their move.”

Mercifully, forty-two-million illegals aren’t on their way now, but the worrisome figure is the incredibly huge number of adults (number does not include their children) who would gladly seek entry to our shores, if they could make the trip, and were encouraged to do so, as those already here, or on the way, clearly have been.  Said former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: “Migrants ignore Biden’s ‘don’t come’ messages, and shove against his half-open door because their cousins already pushed themselves in. Progressives prefer to view migrants as passive victims who never cause problems for their supporters in D.C.”  Note, again, the magic Progressive word “victims.”

The top two executives in the administration, rather than actually viewing the chaotic border situation for themselves, are instead concentrating on, and researching, the “root causes” of the migration flood.  We citizens can save the government principals and researchers a whole bundle of time and money on that ‘root causes’ question.  It’s all pretty simple and basic, really.  The principal ‘root cause’ is poverty in their homeland.  The other cause, of course, is the perceived swinging door at our border, resulting from comments or inferences made by Mr. Biden that “we’re open.”  And from both causes, working together, has resulted the on-going, catastrophic surge.  The lack of personally observing the situation or taking any effective corrective action to slam that door shut, has led to the following observations from New York Post opinion writer, Miranda Devine: “Meantime, the self-inflicted humanitarian tragedy at the southern border has spiraled out of control, opinion polls are heading south, the Biden appointee in charge has abruptly resigned, El Salvador’s president has refused to meet the visiting U.S. envoy, and the VP is defying her boss and staying far away from the stinking mess to protect her reputation.”

We’ll conclude this border disorder discussion for now with two expressed opinions, the first coming from Republican U.S. Representative Young Kim (R-CA) who recently personally visited the border with a bi-partisan delegation.  Responding to what she witnessed, Congresswoman Kim appeared on ‘Fox & Friends’ and shared her thoughts: “I urge the Biden administration and also VP Kamala Harris to get down to the border to see for themselves and maybe they will change their minds.  Drug cartels are the only ones that are benefiting from this border crisis.  It is hurting Americans.  It is undermining legal immigration.  And it is draining the resources from the Border Patrol agents when they should be patrolling the borders.  Right now, all of the illegal activities are slipping through because our border patrol agents are now serving the role of caretakers. I really encourage them to get down there, get their butts out there to see it for themselves…let’s fix the problem.”

And finally, from his recent article, “Are the Halcyon Days Over For J. Biden?,” Patrick Buchanan had the following observations regarding the current crises facing this administration and, most importantly, our nation: “The defining crisis of the Biden presidency may be the crisis on America’s southern border, where another 170,000 illegal immigrants entered the country in April after an equally high number in March.  That is an annual rate of 2-million people walking into our country uninvited, the advance guard of a Third World invasion that will change the character and composition of the United States.  The America we grew up in is disappearing – without our consent.”


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