Freed From Their Shelter-In-Place Kennels, The Attack Dogs Continue To Howl

Despite the unexpected savagery of this life-squandering and economy-crippling  international pandemic, that we now know as COVID-19, despite the suffering, the absolute uncertainty of its duration, and the burn-out (and illness) impacting our heroic medical responders, who now must work unsustainable hours amidst non-stop misery, within both existing treatment facilities, and new ones established from scratch within days, by Army, Navy, and civilian personnel, and yet despite it all, the self-consumed, 24/7 attack dogs, on the far-nothing-ever-satisfies-them-left, continue their irritating-as-heck, genetically-compelled, non-stop howling about the perceived wrongs of the always insulting and ignorant  Republican President, elected Republicans, and their woeful, seriously mis-led, and continually lied-to supporters, huddled and wallowing there, the lowest of the low, forced to endure the brilliant, enlightened minds and actions of the joyless, furry carnivore verbally nipping at their heals (and whatever they can reach).

We’ll open the dusky kennels and let the howling attack dogs out.  First up, among the shrillest of the attackers, as has been the case for these last three-years-plus, the chosen-one, Speaker of the House of  Representatives (when they choose to be), always there, as night follows day, San-Fran-Nan, Mrs. Pelosi.  Fresh from trying to cram everything in her proudly-horded closet-of-dreams, ever chock full of multi-million-dollar partisan lard (or, pork, if faith permits), all of absolutely no use to regular working and tax-paying Americans, even in the best of times, which these aren’t, but regardless, all just waiting to be paid-for by the unbacked-currency rolling off the seemingly non-stop, no-doubt over-heating, Treasury printing-presses.

Mrs. Pelosi, speaking from her figurative throne, and as always, on behalf of fellow Progressive-Socialists, both the seen, and the unseen (the financial sting-pullers who dwell in the darkness), felt compelled to chastise America’s hard-working, seemingly inexhaustible President, for what she sees as his failing in our current, overwhelming, literal, virus fight of our lives.  Said she: “As the President fiddles, people are dying…we just have to take every precaution.” And she continued, asserting that the President’s “denial at the beginning was deadly.  His delaying of getting equipment to where…it’s needed, is deadly.  And now the best thing would be to do is to prevent more loss of life, rather than open things up so that…because we don’t know.”  Actual published quotes, mind you.  And just to slap a sour cherry on top, she added: “Before sending anyone back to their jobs, President Trump, you should try doing yours.”  And with that totally snarky, back-handed slap, she appeared to also be endorsing a full-two-month lockdown of the  nation, seemingly endorsed by the New York Times, and perhaps others.

Now, on January 31, 2020, President Trump ordered the cessation of flights from China.  On February 5, 2020, much to the disappointment of the ever-growling Speaker and her three-years-plus presidential assault team, the Senate voted not to Impeach.  After again putting the nation through the ringer, yet another hoax ordeal was over.  And, so then, just exactly what was the finger-pointing Speaker doing all those weeks?  Why, playing hangman with the impeachment noose, seemingly oblivious to the by-then known coronavirus threat.  Enough of a threat, as indicated above, for the President to shut down air travel from China, all the while being threatened with the loss of his presidency over purely partisan-political, unsupportable, pulled-out-of-someone(s)-rear-end, phony charges.  So perhaps, just perhaps, Mrs. Pelosi should have “tried doing her job,” on behalf of the country, rather than on behalf of her totally-partisan, committed-to-Trump’s-destruction, House (of canine howlers) gang.

Along with several others, Senator Marcia Blackburn (R-TN) quickly took her to task for her self-serving “Trump delayed, people died” claim.  Tweeting, she stated: “Nancy Pelosi is accusing Trump of not responding fast enough to the Chinese coronavirus.  This is the same person that fiddled around with a sham impeachment that wasted valuable time.  You’re not fooling anyone, Nancy.”  The larger-than-life (if that’s possible) Speaker photo, accompanying this particular Blackburn response article, showed Mrs. Pelosi at the speaker’s podium, raised gavel in hand.  Her facial expression is that often-displayed, totally fond-of-herself look, a smirk, if you will, that in the old days, we always used to call a “s**t eating grin.” Old (facial) expressions are new again.

Conservative public affairs specialist, John Ashbrook, chimed in with another while-you-were-sleeping-at-the-switch rebuttal to the Speaker’s assertion of the President’s “delay.” He stated, via twitter, that the first confirmed COVID-19 patient to return here (Washington State) from Wuhan, did so on January 15, 2020 (according to Ashbrook’s data).  So, then, as Mrs. Pelosi’s attention was totally away from the very invasive issue that would come to matter deeply, coronavirus came to America on the very same day that Mrs. Pelosi’s House ‘managers’ made their pompous, ceremonial, articles-of impeachment delivery march to the Senate!  Consumed then with giddy glee over the House’s initiated move that, she hoped, would see this President thrown out of office, now she self-righteously chooses to blame the President, well after the fact, for perceived “delay?”  Also challenging Mrs. Pelosi’s statements, Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) wrote: “While Donald Trump was forming the Wuhan coronavirus task force, Nancy Pelosi was passing out her impeachment pens.”  Jumping in, as well, to further defend the President, Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) wrote the following tweet: “The Speaker should sit this one out, trying to spend this critical time playing the coronavirus blame game. I vividly remember that the same day President Trump first met with his coronavirus Task Force on January 29, 2020, Congress was being hijacked with her sham impeachment trial.”

And speaking of “delays,” lest we forget, it was Mrs. Pelosi who flew back into D.C. on a Sunday night lugging a grab-bag full of bogus million/billion-dollar proposals, cumulatively her partisan pipe-dream of an alternative stimulus to what the Senate was proposing.  And by so doing, she managed to “delay” ultimate passage of the CARE Act, until the following Friday, causing five-days further “delay” in getting the Congressionally-promised business and individual restoration funds heading toward our Americans in need.  Between the time, money, and emotion-sapping waste caused by the impeachment scam, and her last minute alternative pie-in-the-sky stimulus free-for-all (literally), the Speaker was in no legitimate position to lecture anyone about “delays.”

An announcer from one of the seemingly anti-America cable networks had actually declared, well after federal government action had been initiated, that “the President of the United States doesn’t care about us.  He doesn’t care about the public.” Well, all right then, Mr. “The President Doesn’t Care.” Let’s just take a look at the facts, rather than your partisan assumption.  China publicly acknowledged its first COVID-19 death on January 11, 2020.  On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization announced this coronavirus threat to be a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern.”  You want to talk about delay, about badly dropping the ball. China is reported to have told the WHO of a “pneumonia-like disease” in Wuhan way back on December 31, 2019, making it a one-month “delay” before warning the world!!

Then on January 31, 2020, still “missing a significant amount of data” from China, and as such, concluding this outbreak might just be “more like SARS,” HHS in D.C. declared the existence of a health emergency in the U.S. On that very same day, President Trump banned the entry of any non-citizens who had been in China during the preceding 14-days, prior to their arrival here. Far from a strong case for perceived “delay” on the part of the President, that is for anyone actually willing to listen.  And there’s the rub. Neither date, facts, logic, nor reality ever seem to matter once the liberal mind slams shut.

Continuing with who-let-the-dogs-out, on the theme of the President’s alleged coronavirus faults, the Mayor of New Orleans actually had the kahunas to blame the President and, while she’s at it, the administrative branch in general, for her decision not to cancel the Marti Gras celebration, the huge gathering of partiers now being looked at as a likely incubator for New Orleans & Louisiana’s growing  level of virus infections.  Said the Mayor: “The federal government did not issue any red flags, and therefore we moved forward.”  Had ‘red flags’ been given, said she, “I would’ve been the leader to cancel it.”  A bit more of that “leadership” would have been more appropriate than blaming “the man,” now that your mayoral butt is in a sling. Just another freshly-waved ‘red flag’ example of the favored liberal fall-back under pressure: victimhood.  Golly, I guess it must have been OK for me to skip school, on-account-of when I asked the principal if I could, he didn’t say no!  Just a thought, rather than playing the victim, going forward, you might think about displaying the local leadership responsibility you were elected to provide, Ma’am.

And no national complaint review would be complete without a bark and a growl from possibly the most persistent, and, for conservatives, quite likely most annoying presidential attack dog of them all, Representative Waters (D-CA).  Complaining about the President’s national response to the virus, she tweeted: “Trump, stop congratulating yourself! You’re a failure and you’ve mishandled this COVID-19 disaster! You’re not knowledgeable….Your ignorance and incompetence are appalling and you continue to demonstrate that every time you open your mouth.”  Might be going out on a limb here, but one could readily conclude that Ms. Waters doesn’t much care for the President.  Her comments, here, are to the extreme and, as such, worthy of being ignored.  Sometimes speakers exhibiting this depth of venom, and not for the first time, should perhaps do a 180 and take a look back at the mirror.

And since, by edict, we’re at home, how about enjoying another carafe of whine. On-air cable personality, Don Lemon, thinks networks shouldn’t outta carry the daily coronavirus White House briefings ‘live,’ but should instead hold off and comment on “snippets” of them later. “I think we should do it afterwards and get the pertinent points to the American people because he’s never, ever going to tell you the truth.”  Yep, let’s depend on them all-day-and-all-night liberal networks (redundant?) to tell us the truth (as they see or invent it).

And while we’re well into our whine time, let’s pour and enjoy some more.  A summary from the non-conservative Hollywood types, whose names won’t be mentioned, because their foolish, lack of depth, straight-from-the-liberal-talking-points comments simply don’t merit attribution.  Remember, those incredibly wealthy screen folks who earn a living by putting on character costumes to entertain us.  Yep, kinda like clowns do.  Here’s just a brief summary of some entertainer complaints, so as to avoid triggering a gag reflex.  Less than enthusiastic concern about ‘climate change,’ always brings a guaranteed liberal emotional eruption, such as this one: “It’s devastating.  It’s destroying the world.  It’s destroying our future.  It’s happening right now,” using up a full month’s quota of ‘It’s.’ And then there’s “all of these politicians should be prosecuted when this is done for the lies which cost thousands of deaths. They are all murderers.” And wrapping up from Hollywood, were real life isn’t just a saying.  Oh, wait, yes, it is. There’s this: “We need to remove Trump from power to save lives. Impeach him again.”  What a fine idea.  Please be sure to share that with the Queen of Impeachment, Speaker Pelosi, who is busy right now thinking up extraneous lib-wish-list crap to cram into the next stimulus…and, you watch, there will be one.  Tagging onto those pithy comments, just one little dose of West Coast attack dog humor for you: “The virus in the US began in January, 2017.  The vaccine arrives in November.”  Now, as opposed to that zany cleverness, the vast majority of loyal Americans hope that successful virus treatments, and then the vaccine(s), arrive much, much sooner, and that our President wins the second term that both he, and America, need and deserve.  What a great demonstration of stand-up leadership, through all of what is now projected to be, a multi-week intense national health and economic crisis.

And to wrap up our current review of howling attack dogs, some rabidly so, here’s a strange (i.e., liberal) person, a VP in fact, apparently fired from a Buffalo, New York hospital for making disparaging remarks about the President’s voters in her exchanges on Facebook.  Example: “Trump supporters need to pledge to give up their ventilators for someone else…and not go to the hospital.”  With insincere appreciation for your good wishes, there Missy, happy to tell you that her now-former employer has indicated that such “behavior is not tolerated.” One would certainly hope so, especially from an executive!

And just when you thought the cheap shots couldn’t land any lower, here’s a real sewer-skimmer. Wrote a tenured professor, at a Texas university, in an email to his departmental colleagues: “I am personally an atheist, but if #45 (President Trump) would die as a result of this virus, I might reconsider.” When taken to task for his way-beyond-bad-taste suggestion, he must have been slobbering all over himself to explain that he had been, of course, “misinterpreted.”  So much for the term “distinguished” when it comes to the blatant lousy politics and judgement of this particular professor.

So as not to leave you on such a repulsive, sour note, and with the howling strays now driven back in their kennels (except for this last guy who will, instead, be sent to the campus library to sleep the night on a table there, with muzzle and collar firmly affixed), two closing thoughts. The first, quite pointed and timely, from the articulate, young, rising conservative star, Ms. Candace Owens: “To the frauds claiming we need to shut down society to protect the elderly World War II generation. World War II generation: ‘We will die before we give up our freedom.’ This generation: ‘We will give up every single one of our freedoms before we risk dying.’ Cowardice dressed up as nobility.”  Not universal, we hope and pray, but in perhaps too many cases she describes, a thought far more scary than most of us really want to contemplate.

And, then, these additional closing thoughts, again spot-on pertinent, to what we are experiencing in America right now: “Thankfully, as a nation, this crisis is causing us to re-evaluate our priorities: faith, family, community, and freedom.  Journalists are (now) less important than janitors. Our nation’s best athletes are healthcare workers rushing to assist those in need. The true heroes are not celebrities, but rather farmers, truck drivers, stock clerks and, supermarket cashiers.”  Couldn’t have said it any better, which is why I didn’t try. Those closing thoughts and others like them,  are what we all need to focus on, not the non-stop anti-everything political howling from the left, but the important things, the lasting things, so vital to the future of our economy (once restored), our opportunities, our families, and, ultimately, our precious freedoms, valued so, here within this extraordinary sovereign nation we support, love, and cherish.


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