DHS Disinformation ‘Ironing’ Board

United States Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has announced the creation of something labeled the Disinformation Governing Board.  With full faith and trust in this current administration (show of hands), this group, under the no-doubt unlikely-even-handed direction of a reported ultra-lib, will make darn certain that all the news that’s fit to be distributed will be tailor-made to represent this administration’s even-handed, all-progressives-all-the-time, warped view of what’s best for our great country (of which very few administration-types seem to be at all fond).  What could possibly go wrong with this forced-march of information flow?  It’s far more likely that the government disinformation censors will become more like laundromat attendants at an ‘Information Ironing Board,’ pressing down hard and steaming the ever-lovin’- actual-truth-and-balance right out of any news items submitted, making darn certain that anything disseminated by the pro-administration, butt-hugging, national media remains government-centered-and-heartily-approved, genuine truth as-only-they-see-it-and-preach-it!

And what exactly does correcting and processing supposed disinformation (i.e., opposite views of the administration) have to do with the Department of Homeland Security?  Shouldn’t this be handled by the CIA, the FBI, the Defense Department, or other such agencies truly responsible for the on-going security of our nation?  We’re suddenly concerned about errant information, that may or may not have anything to do with national security, when the gentleman responsible for ‘Homeland Security’ is standing by, while hundreds of thousands of unvetted migrants, representing very real (not informational) health, security, terror, and financial-need risks, continue to storm across our seemingly wide-open southern border each month.  Talk about federal government disinformation and hypocrisy!!

For your actual, truthful information, Custom and Border Protection agents reportedly took over 201,000 illegal border crossers into custody in April, both an all-time record (the type we don’t want to set), and the second month in a row were illegal entrants totaled at least 200,000 (and, again, those are just the ones CPB agents managed to stop).  Representative Clay Higgins (R-LA) spoke about the current administration/DHS-caused border crisis: “Secretary Mayorkas has been the (means) that they’ve used to pry open America’s (border) and destroy it from within, (by transforming the United States via unending swarms of illegal immigration).  “Mayorkas has to know that he’s being used as an instrument to advance the agenda of evil which is to erode America’s very fabric – our cultural fabric, our law and order and to disintegrate our sovereignty at the southern border to allow literally millions and millions of illegal aliens to enter our country – it’s unsustainable.”  Summing up the border situation and violations of public trust, outstanding conservative mind and writer, Victor Davis Hanson, correctly said: “One of the most unpopular of Joe Biden’s initiatives is his welcoming of nearly 2-million impoverished, unvaccinated, unaudited, and untested illegal immigrants to cross the southern border.  By any fair measure, Biden deliberately violated his oath of office by failing to enforce U.S. immigration laws.  Political agendas outweighed his own promises to uphold the sanctity of federal law.”

So, then, back to this new, totally unnecessary and inappropriate, responsibility of public information filtering which the Department of Homeland Security has absolutely no business, nor likely any real authority, doing.  This tax-payer-expensed “Ministry of Truth,” as conservatives have now dubbed it, was allegedly established “to combat misinformation coming from Russia as we near this year’s midterm elections.”  The actual “truth” is obviously nothing of the sort.  This “disinformation board” was established within two-days of word emerging that Elon Musk had secured the funding to purchase Twitter!  News that triggered liberal panic across the land.  Going forward, then, this is all about deciphering, and then discarding, any conservative or social media information that the Progressive wing-nuts within the administration deem to be other than the purported “truth,” which they have freshly manufactured.

One critic of the government’s newly increased total information management plan wrote that it all reminded him of the efforts in Italy during the Second World War.  Said he: “Aside from suggesting that the first place to begin combatting misinformation would be with the Biden administration itself, it is time to call-out this government-run attack on free speech exactly for what it is: out and out fascism. The ambitions of the (Italian Fascist project) reached not only into government, law, and economics, but also into the minds of Italy’s people, which the Fascists believed they could reshape and recommit to the nation-state. Mussolini contended that ‘Fascism requires militant journalism,’ so that the country’s newspapers presented themselves ‘as a solid bloc committed to the Cause.’

Those on the intelligent and rational side of this contentious issue were quick and plentiful to object to the Board’s creation and, of course, its truthful motives.  Said Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD): “This is certainly not something they (DHS) ought to be doing. It’s (just) one more mistake that the Biden administration has made.” Representative Peter Meijer (R-Mich) said: “I have implored the Biden administration to just cancel this whole thing. Before we even get to what this questionable mission is. It’s so ham fisted and just off base that they should just cut their losses on this thing.”  And Judge Jeanine Pirro leveled a double-shot at the administration over this DHS ‘instant’ Board, indicating that it was “created faster than the administration sent weapons to Ukraine and in a more organized manner than their withdrawal from Afghanistan!”  Getting right to the heart of the matter, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich labeled the new Board: “a total violation of the American Constitution.” It will be interesting to see if that basic charge has legal legs in the coming days.

Not wanting to stop sharing with you just some of the sharp critics of this administrative information manipulation plan, here are three additional. Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) spoke up quickly about this out-of-their-lane DHS initiative, saying: “The concern is that it actually gives tools for government to expand the scope of the surveillance state, that so many people have been concerned about.  I think we’re going to have to fight back pretty hard to see if we can put that genie back into the bottle.”  Then, noted attorney & educator Jonathan Turley, got right to it by boldly stating that this dictated-DHS move now makes President Joe Biden “arguably the most anti-free speech president since John Adams.  I mean the record of his administration is chilling.”  Then, referring to the bizarre choice of a Board executive, a person who has been “a huge advocate for corporate and public censorship, with a distinctly anti-free speech view,” while we’re told she does have “a long background,” Turley feels it’s clearly “the wrong background: It’s like saying a book burner has a background in literature.  Yeah, he works with books, but that’s not the background we’re looking for!” Turley’s opinions are forever refreshing when it comes to the law, truth, and justice.

In a final burst of legislative candor, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) sent a “scathing letter” to DHS Secretary Mayorkas where he stated, in part: “The administration that activated the FBI against parents at school board meetings, now has created a government Disinformation Board to monitor all Americans’ speech.  It’s a disgrace.  Joe Biden and Secretary Mayorkas: Dissolve this monstrosity immediately.”

Hawley’s challenge to the administration to pull the plug on this obvious censorship board is the correct one, especially noting the hard-lefty selected to run it, with apparently little or no administration background research done (perhaps, purposefully), would result in output from the group that in all likelihood would bear little resemblance to actual truth and fact, unless by sheer accident or momentary ideological brain-dump. This Board is far better suited for a totalitarian state, which, heaven help us, we all hope never comes to our America.

Among the long laundry list of words & actions difficult to believe from this administration, now initiating a misguided disinformation ‘ironing’ board, while unnecessarily diverting all-hands time and attention required by the approaching (continuing) illegal alien catastrophe at our border, exhibits overall administrative malfeasance, and done purposely so. The focus should be, must be, on stopping all illegal entry at our southern border, not on dry cleaning and ironing away information negatives, so that this administration always comes across to the public, via the ever-present media filters, as nothing but squeaky clean.


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