Democracy ?

During the week following his inauguration, Mr. Biden has executed over 30 Executive Orders, all involving anti-what’s-best-for-America subjects, negatively impacting areas of life that matter the most to patriots, with things like security, illegal immigration, oil & gas supply, well-paying jobs, our financial future, etc., in general, all things that impact the well-being of our nation and our best-in-the-world economic system.  Quite likely, this deluge of “orders,” clearly aimed at negating most or all that former President Trump achieved for the nation, will continue indefinitely until his cadre of advisors runs out of ideas to enhance their Progressive-Socialist agenda, regardless of the damage that conservatives already envision being done to our nation, our traditional systems, our Constitution, freedom of speech, and the rule of law.

To date, Mr. Biden has signed three-times the number of executive orders as his three predecessors (Bush-Obama-Trump) combined, during the same period of time!  Previously, Mr. Biden described resorting to executive orders as being like a “dictator.” Speaking with George Stephanopoulos on the subject of establishing tax increases (yet to come, but will) last October, during an ABC News town hall telecast, Candidate Biden said the following: “I got to get the votes. That’s why, you know, I have this strange notion, we are a democracy. Some of my Republican friends and some of my Democratic friends even occasionally say, ‘Well, if you can’t get the votes, by executive order you’re going to do something.’ Things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator.  We’re a democracy.  We need consensus.”  Just three months ago, saying clearly that, since we are a democracy, “consensus” is needed to create and enforce key policy issues.  In the absence of an apparent Republican-Democrat consensus, which is highly unlikely on any of his initial cascade of executive orders, all of which fly in the face of conservative beliefs and desires, does that now mean that he no longer sees America as a democracy, as he had previously publicly stated so emphatically?

What’s needed now to counter this onslaught of Progressive (regressive?) orders from on high is for states to pass their own laws/policies to counter these federal pronouncements, and/or to file lawsuits in court to overturn or at least curtail complete implementation.  The cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline construction project comes to mind.  The union(s) that endorsed his candidacy are now understandably said to be angered by this order eliminating thousands of well-paying union jobs.  Either by face-to-face ‘chats’ or other such pressures, and ultimately by lawsuits filed by union supporters and governors of impacted states, it is hoped that these orders dealing with the pipeline, and our vital oil & gas industry overall, can be reversed before the onset of massive job losses and resulting hefty increases in the cost of gasoline, electricity, and consumer goods  become firm reality.

And there’s something else to be done.  You’ll recall that during the early days of the COVID crisis, the Trump Administration called on American manufacturers to convert production lines to PPE items, hand sanitizer, ventilators, etc., rather than continuing to rely on China to supply such.  That call for Made-in-America needs to go out again.  This time to manufacture and supply backbones of steel.  These unbendable rods to be inserted into the spines of virtually all of our Republican Representatives and Senators who, for the most part, have become far too complacent and polite in the face of increasing Progressive-Socialist control.  These current issue fights are critical to maintain our freedom and our way of social/economic life, with even more critical and damaging “orders” or actual legislation no doubt yet to come.

Our thanks to Senators Cruz and Paul, and the few others, who are standing-up, and speaking-up, for America at a time when it’s becoming more and more obvious that we’re going to need it the most.  All Republican elected officials must become far more vocal and forceful in challenging the direction the opposition is determined to take our great nation.  Silence implies “consensus” in their minds.  And consensus the Progressives must never be granted by default. Recall Mr. Biden’s public pronouncement: “We’re a democracy.”  Republicans must do all in our power, in office or here at home, to ensure that we never lessen or lose that precious form of government.

(Biden “democracy” quote via, Tim Pearce, 1-27-21).