Dem in the Dark

On “Meet The Press” last week (July 8th), Senator Durbin (Democrat/Illinois) actually compared the children separated from their parents (or masquerading as-such adults) at our southern border, with the Thai boys trapped by water, deep within a dark cave.  Said he, making that reference: “They’re (children) trapped in a bureaucratic cave, too, so let’s not forget them.” The fault, of course, of President Trump’s zero tolerance initiative.

That analogy is nonsense.  Comparing children, brought her illegally, who, despite that, are now receiving food, shelter, activities, any needed medicine, and nurturing care, to those fearful young soccer players, held back by flood waters for two weeks in a darkened cave, likely with little or no food, and even less likely to be discovered, rescued and survive (thanks to an incredible effort and on-site heroics, all and their coach were ultimately brought out alive).

Let’s make this real simple.  The children separated from parents or other adults were brought here illegally by those who were then legally and justifiably detained.  Don’t want to be separated from your child, don’t cross the U.S. border illegally.  End of problem.