Deaf AND Dumb

Today’s progressive liberals, both in and out of government, have automatic negative knee-jerk reactions to anything President Trump says or does.  Everything he suggests, every move he makes, is incredibly wrong in their polarized minds.  They have all become Trump-deaf, creating sheer dumbness with all of their over-the-top “victim” creating and supporting responses.

The most recent of countless dumbness examples came from the angry, ever-attacking Mr. Schumer when in a public display of senseless ego, he ranted against two Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justices, warning them, make that seemingly threatening them, that if they ruled in any way against existing abortion provisions that they will have “released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”  The utter dumbness of stepping way over the already anti-freedom, anti-decency line of progressive victimhood pandering, and doing so out in front of the Court while an actual abortion case was before the Justices.  We can be certain that his steaming, totally out-of-line outburst didn’t do a whole lot to help the pro-choicers!

Wrote David Harsanyl about this serious verbal offense: “Schumer’s thuggish rhetoric is a transparent attempt to intimidate justices. This is an unprecedented attack on the Supreme Court Justices.  And by unprecedented, I mean that you won’t be able to unearth an instance in modern history of a member of Congress threatening a justice, by name, no less, for ruling against his wishes.” Needless to say, both Chief Justice John Roberts and President Trump, along with many other conservatives, decried Mr. Schumer’s bully-boy remarks.  And of course, progressive soul-mates were just as quick to respond (or stay completely silent!), vigorously attempting to defend the Senator’s indefensible actions.

But Mr. Schumer’s antics are but the most recent anti-whatever assertions from the victimizer chorus of the intentionally Trump-deaf.  The inevitable Mrs. Pelosi has now labeled President Trump as “the most dangerous person in the history of our country.”  Beyond that absurdity, she added still more: “he doesn’t tell the truth, he doesn’t honor the Constitution, and he’s harming children.”  And speaking of not telling the truth, Madam Congresswoman, you just described the Democratic practices to a T.  Suddenly, progressives are truth-tellers?  And wishing the Constitution wasn’t so strict and rule-of-law-ish?  Harming children?  If you mean separating the children of federal law-breaking illegal immigrants for their own safety, then how about some concern for the thousands of American citizen children separated from mothers or fathers serving overseas in our military to ensure the safety and security of our children, your children, and all Americans!

And, then, sadly for pro-nation Americans, there is a Democratic Congresswoman named Waters, from California, where, as you well know, everything right and good is continually in bloom. Said she recently: “I’ve worked with gangs. And there’s more integrity in many of these young people in the hood than this man (President Trump) has.” So, then, let’s see, gang members would all of a sudden develop the deep-seated integrity she claims, would forsake their commitment to thug activity and crime, and with those societal shackles removed, go forth to become academic scholars, and bright lights for the world, all of that goodness, if only it wasn’t for all those actions of President Trump that are, of course, holding them back.  Sounds believable if you live on another planet. It’s a mystery how Ms. Waters maintains her standing, although she does offer America the dream-like assertion that it is, not hers, but President Trump’s character, that is “flawed.”

And yet another national figure blessed with a flawless character, Mr. Al Sharpton, referencing the regrettable-to-progressives, see-no-evil, wasted mega-million-dollar Mueller Report, claimed that by relying on Attorney General William Barr’s guidance, President Trump is causing “the whole nation to begin to unravel,” thereby threatening “the very fabric of this country.” Actually, what’s threatening the well-being and cohesion of America are the progressives who incessantly spout, and believe, this kind of attack-no-matter-the issue nonsense. Then, there’s former Democrat presidential candidate, Ms. Harris, who responded to a question posed by a producer on one of the Democrat Party’s seemingly-owned cable channels (hint: starts with an “M” and ends with an “SNBC”).  Said she: “There has been so much about this current administration of Donald Trump (appears she forgot the word “President”) that has been about trying to beat up people and make them feel small and feel alone.”  A comment totally without merit and coming out of the liberal’s solely-occupied left field. And finally among the end-of-the-world-because-of-him cheap shots, the West Coast’s Mr. Reiner doomsday admonition: “If we don’t take this presidency away, we’re going to lose democracy, and we’re going to lose our ability to live on the earth.”  Hysterical, irrational, crock of you know what. Under the heading of “losing democracy,” have any of these abundantly vocal town criers from H-wood ever stopped to take an honest look at the democracy, civility, prosperity, Constitutionality, etc., etc. that nation-loving Americans lost and suffered through those eight, long, mistaken, authoritarian, de-unifying years under their folk hero, Mr. Obama?  Saving you the time to ponder, the answer is NO.

The China-spawned coronavirus smacked, first its own birthplace (despite their after-the-fact denials), and now, with limited nation exceptions to-date, the rest of the world.  Of course, on cue, and “deplorably” so, from President Trump’s first pronouncements and subsequent actions, the Democrat leftists and hot-heads (conceivably redundant) went into non-stop attack mode, as if the President’s words and actions were guaranteeing, as predicted by Mr. Reiner, a prominent member of the West Coast’s astrologically-predictive response unit, that we would be “losing our ability to live on the earth.”  On-cue, among the first to verbally leap out of the visiting team’s dugout, Mr. Schumer railed against the Administration’s handling of this newly revealed virus, by labeling it as “towering and dangerous incompetence,” insisting that the President had “no plan to deal with the coronavirus … and seemingly no urgency to develop one,” with all of this hair-trigger huff-and-puffmanship, coming almost before the first American had been instructed to sneeze into his or her sleeve!  Mrs. Pelosi chimed in with the assertion that the President was threatening “Americans’ health security by ransacking funding from other vital public health needs.”   Not surprisingly, this charge also proved to be untrue.

Continuing the opposition’s required harangue, Connecticut Senator Murphy asserted that it was “unforgivable that the Administration didn’t see this coming and didn’t put the resources in early to make sure that everybody had these tests available.”  Speaking of seeing things coming, despite the world’s best intelligence resources, recall that our former leader, Mr. Obama and his associates, totally failed to see the Benghazi onslaught coming, then totally failed any timely reaction, at the ultimate cost of brave American lives.  And then went on to hatch a bogus cover-their-butts story about an obscure video, while never accepting any responsibility whatsoever regarding their lack of action, loss of lives, or their hoax smoke-screen scenario. So, then, as now, sideline quarterbacking is always easier than actually being responsible, as Connecticut’s Mr. Murphy went on to say that we “could have made a decision back in January or February…to start putting resources into developing our own test.”  But that didn’t happen “because this President has created a culture of misinformation in which no one wants to give him bad news.”

Fact of the matter is that we were only beginning to get hints about this coming menace, called “coronavirus,” back in January, as information initially leaked out from information-suppressed Communist China, only became known as a pending world crisis as we moved into February, at a time, by the way, when the innocent, all-caring Congressional Democrat leadership had engrossed America (and the world) in its nation-punishing, self-centered, wall-to-wall fiction-based, impeachment fiasco, distracting most everyone’s attention from an important matters that might be impacting our country.  Given their 24/7 impeachment charade, Democrats are in no position to complain about anything, let alone a slowly revealed illness about to challenge much of the world’s health and wellness, ultimately also impacting our country. President Trump doesn’t want bad news, despite the Democrats comprehensive effort to deliver and surround him with nothing but for three years?  Well, neither did the Chinese president, it seems, want the newly-identified virus threat to get out, which turned out to be the principal reason for the unnecessary and costly delay for combating it, with the ultimate admission of this contagious new illness.  So, knock off the disingenuous attacks on our President for lack of advance knowledge and preparations that, in this instance, were beyond his, or any other past U.S. president’s control.

And what would outlandish, piling-on complaints be without yet more guidance from the inevitable Congresswoman Waters, again preaching on behalf of her sector of squeaky-clean California.  Said Ms. Waters: “It’s been said over and over again that you cannot thrust this president. Not only is he a liar, he does not believe in anything scientific.  He needs to shut his mouth.”  And to that pronouncement there is no need to say, at this point, what you readers are already thinking.

Time, now, for America’s acknowledged preeminent Socialist, Bernie Sanders, to step to the tweet machine. Wrote Mr. Sanders, citing the President’s “disgusting” response to the virus threat: “Trump’s plan for the coronavirus so far: Cut winter heating assistance for the poor (heaven only knows where that one came from!!), have VP Pence, who wanted to ‘pray away’ the HIV epidemic oversee the response, and let ex-pharma lobbyist Alex Azar refuse to guarantee affordable vaccines to all.”  Always easier to pontificate from the sidelines than to actually be on the front lines.

Massachusetts’ Senator, Mrs. Warren, also had thoughts to share with America via the tweet-mobile.  Wrote she: “Coronavirus poses a serious health, diplomatic and economic threat, and we must be prepared to confront it head-on.  So I’m introducing a bill to transfer all funding for Donald Trump’s racist border wall to the U.S. Health and Human Service Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development to combat coronavirus.”  Oh, golly, that’s right.  We had forgotten all about that “racist” wall meant to keep out illegal immigrants, diseases (timely!), drugs, human smugglers, etc.  Regardless of their health or ability to support themselves in America, we must let all who wish to come here illegally do so, strictly, for the designed purpose of voting Democratic here for the rest of their lives.  A purely politically-motivated effort. And, oh, yes, almost forgot.  They could care less about them once here.  Their only value: the vote.

Wrapping up, for now, this brief mini-review of the continuous political criticism and advice meant, we’re certain, to aid, never demean, the President, and his current 24/7 effort to deal with the coronavirus issue, Mr. Schumer, speaks out again to guide and assist the President, after Mr. Trump had declared a national emergency in order to better combat the spreading virus.  Said Mr. Schumer in response to that declaration: “As other steps are considered, the president must not overstep his authority or indulge his autocratic tendencies for purposes not truly related to this public health crisis.”  We can be certain that the President appreciated those encouraging words, as he attempts to keep that nation as safe as possible.  And, oh, yes, “autocratic tendencies,” perhaps like those recently exhibited by Mr. Schumer himself when he called out, some have said actually threatened by name, two sitting Supreme Court Justices, during a then-active case consideration, needless-to-say, felt to have been an outrageous act for which he has been widely chastised.

Probable presidential candidate, Mr. Biden, shared these thoughts at a serious health turning point for our nation.  Said he: “Protecting the health and safety of the American people is the most important job of any president.  Unfortunately, this virus laid bare the severe shortcomings of the current administration. Public fears are being compounded by pervasive lack of trust in this president, fueled by an adversarial relationship with the truth that he continues to have.”  Mr. Biden has now announced his plans for dealing with the virus and aiding the country.  Interestingly enough, such mirrors the President’s stated actions and objectives.  Copying the work of those smarter than oneself, continues to be the sincerest form of flattery.  Oh, but wait, one more political type has now weighed in.  New York Democrat Congresswoman, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, offers some “emergency measures” to help deal with the virus approaching us.  She wants to have implemented: government-run healthcare for everyone, universal basic income for all, elimination of work requirements for food stamps, and likely other fuller socialist platform items (of enormous cost), not surprisingly, mirroring the Sander’s formula for a far better (and less wealthy) America. To end this review on a happy, helpful note, “The Views” Joy Behar has reportedly referred to President Trump as a “menace to the world.”  One can readily think of persons of greater “menace” merit, but the list is too long, the time too short and the mind by now too numb!

Speaking in the President’s defense in the face of the left-siders seemingly endless complaints about his responses to the crisis, Howard Kurtz has stated: “Some criticism of the administration is inevitable and actually healthy.  But some of the attacks are so reflexive that it seems that those hostile to Trump have simply switched their focus from Russia to Ukraine to the corona virus.”  Laura Ingraham, too, rose to the President’s defense to dispel the sea of lies the opposition has voiced, with doubtless many more to come. Wrote Ms. Ingraham: “The White House announced the creation of a virus task force in January.  And by-partisan briefings have been happening week after week with officials from the HHS and CDC.  The President’s task force is taking this threat seriously.  Instead of giving in to panic and partisanship, perhaps we should thank the good Lord that we live in the most well-equipped country in the world to weather these challenges and overcome them.”  And on the subject of potential for lasting financial damage to the U.S., White House Economic Advisor, Larry Kudlow said the following: “The virus is not going to sink the American economy.  What is, or could, sink our economy is the socialism coming from our friends on the other side to the aisle.”

For the record, President Trump banned American travel to and from China back in January.  Scientists, despite the opposition’s wishes to the contrary, have praised the President for his more recent and broader travel ban actions, which more recently now include Europe and England (announced initially in early March).  The New England Journal of Medicine has reportedly written that “such restrictions may have helped slow the spread of the virus.” The China travel ban, specifically, for those insufficient action claimers, became official on January 31st, said to have been a full 40-days before the World Health Organization labeled coronavirus a “pandemic.”

No doubt best to conclude this review of the President’s critics before, and now, both for the reader’s sanity, and for the vitally important coronavirus battle being waged for the health and safety of our nation, with responsive words from President Trump. He summarized, to date, in the following tweet: “I was criticized by the Democrats when I closed the Country down to China many weeks ahead of what almost everyone recommended. Saved many lives. Dems were working the impeachment Hoax . They didn’t have a clue! Now they are fear-mongering.  Be calm and vigilant.” That clear and accurate rebuttal to the chorus of complaints from the other side (East & West Coast) was transmitted on the morning of March 2, 2020.

Writer J. B. Shurk has composed an outstanding article lauding President Trump for his stand-out “greatness.”  He writes, and is quoted here, in part: “Donald Trump is a world historical figure. When you see a man being endlessly, ridiculed and scorned, brush off those insults with ease and smile back, you know something is different.  More than anyone else on the world stage, he argues for individual freedom as the indispensable ingredient for civilization itself, and for free nations as the essential bulwark against international governance and tyranny. What do (his opponents) see (in him) that makes them tremble so? In a word, greatness.”  A comprehensive, well presented, and right on the money essay in strong support of our President.  Many thanks to Mr. Shurk for creating this very insightful piece.

If your head isn’t spinning and your eyes watering from all of the earlier counter-culture nonsense, always quick with insults and complaints, but seldom, if ever, followed by any actual, practical alternate action plans.  All noise, no substance.  It’s always easier to complain sitting in the stands, while never having to put mouth where glove is on the field.  Common sense and effective, comprehensive actions against, coronavirus, our nation’s immediate unseen enemy has, and is, being taken seriously by this Administration.  But such continues to fall on the deaf ears of those on the other side, who repeatedly object to everything, purely for partisan, control-retaining power.  Made deaf to reality, deaf to what is actually best for Americans, by virtue of their paralytic obedience to their errant politics, renders them now dumb, as well, in the face of truth-based American reality.


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