Daffydills On The Hill

This past Tuesday evening, President Trump spoke to the nation regarding the crisis on our southern border. In 2018, a total of 60,782 migrant family members were detained, while over 25,000 of them were actually arrested.  A record number of illegals have crossed our border in each of the last four months of 2018.  For December alone, arrests were UP 240% over the same month last year.  Yes, we have a major migrant crisis.

Illegals in our country have been responsible for a sickening number of violent crimes, reported all too regularly by, generally, the on-line media and other non-liberal print and electronic outlets.  No accurate number of nationwide numbers is available for rapes committed by illegals here.

And no nationwide tally of murders committed either, although a researcher on the subject in Ohio is doing his best to assemble a comprehensive list.  So far, he has documented the deaths of 13 Americans, at the hands of illegals, since President Trump took office.  The most prominent of which was, of course, Mollie Tibbets, in Iowa where, for once, the media coverage was intense for many days.  Mollie, the other twelve, and those yet to be tallied, would all be alive, if those illegal slugs had not been allowed entry.  As the President said in his address to the nation: “How much more American blood must we shed before Congress does its job?” (There are, no question, a great many more deaths than 13 have been caused by illegals, especially when you include deaths from narcotic overdose, caused principally by the large quantity of drugs continually smuggled into our country via the southern border).

Well, it appears that American rapes and blood-shed, carried out by illegal immigrants, is apparently of little concern to the ultra-liberals who now, sadly, seem to control the once-reasonable  Democratic Party, via ballot box coup.  Their response, collectively was that the President was “manufacturing a crisis” at the border.  And rather than discuss the issue of illegal immigration control, HOUSE members, young and old, chose to deflect attention away from the wall and to instead insult the great mass of nation-loving Americans who put the President into office.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), when questioned by a supportive liberal cable host, responded with this bizarre statement: “…the women and children on that border, that are trying to seek refuge and opportunity in the United States of America with nothing but the shirt on their backs, are acting more American than any person who seeks to keep them out (i.e., Trump supporters) ever will be.”

Oh, Ms. O-C, where to start.  Note the purposeful reference to “women and children” to yank at the heart-string, when we all know that the overwhelming majority of migrants at our border are young males.  Not Moms.  Young men.

Then there was “seeking refuge.”  For the most part, these are not refugees escaping terror or religious persecution.  These are people, again mostly young men, seeking American employment, a goal while perhaps laudable, is not grounds for asylum in America.  The vast majority of current and future southern nation migrants will be, or should be, denied entry and send back home (or permitted to remain in Mexico, which has made terrific offers to those wishing to stay and work there).

The capper, of course, was her assertion that these migrants, the “women and children” at least, were more American than law-abiding U.S. citizens, while, as we all know, those in the most recent migrant caravan were actually expecting to barge into our country and disappear within, violating federal immigration laws, as do those who nightly attempt to sneak past our Border Patrol Officers in other sectors and also disappear within.  Likening those folks, invaders if you will, to American citizens who have every right and reason to be in our country, is not only absurd, it’s insulting.  Ms. O-C went on with additional ridiculous claims, including that we should, of course, disband ICE (so that criminals and gangs can run wild in our country).  Time to seek an American physician to administer her a sedative, on behalf of all those who truly love our country, and kindly make it last until she runs for re-election in 2020.

Then HOUSE veteran, Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) responded to the President’s address by implying that Trump supporters might be similar to KKK members.  He maintained that the real “national emergency” is President Trump. Also implying that the President may well be a “narcissistic moron.”  Perhaps launching irrational cheap-shot insults at the President allow socialist-wanna-be’s to sleep more soundly at night (or during Republican-led sessions), but they reflect badly on those who fling them.

And the night wouldn’t have been complete (although we’d love to try) without commentary by Univision anchor Jorge Ramos. Said Ramos:  “…Mr. Trump’s wall is a symbol of hate and racism, it would be completely useless, and it does not address any national emergency.”  The wall is “symbol for those who want to make America white again.”  “Racism,” charged once again without any proof (and none that’s legitimate is ever offered by those claiming it). ”Hate” is apparently his term, and that of others, for the President’s oath obligation to protect our nation from foreign enemies, such as terrorists (several have already been stopped), gang members, those who are already criminals, and those carrying serious infectious diseases.  It’s not a negative to want to keep those people out of our country, whenever possible.  Walls are far from useless.  They stop invaders.  And “making America white again”?   Clearly that is not the wish of the President or the sane among the American people.  Beyond that, it’s impossible, unless of course, the President really is “Hitler,” as some historically-ignorant, mentally-challenged individuals have charged!

So, then no real crisis at the border, say they. No problem, nothing to see here folks, you can go back to your naïve cocoons, since the ulta-libs and socialists have everything under control.  Except, of course, they don’t, and far from it.  As has been happening for many months, make that many years, we are being invaded daily by largely unskilled, uneducated, non-English speaking migrants who are flooding our towns, our schools, and our hospitals, while expecting our citizens to support them and their families financially at a cost of tens of billions of dollars a year.  And the cost keeps going up, the longer we stall funding and building that mandatory California to Texas wall or barrier.

In his rebuttal to the President’s address, Senator Schumer (D-NY) implied that we didn’t really need a wall to secure our southern border.  Again, naïve opposition thinking, possibly beamed down from the weightless Russian occupants of the International Space Station.  Our Border Patrol Officers know well, dealing with the migrant flood 24/7, that a wall or other substantial physical barrier is the only way to regain control of our border and stop the invasion, while supporting, as do we all, the right of immigrants from all sectors of the globe to wait their turn and apply for entry legally.

Right now, the barrier to our southern border barrier, are the ultra-left Democrats in the House.  May they soon stop the politically losing game they’re playing, get off the intoxicating, pompous power kick they’re on, and provide the necessary funding for the wall, a wall that most who were in Congress years before, fully supported.  With yet another “caravan” from Central America reportedly assembling and heading north as we speak, the time to do what’s best for our country, and begin construction, is now (actually months or years before, but now will have to do).


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