Cyclone At Home

Paraphrasing Mr. Webster: A cyclone is a violently whirling windstorm, spinning inward, most always resulting in a really unpleasant outcome. Webster would add a few more words, but you get the point.  Bottom line: a cyclone is not a good thing to be anywhere around.  Especially when that forever spinning inward storm is a teenage daughter.  In which case, then, apparently what spins inward, ultimately spews outward.  A little known and temporary law of physics, just discovered for convenience by a history major (American history, thank you!).

That blustery, whirling windstorm, in this case, is the irrepressible, to-date seemingly unrestrainable 15-year-old daughter of long-time, savvy, bright, and articulate key advisor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway.  Mrs. Conway regrettably (both from her personal/professional regret, and that of all truly conservative Americans) tendered her resignation today (8/24, effective at week’s end) from her extremely important, visible, and thus highly influential White House position. Done just weeks before the most import presidential election of our lifetimes (and for the peace and security of the free world), due principally to the media-seeking antics of her eldest daughter who, like it appears, so many of that young lady’s elite peers, has seemingly become “triggered.”  And with that, apparently, can’t seem to pry her indelicate finger off that inflammatory verbal trigger, resulting in the on-line and print media attention she wouldn’t seem to deserve, but clearly craves.

Normally, you don’t get into family business, and one certainly avoids highlighting or even mentioning minor children. But young Miss Conway has rightly campaigned for, and duly earned, an exception (by virtue of her on-going, woe-is-she, social media posts), which the media have eagerly granted, and willfully pursued, so the precedent has been nationally and, in at least one outlet, internationally established.

Kellyanne Conway has resigned her White House post to provide this child, and presumably her other three, with “less drama, more mamma,” describing the apparent situation she faces at home perfectly, in her articulate, no nonsense way. As she said in her departing statement: “This is completely my choice and my voice. The past four years have allowed me blessing beyond compare, as a part of history on Election Night 2016 (she was Mr. Trump’s campaign manager), and as Senior Counselor to the President.  It’s been heady. It’s been humbling.”  Her husband, Mr. Conway, has also announced that he is stepping back from his outspoken anti-President Trump remarks and activities, to reportedly also devote more time to calming the home-front.

The daughter-in-question’s response to both parents stepping down from their respective, and apparently philosophically opposite political roles, done for the benefit of family was: “Look what I did, ladies and gentlemen. Look at what I did.”  Wow! Does that strike anyone else as just a tad self-obsessed.  Proudly and publicly taking credit for effectively “forcing,” at least her Mother, from her top role with the President, at the very critical time, his re-election campaign now shifts into over-drive to the finish.  A time when she would clearly be exceptionally important to that effort.  Given their apparent political differences, the child might well be thinking she has single-handedly helped insert a damaging broom handle into the bike spokes of President Trump’s re-election effort.

The dual resignations (or in the Dad’s case, not a resignation, but simply a probable temporary stepping back from his anti-Administration pronouncements) come on the heels of their 15-year-old teenager announcing publicly that she wanted to be “emancipated” from her parents. Seems she feels that she has been “abused” by both (“years of childhood trauma and abuse”), and that her Mother’s job has “ruined her life.”  That seems more than a tad extreme!  No proof for any of this has, to date, been forthcoming, which makes one wonder about the actual world this upper-class, seemingly unthankful, likely private-schooled, young elitist liberal (“agnostic liberal,” by her own description) actually seems to inhabit. Regardless of social trappings, she appears not to be all that satisfied to be an American, given how evil the prevailing ultra-liberal mind feels our nation is, given the nearsighted, lack-of-all-perspective view likely shared by too many of her young and equally privileged friends.

By the way, this apparently ungrateful child claims that she wants to be ‘emancipated,’ but, no, not just generally.  Specifically, she has stated that her first choice for adoption would be Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Interesting to see which of the two would drive the other crazy first!  “Emancipation,” by the way, means “to be set free (as in a slave); to be released from bondage or serfdom; to be released free from restraint or control (as in parental control & supervision).”   If there was, in fact, evidence of continuing verbal or especially physical abuse, as she has implied by her statements, mighty strange that there has yet to be revealed a file drawer overflowing with complaint reports down at the local children & family services office, or if not there, certainly at the police department (oopps, sorry, that’s probably being defunded).

Reportedly, said the rebellious teen, Miss Conway: “This goes to all the adults in my life who choose to belittle me in ‘defense’ of my mother.  It’s none of your business.  I am my own person. I possess just as much respect and intellect as you do.  What I do and how I use my platform is for the betterment of my generation.”

“For the betterment of (her) generation.”  Gosh, that almost sounds like she is administering her own fiefdom for the benefit and well-being of other mid-teens similarly disillusioned with their lives, and needing a seasoned 15-year-old child of the world to lead them all to a better place.  Perhaps, then, with Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, who is clearly convinced that Progressive-Marxism-Communism is that far better place, much preferred to dependence on: national sovereignty, the Constitution, limited government, free enterprise, private property rights, and overall individual freedoms.  Yes, indeed, absolutely the ideal shooting star to hook onto for the remainder of your earthly life.

Oh, and then she, Miss Conway, did make reference, you’ll recall, to having “just as much respect and intellect” as we all do.  As for “intellect,” here’s an example.  On the heels of one of President Trump’s unending tweets (and, yes, we all wish he’d tone those way down!), 15-year-old Miss Conway apparently couldn’t resist reposting that particular tweet, and then, following-up by attaching her own. Wrote she, reportedly: “You’re a f**king idiot.”  Needless to say, that utterance crossed the moral/ethical line, if not the legal one.  Despite the gift we share of freedom of expression, that reference to our President, in addition to her Mother’s work with him, is neither reasonable, nor responsible, speech.

Pretty sure she cashed in her “respect and intellect” chips with that bit of inappropriate juvenility.  Only to be exceeded routinely, as you well know, by the continual verbal spew of off-key/off-color comments uttered publicly, of course, by the chronologically “adult,” private gated & secured, self-obsessed, progressive “personalities,” on the West Coast, whose 3XL-sized ego buckets continually re-fill to the brim and overflow.

At this point, no question, the Conway Family needs and deserves whatever time it takes to heal within and restore home-front harmony, completely and lastingly. One hopes, as well, that young Miss Conway can put her cyclone persona aside, and come to terms with her place in the family unit, as well as with the real world she will one day soon enter. Our very best wishes, especially, to Kellyanne, a great American, who will speak this week at the Republic National Convention, before departing from her extremely valued White House duties. And it’s our sincere wish that she will return to continue her much needed public service excellence, as a key part of President Trump’s hoped-for, and well-deserved, second term in office!


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