Congressional Chicken-Man

A couple of weeks ago, as previous written here, Tennessee Democrat, and frantic Trump-hater, Representative Steve Cohen, fired off a mentally-tormented air-burst on “Hardball,” when he reportedly stated that: “What he (President Trump) has done to the Constitution and the rule of law is as bad as that fire did to Notre Dame.  He’s torching the entire structure of government and the peoples’ respect for it.”

Incredible!  Actually comparing the Notre Dame fire in Paris to President Trump’s outstanding economic presidency.  True, Mr. Trump has turned a stone-cold, government-over-regulated, U.S. economy into a more government-hands-off, more free-enterprise, roaring blaze.  But Notre Dame?  With all due deference to the Congressman, what a baseless, buffoonish charge.

Damage to the Constitution?  Let’s wait and watch as Attorney General Barr and his teams uncover the real damage to our government, perpetrated by a demented, destructive, power-at-any-cost Democrat cabal, operating at the highest administrative levels of D.C., with all involved clearly guilty of the greatest political conspiracy, coup attempt, and, thus, treasonous actions in recent, if not all of, America’s history. Trying to rig a national election, and then attempting to subversively dismantle the results!

And recall that Mr. Cohen is very concerned about “the peoples’ respect for our government.”  Well, let’s take a look at genuine respect for government, shall we. Last week, when AG Barr, fresh from very successful, truthful testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, refused to appear before the House version of that committee (for legitimate reason), Representative Cohen staged a purposeful photo-op, eating from a bucket of KFC fried chicken, while seated at his hearing desk, clearly meant to symbolize his conclusion that AG Barr was afraid to appear before his committee. That Mr. Barr was, yes, “chicken.”  And to be certain that all got his analogy, he brought along a ceramic chicken statue to double down on his assertion.

Welcome Buffoon #2, who actually turns out to be the same guy as #1 above.  Coincidence? Likely not!  The main reason given for Mr. Barr’s refusal to appear before the House Committee is that those duly-elected Congress members, most of whom are attorneys, decided to sit back and let their staff members do the grilling (chicken, perhaps).  And speaking of chicken!  Committee members openly deferring to their staffers for witness questioning?  Who exactly are the elected Representatives, and remind us, again, of what they were elected to do?

Everyone knows that, having failed in the Senate Committee, the House folks had concocted a plan to try their hardest to entrap the Attorney General, hoping to get him to accidentally commit perjury, so they could continue to light-up the leftist cable and TV networks with more collusion/obstruction nonsense, since Mueller’s two+ dead-end years, and millions of wasted dollars, had failed their sure-fire 2020 re-election demolition plan.

Mr. Cohen isn’t the only Democrat buffoon up there.  He’s surrounded by them.  Dogs biting down on a moving car’s rear-bumper convinced they can stop it from going forward.  But the KFC chicken stunt, cameras rolling, was the leading symbol of a House hearing otherwise turned into a total embarrassment for the still-seething Democrats.  The 2020 elections are still far away.  Allowing plenty of time for the voters of Mr. Cohen’s district to re-think their Congressional choice. Or is continual embarrassment what they had in mind?

(KFC stuntvia, Edmund DeMarche, 5-2-19;   Barr refusal via, Katie Pavlich, 5-2-19; )