Conceptual Wrecking Balls Come to D.C.

‘If only we were smarter, we would know that we are dumb,” wrote Daniel J. Flynn
recently. This might well apply, in part, to several Members of Congress, but for
this essay, we’ll zero-in on Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), as
many of her ideas of late cry-out for the far “smarter” route.
We can begin with her objection to the southern “wall,” of course, but also her
strong opposition, with several others of her breed, to a key component of our
protective force, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). Said
she: “ICE operates with virtually no accountability, ripping apart families, and
holding our friends and neighbors indefinitely in inhumane detention centers…”
“ICE repeatedly and systematically violates human rights.” For a quick credibility
check: Remember when she complained about (border or otherwise) detainees
having to drink water from a toilet? Turns out it was actually one of those space-
saving metal sink/toilet combos! The drinking water was just fine.
So, let’s see. In fiscal year 2018, ICE arrested over 6,500 of our illegal alien
“friends and neighbors” who had been convicted of sex offenses and murder, out
of the almost 160,000 total arrests of illegals last year (88% of whom were either
convicted criminals or had pending criminal charges). Sounds like those
“neighbors” really aren’t what most of us desire to have living next door, or for
that matter, anywhere in town.
Then there was her very serious suggestion of a “Green New Deal.” One writer
referred to it as “Crap on a plate,” which suggests a lively visual. This is the
proposal, based on the false human-caused global warming scare, that calls for
among other things, transforming all U.S. buildings, public and private, to much
higher energy efficiency levels, terminating gas emissions from cattle (what…
corks?), and (here it comes) eliminating all internal combustion engines, including
aircraft (presumably we’d replace domestic air travel with an unending series of
baggage-restricted, zip-lines, leading to U.S. cities possibly not of your choice). All
of this costing trillions of dollars, but it doesn’t seem to really matter, because
apparently, say those of the Green Machine, human-caused climate change is
going to doom us all in just a few years anyway, including those de-flatulated
cows. Sadly, there are actually some who chose to take this overall concept quite
seriously, especially those of the all-global-all-the-time crowd.

Oh, but wait. Before we all die, she has more. Her latest plan to save America
(everyone, that is, but ICE agents) is something she calls “A Just Society.” And the
Socialism steamroller moves on. Her idea, said she, will: “combat one of the
greatest threats to our country, our democracy, and our freedom: economic
inequality.” Overlooking the fact that her ideas, of late, seem to be among the
greatest threats to our country, our democracy, and absolutely to our individual
freedoms. And let’s forget all about those nuke-trigger-happy regimes out there,
along with China and Russia, who all hate us, because, as you know, we’re evil and
we deserve it.

Ignoring all of that, make way for the Utopia Express. “A Just Society” would, you
guessed it, greatly expand federal government control (even more than that last
“transformational” guy) and make welfare available to millions more Americans
and non-Americans (undocumented illegals), by dramatically sending poverty’s
legal definition downward. Yes, that’s right. And, as many of our Socialist
presidential candidates promise, there would be welfare and health care for every
soul within our borders, regardless.

Bottom line, we’re back (or never left it) to income redistribution, transferring earned money, in too many cases, from those who work, to those who don’t want to, in an economic era where jobs are going begging. Problem is, welfare already pays more than many of those service industry jobs. So, once again, from the space-based idea machine: bigger government + higher taxes. Just another philosophical whack from that every-
ready Socialist two-by-four upside the head of working Americans, who much
prefer freedom to Father Government.

Saved for last, for now, until Mount Ocasio-Cortez erupts again. In recent tweets,
the Representative from New York City is actually calling for “a real conversation
about de-carceration (leading to) prison abolition in this country. A cage is a cage
is a cage. And humans don’t belong in them.” There is apparently actually a way-
out-there, where the air is thin, radical left-wing movement afoot to outright
abolish prisons, to include for violent criminals. This is where she and others go
mentally careening over the cliff’s edge. As has been said: Punishment of the
guilty is fundamental to a civilized world. This non-prison concept is absolutely
absurd, and with it goes any semblance of her/their credibility. It cannot, will not,
happen, short of a disastrous massive uprising and overthrow of American ​
leadership and the Rule of Law. At which point, our world here would clearly be
uncivilized, and death by climate change might actually be welcome!

Earlier this year, Rush Limbaugh spoke to these latest negative efforts to
“transform” America, proposed by the so-called “Squad” and others: “The melting
pot used to be people coming here wanting to be Americans. Now, it seems like
people are coming here trying to erase America, and many who live in America
are actually doing the erasing.”

This march from Democracy to Socialism, and on down the slippery slope to
Marxism is where we will head if the “Progressive” Democrats were to take
control of the Presidency and both Houses of Congress in next year’s election.
Long-term, the very valid concern is that, should that catastrophic event occur,
conservatives (i.e., common sense, nation-loving Americans) could conceivably
never regain federal control again. Dooms-day scenario, of course, but enough of
a reality jolt to make certain that loyal, freedom-loving Americans get out and
vote, in November, 2020, in order to keep our great nation, the Land of Liberty.

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