Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield: Commander in Chief’s Award Winner 2019

A couple of weeks back, the Army named Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield as its top installation with the annual Communities of Excellence Award.  This is the 7th time that FS/HAAF has received the top Army accolade.  No other Army installation has received this prestigious distinction that many times.  Early on, after winning the ACOE so many years in a row, the Army made FS/HAAF sit out for three-years following every win, before being able to enter the competition again!

Well, this past week, the news got even better.  The COE winners from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines automatically go up to the DoD level for competitive selection as the best of the four-branch installations overall.

Last Tuesday, word came down announcing the 2019 Commander in Chief’s Award winner.  Our congratulations to Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield for earning this selection. The best-of-the-best among all DoD installations!

Both awards are a real tribute to the two Garrison teams and installation leadership.  Awarded the best at taking care of soldiers and their families, while surrounded, at both ends of the instillation footprint, by very caring and supportive community residents. Strong support and community pride that’s been there for this great installation for decades.  As it will always be.