Coming Apart At The Seams?

Coming Apart At The Seams ?

Anymore, it just too often feels like traditional America, our wondrous land of liberty and endless opportunity for all, and the very fabric of the only existence that most of us have ever fully known, may be in the process of unraveling, somewhat or a lot, at some critical points, policies, and practices within our society.

Economically, culturally, morally, legally, safety & security-wise, and along with our national defense, either within those separate elements, or as a composite, it just somehow feels, more and more, like so much of what we’ve known and depended upon may be coming undone.  Undone from our history, our traditional culture, practices, and language, from our long-standing position of leadership in the world, and even coming lose or undone from rational national/individual thoughts, speech, and actions.

Frighteningly, perhaps the most basic and vital of all for our stability, which seems to be coming undone perhaps, is the ultimate societal anchor for us all: strong national leadership and, yes, just plain old common sense!  To make matters worse, in our need for supplemental, truthful, information and reassurance, we’re now having to deal with a seemingly robotic, ‘Simon says do this,’ mostly liberal-pandering national media, which in times past, was our reassuring traditional beacon of truth.  Reduced in recent years to around-the-clock rubber-stamp spreading of largely politicized fiction, untruths, if you will, in an already nervous nation; a vast population who these days, perhaps more than ever, is seeking fundamental, dependable, anxiety-reducing, reassurance through ready access to genuine factual information, impacting and guiding our individual lives, plus collectively those of our town, city, state, and nation.

Most of the apparent societal angst these days has to do with what is of primary concern on the minds of most Americans:  Inflation – Illegal Immigration – Crime – Education – International Threats.  And all of those concerns are either caused by, or solved by, national executive leadership (with perhaps Congressional assist or over-ride when needed or demanded by the voters). And that national leadership is now being provided by, or perhaps dictated, as you know, by America’s Chief Executive, Mr. Biden, and his largely unseen personal advisory cohorts operating behind the national curtain.

As you know, most issue policies, whether positive or not so, start at the top.  There’s an old saying, something about when dead fish rot, it starts at the head (i.e., top).  Meaning that leadership contributes heavily to an organization’s (nation’s) success but can also be the ultimate cause of failure. And when critically important factors like inflation, or our ‘open’ Southern border, are caused by, and accelerated by, the Chief Executive, adept leadership is where the citizens look for solutions.  And when no sincere, positive, and effective measures are forth coming, whether purposeful or flat-out due to the apparent inability to solve, that previously mentioned odor, as like that from our definitional fish rot, most often ultimately seeps from the Executive (Oval) Office.

The nation’s serious inflation issue, which is predicted to be that we are likely heading toward a recession, possibly yet within the current year, intensity or duration yet unknown.  Then there’s that porous southern border, reportedly admitting well over 4-million+ illegal migrants to-date within our CEO’s 2-year term in office, which is purposely being left effectively ’open’ regardless of the senseless denials of the DHS Secretary, apparently wearing blinders to avoid actually seeing border reality.  And potential international threats (China, Russia/Ukraine, Iran, North Korea) that land primarily at the CEO’s desk to negotiate and solve for the protection of America.  Sadly, our great nation has lost tremendous leverage due to the widely perceived weakness of the president, due principally to his self-harming issues going all the way back to Afghanistan, let alone the newly emerged classified documents problem.  Bottom line:  Inflation, the nationally-destructive border posture and stupidity, and our diminished bargaining/peace-keeping leverage, are all directly the responsibility, and thus fault, of Mr. Biden.

And with regard to the easiest of the three to solve, the porous southern border, all it would take is orders from him to close-off all illegal entry, both physically with barriers, and with considerable additional border guard personnel (vs. adding thousands of new Treasury Department agents!!).  And, heaven forbid, resume construction and extension of the Trump “Wall”!  Mr. Biden seems to want no part of making America safer when it comes to illegal migration, in particular the very real concern about stopping criminal and potential terrorists from entering.  He simply won’t do it, because it seems to go against the wishes of the Progressive-Socialists in his government apparently calling all the shots.  Yet another disturbing case of Political Party vs. What’s Best for America!  Now, violent crime in our major Democrat-run metros (12 shot last weekend in peace-absent Chicago!) is indirectly the CEO’s responsibility, but he has the power within his own Party to order any crime and/or mayhem cleaned up.

And the same with education.  Through his own Department of Education, he could begin the much-needed transformation of America’s classrooms, from all manner of negative social indoctrination, back to real, factual, meaningful, Best-for-America, actual education!  Although principally the direct responsibility of states and local public-school districts, the heavy hand of pro-education pressure from the federal level would go a long way toward much needed efforts to get back to the books, that is, genuine schooling and learning.  A major roadblock to actual educating appears to be the continual financial support and political pressure from powerful national teachers’ unions.  Seemingly possible to resolve, long-term, for the good of our students and, ultimately, that of our nation. On this one, we can continue to seek, at the very least, a positive middle ground, effective for students, teachers, and parents.  We know that most teachers are serious about their vitally important academic craft, and genuinely do want their students to learn and succeed in an increasingly demanding and competitive employment world.

As you all know by now, thanks to a supportive national media, Mr. Biden is totally enamored with green energy everything and the linked, supposedly man-made thing, called ‘climate change.’ Current green energy options, the ones environmentalists salivate over, despite their extremely limited ability and reliability, will very likely never replace the trustworthy, economical, reliable trio of natural gas, oil, and coal (Question: Which power sources now supply electricity to the hyped EV charging stations? NOT wind or sun. The correct answer would be those three “hated” fossil fuels!).  The only feasible and reliable “renewable” fuel source currently available is Nuclear. Experts know that. Yet a pressured White House continues to support only windmills & solar, both wasting millions of construction dollars, and millions of acres of agricultural or commercial development land, and, despite the mounting negatives, the building goes on.

The fact is, as indicated, that while the majority of oft-polled American citizens are very concerned about inflation, illegal immigration, violent crime in our cities, improving true education, and maintaining America’s defensive military superiority, that same majority of Americans, busy with careers, raising their children, and protecting their families, seem to care little about the over-hyped, wasteful green energy stuff and the fabled ‘climate change,’ yet to be demonstrably proven real, through the vocal haze and chest-beating of the-world-is-ending fanatics.  So, the administration has invested virtually all its public policy powder into the latter two causes, which for those politically-powerful folks, have become the rigorous, banner-waving issues essential, we’re told and promised, for the earth to continue to exist (despite coal burning China, India and other nations content to burn away, with more, we’re told, fossil fuel generation reportedly on the way).  All the while the Biden team is seemingly choosing to publicly ignore the truly critical public issues like:  Citizen employment and purchasing power, illegal immigration, rampant violent crime, genuine education minus the age-inappropriate sex, etc. indoctrination, and maintaining a widely-known, overpowering national defense posture (the best defense is a widely-known dominating offense).

This administration seems to be totally, perhaps purposely, out of step with the real concerns of the vast majority of current and caring Americans, when it comes to what’s truly important to them.  Choosing instead to stand firm on the belief that “we’re right, they’re wrong,” which would seem to be the overpowering political philosophy of the ‘See No Evil’ administration of Mr. Biden and company. Case in point, here’s a recent announcement from Mr. Biden, illustrating, yet again, his administration’s issue misalignment on the topic of climate. Said he: “Let me be clear: Climate change is an emergency, and in the coming weeks, I’m going to use the power I have as president, to turn those words into formal, official action.”  Emergency?  So, actually attempting to forbid the use of natural gas stoves, perhaps?  Hopefully, both the House & Senate can quickly short-circuit this latest administration foolishness!

In addition to the major concerns troubling Americans, for which, as discussed, very little corrective action seems to be forthcoming from D.C., while the administration persists in emphasizing and pursuing stuff relatively meaningless to most of the level-headed citizenry, worried more about tomorrow in their closer-to-home lives, than about unreliable renewables, blue-sky ‘future of earth’ predictions, etc.  Other concerns that seem to fall into the potential “unraveling” package would include things like: Teaching students (all levels, including universities), and too many apparently wayward, easily influenced adults, that America is unfair (in all aspects), abusive, even to the point of being evil.  We must stop convincing far too many that it’s OK to hate our great country.  Might it just be possible that Mr. Biden isn’t all that fond of present-day America either (for instance, flooding the nation with illegals)?  We have flaws, yes, but warts and all, there is no other free nation as great as America, period!  Caring Americans are concerned, and likely confused that everything around us seems to have been transformed into woke language, thinks, actions, and just about everything else today. For a good look at damaging woke efforts & intensions, take a look at the reportedly $10-million Martin Luther King “tribute” statue, just unveiled on his recent memorial holiday.  Many have found it to be confusing, inappropriate, perhaps vulgar, maybe even insulting to Dr. King’s memory and to his family.  Welcome, dear friends, to Woke Land.

Other concerned general public issues include the decline in belief in God and house of worship attendance (although services are now often available on-line, when needed, and accessed by many).  With all that’s going on here, and in the world of external threats, God’s guidance and blessings may very well be needed, and desired, by those truly concerned and deeply worried.  Related, Americans were once overwhelming supporters of Israel, America’s longest and strongest ally in the Middle East.  Even this president, unlike most before him, has shown that he is not a firm supporter of Israel, indicating, again, his regrettable ability to be swayed by the anti-Israeli activists.

Then there’s the prominent effort to discourage conservative thought and speech. Sorry, your views do not reflect ours, and therefore will not be permitted, either on this campus, this public place, or on this cable network or print publication.  Intentional, politically-demanded, rampant censorship of opposing views. Some even questioning the importance or existence of the First Amendment!

Also the problem of excessive federal spending, clearly the intent, and the fault of the Biden administration, backed by a Democrat-dominated House, prior to the recent Republication ascending election.  We just keep printing money, regardless of the possibility of literally bankrupting America.  Unheard of, but the federal debt is now so high, and growing if the WH has its way, with likely very serious economic impact on future generations, if not this present one!

And then there’s the introduction of the contradictory concepts of equity vs. equality, backed again by those of the woke brigade, who are convinced that America is fundamentally flawed and, thus, unfair to certain categories of our citizens.  Equality refers to equal opportunity.  Equity means (demands) equal outcomes.  Since we Americans have differing abilities, equity is realistically impossible to achieve.  Impossible, that is, unless standards, regulations, and requirements are either lowered or removed.  That’s what pursuing equity means. And the results will inevitably reflect it.  Equal opportunity should, and must, remail the goal, for the good of the individual achiever. And for the long-term good of our nation. Opportunity and fairness, equality for all.

That’s a reasonable review of some but not all of the supplemental, yet still important, concerns and issues on the minds of day-to-day Americans, all of which items are, for the most part, apparently regularly swept by the office umpire to the back edges of this administration’s action items home plate.  As for the more intense front-page items, like high inflation and the massive number of daily border incursions, there are commentators who vocally disagree with the Biden-led administration’s actions or, more often ineffective efforts.  This from commentator J.B. Shurk: “The Biden administration (is) enraged that American citizens would have a reasonable desire to ‘Make America Great Again.’ Welcome to Biden’s America, where everyone is imprisoned in a nightmare republic of financial insecurity, stagflation, crime, institutional corruption, and war.”  And these critical comments, in part, from writer Scott Johnson: “There is nothing funny about Joe Biden.  Everyday he remains in office he does incalculable damage to the country.  The Biden matter (confidential files) is likely the least of it. He has dissolved our southern border, prioritized the climate madness, furthered the woke insanity, weakened our military, promoted a gusher of federal spending, and so on.  His administration is shoddy and destructive.”

The Biden administration will not go down in American history as one that is astute, nor one that is in-tune with the desires and real day-to-day concerns of most Americans.  It remains wrapped up in its own warped, woke version of what America should become, which is not who we are, nor wish to ever become.  America appears to be last, not First, in the mind and policies of this president, being daily led astray by an elitist Progressive-Socialist domestic (and globalist) agenda.

Is our great nation, a prominent savior of the free world in two World Wars, still, now, as dominant, still as trustworthy, still as committed to individual freedom and opportunity as before, or are we beginning to see, experience, and perhaps fear that we may be starting to come apart at our historically, once solid-steel seams?  We pray that we won’t see or experience any actual, even minimal, unraveling of that which has always held our great productive and prosperous nation together. The 2024 national election will be a true indicator of that.  Meantime, we’ll rely, with gratitude, on the new House majority, joined, hopefully, by likewise reality-minded members of the other party, to keep our magnificent nation on a solid forward Constitutional, rule-of-law track of accomplishment and fairness, so that America may continue its positive, prosperous, and militarily-well-defended security and growth.  May that core combination unify us and re-strengthen the historic “seams” that have been so vital to the preservation of this, the greatest land of freedom, liberty, productivity, and discovery that we, and world history, have ever known.  May Almighty God’s blessings, and the will of our people, continue to guide, strengthen, and preserve our America !


(Climate change pronouncement via, Sarah Weaver, 1-13-23; Everyone is imprisoned via American, J.B. Shurk, 5-20-22; Nothing funny about Joe Biden via, Scott Johnson, 1-15-23).